Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Swiss Italian festa!

Over the past few months I've written many articles and answered many interview questions about how and why we moved to Daylesford 12 and a half years ago.

I've spoken often of our desire to grow our own fruit and veggies, of our need for space and a slower lifestyle, and of our yearning for a more meaningful existence.

And I've shared our lists of must haves and must not haves in a property. But I have to admit that beside the local schools and hospital, I don't remember being so interested in the town we were moving to. I don't know why I didn't have a town/community list of must haves, but I didn't.

So it was almost by accident that we came to live close to one of the most culturally diverse and interesting towns in regional Victoria. A town that boasts some of the best eateries and shops and galleries in the State. And a town with a calender of events so rich and varied that there is bound to be something there for everyone from Words In winter, to Chill-Out, to music festivals and art festivals and food festivals.

This weekend Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are celebrating the Swiss Italian festa and in the opening parade, our family marched and hoola-hooped with the circus crew.

And we admired the costumes and the bands and yodellers and goats who had come from near and far to celebrate the rich history of our town.

Before we moved here I was worried that we wouldn't feel accepted by a town until we had lived there for generations and generations back, but I needn't have. In our town if you want to hold a banner or a bell you are welcome to march. In fact in our town there are almost always more marchers than onlookers. In our town, the hardest thing to do is to decide which crew you want to march with.

I feel pretty lucky that we accidentally set up camp next to such a cool community.

Oh, I just found this clip on Facebook. Check it out.

I'd better go now and make sure everyone here has a rest before the closing ceremony lantern parade tonight.

Does your town throw a good festa?
Do you love a good march down the main street?
Did you spot me and my girlies in the film?

Ciao x


  1. I did spot you and your girlies! :-)
    Such a great community event, I think you live in a pretty awesome area Kate.

  2. I am very much loving those sparkly hula hoops! Lovely shots, Kate!

  3. How amazing! We have just moved from an unusually tight knit area of south London where every one knew every one on the 4 streets where we lived, but no one knew any one in the wider community, to a seaside town where the whole town turns our regular as clockwork for events. Be it parades, festivals, carnivals, pram races. It is amazing to feel part of a wider community, where we will be able to have our place. But I do miss knowing all our neighbours and having close friends surrounding you.

  4. I live in a small village in Belgium. Everyone knows each other, and their parents, and their grandparents....on 11 november all the children come to the houses and sing a song and receive candy or money. You can compare with is not done to be out on that day !

  5. I watched the clip and i see what you mean by most of the town is in the parade instead of on the side lines. How fun and interactive. Your girls are privileged to be part of such a vibrant community and family

  6. This is wonderful, I do love a community it!

  7. We have lots of community events, clubs and societies in our town, it is brilliant and we love it. Glad you have 'accidently' found one too. Jo x

  8. What fun! I've always wanted to go.
    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a splendiforous day. x

  9. Oh Kate, the jealousy oozes from me...
    I've made list after list after list of what we want in a 'lifestyle'. Where we want to be, the community, the village to help raise our future children. We're still searching, always with the searching. It's hard, and frustrating and I'm getting exhausted by it all. It seems impossible and depressing.
    What a gorgeous accident Daylesford has been for you, it's so important to us to live in a community like that 'one day' - we don't at the moment and it makes me sad. One day.
    P.S. Your eldest girl is just stunning, growing into a beautiful young woman!

  10. Daylesford really does look like a lovely place to be Kate x

  11. Oh, this is so wonderful! Twenty-odd years ago when I was living in Geelong a group of us used to spend every Easter at Daylesford, I'll never forget the great times we had there. Such a special place.


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