Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The bee movie

Finally, finally the days are growing warm and long.

We start them each morning in clean white business shirts and work pants, and end them grubby and sore.

In the garden the lettuces are bolting, the broccoli are finishing up, the leeks and onions are slowly swelling and our summer faves like basil and tomato are finally safe(ish) to be planted out.

We've been weeding and planting and mulching and staking.

We've been slashing and mowing.

And irrigating.

And I've had a bee in my bonnet about making the garden more user friendly this season and have been marking EVERYTHING!!

Speaking of bees, my farmer boy made a cute little film of us in our bee gear visiting our bees a few days ago.

Check it out.

Bee good.



  1. Bees are my favourite. I've always loved bees....
    But seriously, this is super cute. I love the video and I think you guys look totally cute in your bee suits. I bet the honey is DELICIOUS!

  2. You have pretty light in your kitchen garden Kate! You look so organised with your signs. I am pleased to hear you are getting some warmth, bring on the summer crop! We have super slow internet at the moment so I can't watch the bee film...I will come back to it. Happy growing/cooking/farming/bee keeping days to you x

  3. What busy bees! Loved the movie. Jo x

  4. How did you get that bee to walk across the screen? haha, you could not have scripted it better.Great short movie!

  5. You guys are amazing, I love this!
    ..and your handy garden touches x

  6. You guys are COMPLETELY the stars! But I do love the bees that get themselves right up there on the lens for a solo spot!

  7. I just finished reading The Secret Life of Bees last night , so that video was very interesting to me. Thanks I loved it! I also love that I get to see your summer while we go through winter.

  8. Your kitchen garden makes me want apple crates even more than I already do!

  9. I adore the video, Thank you Farmer Bren and Kate for entertaining me this morning. I love little Buzzy the Bee's debut perfermance too, just too cute!

  10. Well that video was just gorgeous- How was that bee that wanted to be centre stage! A great feel-good movie:) Thanks

  11. love the movie - especially love the bee trotting across the lens!! we have a two hives in auckland. i couldn't image the garden without those little buzzers!

  12. I wonder if you guys use different bees from us here in the US? My husband used to keep bees and he kept Carnolians and Italians? I played this video while my husband and I were lying in bed with my little babe and the jazzy music in the video made her start dancing!

  13. I love your bee movie! I can't wait to get bees in our backyard! Your garden is looking lovely! I'm really needing to get on to planting.

  14. Love the bee movie. Serious hive envy here! And love your plant markers. Wish I'd been as organised when sowing my vege seeds a few weeks ago. I was lazy and scribbled names in pen on cardboard, thinking all would be fine. Well, then the rains came and came and came. All the ink has been washed away. Now I can't tell my chillis from my capsicum and my eggplant and my Thai basil. And as for the oregano and marjoram - forget it! I guess I'll just plant out and see what happens. It could be a disaster or it could end up lots of fun. And next time, I'm stealing your plant marker idea if that's OK? :)


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