Sunday, September 1, 2013


This morning while we were discussing planting peas, my farmer boy suggested we build an enormous tee-pee structure that they could climb up and the girls could play in. 

We toyed around with the idea for a while, and then we got to work.

First we chose a tee-pee site, Farmer Bren showed the girls how to draw out a big circle with a metal peg and some rope, and then we dug out the grass and dirt from around the circle.

When it was time to gather the wattle poles for the structure we headed down to the back of the old orchard with the chainsaw. The farmer boys had cleared the wattles out of the creek a few weeks before, but they still needed their heads chopped off.

To get to the where the wattles were we had to cross the creek. Those of us with long legs simply jumped over. But those with not so long legs got a bit stuck.

Once the water went over the top and into Jazzy's boot, the two smalls went back to the side they had come from.

We thought they'd probably go and play in a tree or on the back of the ute or something.

Oh yeah, and there were prickles in the creek.

We kept working, me pulling out the longest, straightest poles and him neatening them up.

And we saw that the girls were busy but weren't sure what they were doing.

And then after a while it all made sense.

A whole lot of sense.

They were problem solving. ...Can't get under it, can't get get round it, can't get through it...they had to get across it...

We sat and watched them for a while.

And then we tried it out for ourselves. Their bridge was good and strong and tough enough.

And we trekked back and forth on it about 15 times with our bush poles.

When we got home we made the tee-pee.

We planted it out and watered it in.

Now all that's left to do is to wait a few weeks for the seeds to germinate, to grow and then to climb up the poles and create our pea-tee-pee.

Imagine how fun it'll be come summer to shelter from the sun inside and to reach up and pluck a pea from the vine as a snack. 

Form. Function. Food. Father's day Fun!

I hope you've had a fabulous day. 
I hope you have a wonderful week this week.
Got anything special planned?


  1. Oh my gosh could you guys be any cooler?! Your tee pee is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see what it looks like once the peas have grown allover it. (Also, our local finally got your book! I was so excited to see it).

  2. Looks lovely. Should be a tee-pea, hee hea..

  3. Omg, I have pea-tee-pee-envy !! how fantastic !! :) and yes, a cup of iced tea in there in summer... glorious!! :)

  4. Oh it will be wonderful Kate! Looking forward to seeing photos of it in a couple of months time. :)
    I'm planning a scarlet runner bean teepee, just need to source some suitably tall branches!

  5. Well that's about the coolest thing I've ever heard of!

  6. That looks fantastic! What a great idea!

  7. Peas need something twiggy to wrap their little tendrils around,otherwise they can't climb - they just sit there in an annoying heap. They dont twine and support themselves like runner beans. You might need to tie some string round between the poles or cover it with some kind of net that has lots of little grabby holdy bits.
    Good luck - Bernice

  8. Would LOVE to do that in the backyard...but would the Boxers allow me?

  9. Que fotos más bonitas !!! Una idea genial la cabaña de guisantes y una idea genial la de tus niñas al colocar el tronco encima del riachuelo para poderlo atravesar. Un cariñoso saludo desde España.

  10. Kate that is a marvellous idea! I love it! And your girls...cleversticks!

  11. Oh gorgeous! That's some clever thinking girls you've got there!!

  12. Kate, your teepees are so gorgeous! And the girls are so clever to build such a strong bridge! You've inspired me. I think we may use hazel sticks, and we might even have to make two teepees. One for peas & one for beans! I have a new girly-size chainsaw to try out too and the size of the required branches is about perfect I think (eeep! chainsaw: a bit scary, but also exciting). I can just see kids out in the cool shade of those teepees, lounging with books and ice-blocks on hot summer afternoons!

  13. I've been dreaming about a tee-pea (or perhaps a Tea-Pea if you like a cuppa with your peas) for our backyard... we'll see if i get around to it!

    I've been meaning to read your blog for ages, so have added it to my bloglovin reader thingie, so hopefully I'll see more of your photos etc! YAY!

  14. How clever, exciting, fun is your family! Too cool for school :)

  15. So many cool ideas happening at your place Kate, love it!

  16. This is gorgeous, I'm so excited to see it grow! My plan this week is to make time to enjoy our sunshine..x

  17. I love it, might have to hop to it and make one ourselves!! Love it!!

  18. I love it, might have to hop to it and make one ourselves!! Love it!!

  19. Kate- this is fantastic!! I was wondering if you could show us how you do the top of your tee-pees?? I've tried to build them before with my kids, but my rope-lashing skills must be lacking, as there is no way my tee-pee would be strong enough to support vines & peas.... Any advice, or even just a photo, would be most appreciated. Love your blog x

  20. What a great idea! Lucky girls with such fun parents :)

  21. Greatest idea of all time. Cant wait to see it grow! Belinda x

  22. I love the multi function of the structure and I love the girls "think out of the box" about the creek and I love your photos....can't wait to see it full of food and fun. Beautiful story. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  23. Hi Kate,
    What a great idea!
    Love your tee-pea.. but you could have added the top of the tee-pea.
    Regardz to the fun family.. have fun:)

  24. sooo fantastic!
    Shana Tova kate


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