Sunday, January 19, 2014

taking stock

IMG_7905IMG_7900 Making : rainbow bracelets, friendship bracelets, pom-poms, a crochet blanket. 88/200 made.
Cooking : babka, gozleme, shakshuka, frittata, toast...
Drinking : so much water, vodka and ginger beer, mint tea.
Reading: burial rites by hannah kent. as slowly as possible. i so don't want it to end. (thanks mum xx)
Wanting: to write blogs about the truths of family farming in the year of the family farm.
Looking: at how pretty the garden looks in the late afternoon's summer light.
Playing: the strangers podcasts. from the beginning to now. brilliant!! (thanks dad xx)
Wasting: precious crochet time by reading. and reading time crocheting. it's always a juggle.
Sewing: nothing lately. i do have a pile of fabric sitting here waiting to become a skirt. someday.
Wishing: that we had planted more beans.
Enjoying: walking around the big block each evening.
Waiting: for the first tomato to ripen so i can break my tomato fast.
Liking: that my girls are learning important skills like starting the fire pump and sharpening a chainsaw.
Wondering: if there is really a chance of italy in october?
Loving: listening to miss indi singing in her room.
Hoping: that the last 10 days of the summer holidays go so slooooooowly.
Marvelling: at how quickly the girls can make a mess in any part of the house i've recently cleaned.
Needing: to do some mowing but the wind is still too fierce.
Smelling: the chocolate dipped waffle cones i just made for afternoon tea.
Wearing: my fitbit.
Following: along behind my farmer boy, digging and shoveling and listening and learning.
Noticing: that the double batch of challah i made the other day killed my kitchen aid. crap!
Knowing: that i need to start thinking about and getting organised for the school year to come.
Thinking: about what a relief it is to forget about the fire plan for a few cooler days.
Feeling: itchy. from a jumping jack bite two days ago.
Bookmarking: pictures of conservatories. a glass house on the side of this house might fix it.
Opening: google images to look at pictures of iceland. i can't get burial rites out of my head.
Giggling: at how funny the newly shorn alpacas look.
Feeling: like i might sleep tonight after finally doing something this morning that i've been stressing about for weeks.

so what's going on with you?
have you read burial rites?
are your tomatoes ripe yet?
what have you been making?

(thanks pip xx)
(last time i played)


  1. Great post! Absolutely loving your newest crochet project ~ you must have been very busy with your crochet hook :O)x

  2. Thanks Jackie, it was started on new year's day as a square a day project, but here I am on day 19 with 88 squares. Oops. xx

  3. Yep, read burial rites, kept thinking the ending would surely not be coming.

  4. Speed hooker you are!! I downloaded burial rites last week to start after Boy, lost which I just finished. I had gozlame for dinner .

    1. Thanks for the Iceland link Chooky.

  5. And we are eating cherry tomatoes from the garden, sorry. X

  6. Yes I read burial rites . I found it hard to believe it was her first book . It was so wonderfully written . I could be there in the room with them . I couldn't put it down . And my tomatoes are green too :(

  7. Oh I did something similar with my kitchenaid - they fixed it under warranty but were very 'tut, tut'. I didn't realise there were weight and speed limits. Not the workhorse I'd thought it would be. If you're thinking of replacing it, Brydie (city hippy) recommends one that sounds like a dream. (I can't remember the name, sorry!) X

  8. Read and loved Burial Rites. It reminded me of Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, so you may like that if you have not read it before.

  9. Burial Rites was the best book I read last year. Such beautiful writing! Can't wait for Hannah Kent's next book. You might also like The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman - also a new Australian author.

  10. will look up burial rites as this is my year of reading more actual books!! thanks for the link..
    bestest to you and yours
    Daisy j x

  11. It's on my to-read list! Think I might use your list for my next blog post.... x

  12. Your life at the moment sounds full and wonderful and your crochet brings a smile to my face.

  13. My tomatoes ripened in September, currently growing broccoli, oranges and lemons and for me its always Italy in October and I hope for the UK in November!

  14. I have picked a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes, my cucumbers, beans and zucchini have gone mad, and we had our first corn on the cob last night. Love summer vegetables.

  15. The tomatoes are taking quiet a bit longer to ripen this year, I have picked half a dozen cherry toms, perhaps there has been more but the little ones eat them before I can see. I have had Burial Rites on my 'to read' list for awhile, so it's great to hear how good it is.
    I have been making nighties for my girls, with some beautiful vintage fabric.
    Oh and I too am hanging onto these last few days of school holidays!


  16. Not read "burial rites", it sounds amazing. Am reading "love Nina", which is a series of letters from a young womanto her sister. The young woman is working as a nanny for a north London literary bonkers family. A famous playwright comes for tea every night and provides many witty aphorisms. It's not Tolstoy. But it's heartwarming and funny. I don't want it to end either! Will try "br" though! Xxx

  17. I soooo too wish I planted more beans! They grew so quickly and tasted delicious. I too will hopefully be harvesting my tomato in the next few many flowers, but I want tomatoes!

  18. Lovely, lovely crochet. I know exactly what you mean about the pull of time between making and reading. Never enough time! How nice to have an almost ripe tomato. Here in England it is just about time to buy seeds. Maybe they'll be planted next month. It will be a long time until there's an actual ripe tomato, although I do have two little jars of dried tomatoes in sunflower old to tide me over. A really great post, with a wonderful insight into your days.

  19. well this is a fun way to get my blog on! I'm loving these blanket squares x

  20. Ooh NICE STOCK! I have been doing things away from the blog… I am going through a private phase, I think… So nice to see YOUR things/life/people/bits/bobs! x

  21. OOOHHHH... Chocolate dipped waffle cones! At afternoon tea time! Please, may we have a recipe?
    I finally made the turkish bread recipe today that you recommended ages ago, so good - thank you!

  22. My tomatoes are huge and ripe and juicy (but no cherry tomatoes at all this year - go figure because normally they self-seed and come up everywhere and this year I even planted more and I still have none!) I haven't read Burial rites so will be tracking that one down!

  23. We enjoyed our first tomato this week - it was divine. And Burial Rites was my favourite read this year - it is such a luscious book.

  24. Loved Burial Rites, a major book and an incredible debut novel. Can't wait to see what Hannah comes up with next! Caravanning right now, with thoughts of Vantastic in mind. I have knitting with me and a new pattern for a blanket which requires no joining yet is knitted in squares. Will Instagram a photo. Visited rellies in Adelaide and was presented with fresh home grown veggies. Just the tastiest and best! Love your blog! X

  25. Ahh, you read Burial Rights? Wasn't it amazing!! Did you happen to catch the segment on Australian Story last year? I think it could still be viewed online. Fantastic story, both the book and the journey Hannah Kent went on the write it.

    Also wanted to say I was reading Country Style last week and came across your beautiful story. Was lovely to read of your family's journey and how you came to be where you are now. Have a wonderful 2014, Kate!
    Christine :)
    Found the Hannah Kent link, here'tis! :

  26. Oh, I love your "liking" - sharpening a chainsaw! Some might say "only in the Australian bush", but I know it is a practical homesteading skill. :) My husband likes shakshuka, but I am unfamiliar with gozleme. I think it is great that you don't eat tomatoes other than your own, and therefore in season. My grandma frequently tells me what she ate on her salad and it is always the same thing, 12 months a year. Where we live, she shouldn't be eating tomatoes and cucumbers in January!

  27. Hi Kate. Love the list. I think I need to copy and paste it from Pips blog too. Haven't read brutal rites. Sounds like a title I wouldn't be drawn to. Have recently finished 'Friendship Bread' by Darien Gee which was a lovely holiday read. Jx

  28. Burial Rites was an amazing read - the sense of place, the matching of the language to landscape, the unflinching progression - all fabulous
    I cried a lot
    Maybe you're on a 4 squares a day thingy without realising?

  29. I did a taking stock too! thanks for the inspiration xx

  30. Kate, Kate, Kate!!! Im jumping up and down here, jumping I tell you. Your kitchenaid death is a good thing I promise. Assistent Original is your new machine and I swear you'll never look back, (and if you do I will apologise until we are into our it will probably last that long.) 5 kilos of bread dough baby, timer...have a look at my blog for my reviews of it. Promise!

    (and yes, I'm fully aware this looks like a spam product comment now- sorry :-/ but it is really that good for someone that makes bread...and bakes. xxx

  31. OH MY GOODNESS how totally fabulous is Burial Rites!!! Incredibly evocative, she was inside that woman's head, I swear. Have you seen Hannah Kent on Australian Story? Sorry to hear about your mixer, I burned one out too last year, been hand kneading ever since. Might look up City Hippy Farmgirl's recommendation too! Our tomatoes are falling off the vines, I could send you some?!? xxx

  32. Thanks for the list; I took a few minutes to do it in Text Edit just for myself and it helped to clarify some items for me. I appreciate you sharing, Kate.

  33. I know I'm late to this comment party but I am wondering of Italy in October too!! Fingers crossed!

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  36. Your blanket is beautiful! I love the colors you are using!

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