Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Farmer Bren has taken over the Daylesford Organics blog!

That's right, there are now two bloggers in the Foxs Lane fam (yikes).

And wouldn't you know it, he went straight in there and did all this fancy tech stuff and now it looks completely different.

I guess we can expect bloggy bits about farming, gardening, bread baking and other Farmer Bren thoughts and theories on life.

Follow along here if you wanna.


I wrote a piece and took some photos for Slow magazine.

Slow is one of those very rare magazines that I read from cover to cover. It's a beautiful Australian magazine filled with stories about interesting people doing interesting things.

I was particularly thrilled to have our story included in the Spring issue alongside Rhonda from Down to Earth, Tim Winton, Paul Kelly, Charlotte Woods, Edwina from The Old Post Office and so many more. Like Rhonda said on her blog;  It's like I'm part of a lovely and familiar Slow family. Totally.


Have you seen this?

My friend Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is running a blogging e-course. How ace is that?!

In her very own words;
It's called Blog With Pip! and is designed especially for crafty and creative types. This course will teach you lots of valuable things about blogging, writing, inspiration and social media. It's perfect for beginners OR for people who have blogs already, but might want to refresh them.  If your blog needs a bit of TLC, this is the course for you. (It may offer a bit of TLC for you too, truth be told!)
Find out more about it on Pip's blog here.

I think this is such a brilliant opportunity to learn from one of the most crafty, cool, creative and generous girls around. Hop to it I say.


So many people asked me what the top of our pea tee-pea looked like. This is what it looks like. So far we have just sort of woven the tops of the branches in together. Later on, as the peas start climbing and the whole structure gets heavier, we might tie it all up to strengthen it.


I am knitting Olinda for Miss Pepper at the moment. It is a gorgeous lacy pattern and I am loving watching it all come together. I'm knitting my way down the second sleeve at the moment, not long to go. Hopefully she'll be throwing it over her shoulders before the week is out.


And lastly, here is my podcast from yesterday's ABC Radio National's Life Matters program.

If you want to hear what my voice sounds like, if you want to hear my nervous giggle, or if you plain just want to listen, click on this link.

Phew, that's it for me and my news for now.
How about you?
Do you have some stuff you think I'd like to know?
Are you going to click on any of my links?
Go on.



  1. Lovely list Kate & to farmer Bren I would like to say that his new blog looks great! I'm now a followers. I've seen Pip's course and am sooooo tempted to do it...maybe I should?

    Sarah xx

  2. that mag looks great, right off to have a gander at this other blog... :0)

  3. Today while planting peas I thought about your pea tee-pee.
    I actually wanted to make one. But I didn't have a clear idea about it(how the top will look like and how can I secure it etc...)So I gave up the idea and simply planted the peas. But next time will go for a trial. :)
    Have a happy week.

  4. Pip is the bestest isn't she ?!
    I've never heard of that magazine but it sounds like something I'd like - where'd you get it from ? News agents or subscription?

    I clicked on Brens blog link- I love hearing about farming life! I hope you'll still blog about farming too Kate x

  5. We are headed into fall here in the jealous of your lovely spring :) Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. We are headed into fall here in the jealous of your lovely spring :) Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. My news:: in two weeks I will be OUT of my safe little kitchen, and IN Australia!! With only my suitcase and my daughter! I'm excited but pretty nervous, too. I haven't travelled internationally for 10 years, and I've certainly never travelled internationally as the sole responsible adult!! >.<

  8. Love hearing about your slow, happy, enthusiasm-driven life (and your giggle)

  9. Luckily I was home from work yesterday and surprised to hear you on Radio National. Sounded great..only get good people on congratulations.

  10. Keeping busy aren't you! :) I find the title of that magazine (Slow) funny because it seems like the slow life is actually an incredibly busy one :)
    I meant to tell my husband about your pea tee pee... I think we need one in our yard ;)

  11. I just knitted the Olinda in a very similar colour to you! I loved it our little princess has worn it heaps since it came of my needles :)

  12. Slow magazine sounds great - I definitely want to check that out! I need more "slowness" in my life.

  13. Nice! Signed up for Farmer Bren well. Like his bakkie :-) (That's what you guys would call a ute!)

    Reminds me...I wanted to attempt the teepee here...still wondering bout the dogs.

    Would love to get my hands on a Slow - next time my husband goes that way for a conference. I still miss some of my Aussie mags - every time he has to bring me a notebook, real simple and Woman's Weekly! Now adding Frankie to the list as well - all hideously expensive if and when I find it here.

  14. Kate,
    Just listened to your interview. I'm so glad you didn't get hung up about school. The type of learning you did with the girls sounded much more interesting. And learning to knit, crochet, sew & tiedye is to me essentially what life is about!

  15. Hi Kate, love your update! I have not been able to find Slow magazine in our part of the world, I might have to get our local paper shop to order it in for me. Life looks full of goodness at your place as always x

  16. What a lovely post, always so interesting and with amazing photos. Definitely going to have a look at your recommendations:)

  17. Yes, going to click on all your links. And what I want you to know is how much you have inspired me through your awesome blog and beautiful IG feed. Thank you!!

  18. ooohhh, slow magazine looks great! I am also pretty damn inspired by this post. Tempted by Pips e-course too.


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