Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 random things

Blogging is a funny old thing isn't it. I think that probably eight out of ten times when I think about writing a blog post, the first thing that crosses my mind is - who cares? Who would even be interested in reading that? But then I load the photos and I write it anyway.

And then when I'm finished I press publish, and I exhale, and it's gone, and it often occurs to me again that blogging is so self indulgent.

And then soon after that someone in my family texts me the edits and sometimes they tell me they liked it. And then some comments come in…maybe an email or two, and I am reminded that you feel it too, you do it too, you want it too. You advise me, you commiserate with me, you question me, you compliment me, you tell me your stories. I love hearing your stories.

And then it all makes sense. I understand why I press publish and not save. It's a community thing and I love it.

So in the spirit of self indulgience, here are 10 completely random things that are going on in my life right now.

ONE: We have tomatoes. Finally. Cherries and romas and pears, oh my. If there's one thing this heat-wave has been good for, it's ripening our tomatoes, hooray!

I cannot tell you how great it was to finally break our tomato fast. To eat them in salads, on toast and straight off the vine. To have that little plate up on the window sill for ripening the greenies. And for the colour. What a difference that red makes to a dish.

I'm so pleased that we waited though. It was totally worth it.

TWO: The kitchen garden is pretty awesome all together at the moment: carrots and leeks and onions and lettuce and rocket and basil and tomatoes and peas and beans and beetroot and other things that I'm sure I've forgotten. There is nothing quite like telling the girls to go and pick their own afternoon tea.

THREE: Part of me feels like I am dealing with all my girls being at school this year for the very first time. Last year when it really was the start of this new phase, I was writing my book, and then we went to Israel, and then I spent the rest of the year publicising my book and I was too busy to notice. But now I'm noticing. And it feels a bit empty. And the house feels quiet. And I miss them.

IMG_8176FOUR: I'm asked often what wool I am using to crochet my blanket. The answer is anything 8ply I can get my hands on. I have raided all of my baskets of odds and ends left over from olfd projects. And once, only because I had used up all the fun colours first, I bought eight new balls of wool from a shop in Malvern. All different brands, all different colours.

I've crocheted 162 squares of my summer blanket so far. Every time I finish 12 squares I join them to the main blanket. I think I'll keep going for as long as the white holds out. I'm loving this project but I'm starting to think about the next.

FIVE: I'm reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I am seriously loving it. It's slow going though, reading and rereading each bit because I want to savour it, and I want to take it all in, and I want to remember it.  Such a great story. Such an incredible story teller.

It's made me think about a journey of our own. Maybe for a week? I love the idea of walking a long path through wilderness. Carrying all our own gear, slowing down time, noticing what's out there, thinking thoughts all the way through….maybe….

SIX: The blackberries are ripe for the picking and we've been picking. And eating and making this cake. In the next day or so I think there will be enough for my first jam of the season. I've been looking forward to standing over a bubbling cauldron for a while now.

SEVEN: This morning on my run around the big block I got a notification on my phone telling me that there was a bushfire a few kilometres up the road from our farm. Let's just say there's nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline to make me pick up the pace and make a run for it. Luckily I came home to find that it had been a false alarm…phew!!

EIGHT: I took this picture of fighting roosters a while ago and keep forgetting to post it. It terrifies me and at the same time makes me think of my run in with the white rooster.

NINE: My farmer boy has trained and is now a projectionist at the local Daylesford Rex cinema. My girls laughed when I told them I thought it was sexy to be dating the projectionist. But I still think it is.

IMG_8008 TEN: I heard a senior weather forecaster on the radio today talking about the fact that we've had almost all of our extreme heat for this season. It will still be hot but not as hot and not for as many days in a row. Even though some of the heat has been scary this year, it made me feel sad. Summer is coming to an end. I kinda miss it already.

So how about you?
What have you been reading, growing, baking, thinking about?
If you feel like writing 10 random things on your own blog leave me a comment and I'll come and visit.

Thanks for reading.
Big love,


  1. You better have a pash in the projection room!! Xxxxxx

  2. That's a nice plan. I kind of did that yesterday but might do again. Love the pics from your part of the world. It's a random hobby I think too. But as I get so much enjoyment I don't really care!

  3. Your randoms are great Kate. I like this style of a blog post...bits and pieces, thoughts and ideas! Those roosters are scary and your vegetables look so good. I hope those fires stay away. Yay for the projectionist x

  4. That rooster shot is particularly amazing! It's all beautiful, but that is very FIERY, which makes a lot of sense come to think of it! x

  5. Tomatoes are the only thing I grow. I'm not sure why, because my husband is the only one who eats them. If I can be completely truthfull here, an I feel I can, I will admit that a fresh tomato has never passed my lips.... Please do pop over and check out my 10 Random Things ;)

  6. la la la lal al - summer can't be coming to an end. I love summer, even the heat waves. Love it!

  7. Never stop blogging, I love it here xx How sad your summer is coming to an end and my spring is just around the corner xx

  8. I love your ten things - and do it myself on my blog at regular intervals. I too have the worries that it is self indulgent, but then, also like you, I find that often those posts prompt some great stories or sharing.

    Where I am in London at the moment, it is cold and wet - oh, so much rain! - so I am loving reading about your summer, the tomatoes, the veggies and the blackberries.

    Nancy x

  9. Love your garden pics, can't wait for spring here in Canada so I can start my veggies!

  10. I'm always happy to see a post from you in my feed Kate even if it is random things! I'm a sticky beak & love glimpsing into other peoples lives :)

  11. I love your thoughts about blogging. That's how it is, exactly!

  12. Stesso mondo, ma dalla parte opposta e da noi c'รจ tanta neve. Ciao ciao.

  13. I think about blogging like that as well. All the time I'm questioning why I'm doing it. And yet I keep going and I enjoy it. I do love the blogging community, the place where I can find people who like the same things that I do. I've loved reading your post today. It'll be a long time until I see a ripe home-grown tomato - I think I'll be planting the seeds next week.

  14. It's fun to see your photography evolve over the years! Amazing!!

  15. It is deep into a seemingly never-ending winter in New Jersey, with another large storm expected tomorrow night. Feeling the warmth from your posts and loving the escape it provides right now. Please keep hitting Publish!

  16. I'm in NZ, today it is cool - for the first time in ages I have a cardigan on in the morning. I think I picked just about the last of my cherry tomatoes yesterday. It is a little darker in the mornings now too - it feels like autumn is close. I am thinking about starting to plant celery, rainbow chard and spinach for winter now. Love your blog, the everydayness, the photos of a different life from mine, the honesty - don't stop hitting publish.

  17. It is easy to forget that blogging creates such a lovely sense of community! I love stopping by everyone's pages and seeing a little snapshot in to their lives, it's great!
    Lovely photos x

  18. http://thelittleroomofrachell.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/10-random-things/

    Here - here's my random bit of self-indulgence. You can only read it if you leave a reciprocal comment Kate. ha ha!!!! ;-)

  19. thank you the book looked great, it's on order! it's hard to imagine that kind of heat here right now. Heather x

  20. Blogging is a funny thing isn't it? I think I often go through just the very same thought process as you - then push publish and voila. Love it all over again.
    I'm rather fancing dating a projectionist too - sounds just my cup of tea. I think I might have to settle for dating the guy that sorts out all our computers instead.
    I'm in two minds about the end of summer. On the one hand, I'm not quite ready for cold but on the other, Autumn is my very very favourite time of the year ...

  21. Serious garden envy here, just got home from a lovely months holiday and my garden is a non productive jungle - many tall plants with hardly any produce - I am sorely missing being able to pick greens for dinner salads.
    I am in blogging limbo at the moment - still posting but my heart is not in it at the moment so I might take a break I think. Love your random 10 lists.

  22. Kate - I love your blog! I have to admit to being not very good at commenting but I am trying harder to change that! I blog too because I love it and it is for me, but it is always nice to connect!! Love the '10 Random Things' post idea - am adding that to my shiny new 'editorial calendar' (I'm a 'blogwithpip' student this month - can you tell? hehehe). Have a great week!

  23. oh so glad you are all safe and well.
    tomatoes ?? thankgod for tomatoes!!
    and blackberries (unfortunately we aren't able to get down and pick ours this year :( I look forward to drooling over
    your pictures!

  24. Can I waffle out ten things here? Photography- damn lady, loving yours at the moment. Plums- I've just processed the last of a box, lots of plum goodness. Community- in blogland, love it and have just posted today about it. Summer- not ready for it to go either but I do love me a scarf. Fermentation- rockin' my world at the moment.
    Roosters- that shot is awesome. Victoria- I think I would be quite suited to live there, but the fires scare the crap out of me. Chocolate covered coffee beans- nothing more. Blackberries- was just reading your same recipe from little eco footprints blog. Mead- I wonder what it tastes like??

  25. Those roosters fighting are scary!!! Great capture.
    Bushfires are so frightening too. You're in my thoughts at this time of year.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely 10 random things. I too feel a bit self-indulgent when blogging, even so I've written up a 10 random things post because I know that at least you'll be reading it... http://virtuallysally.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/10-random-things.html

  26. I think I am going to look up that book! Thank you for the recommendation! Xx http://mylittlesunshinehouse.com

  27. Summer cannot end.... it simply cannot. I'm grateful that you do hit publish for although I am so bad at commenting, you pictures and your words never fail to inspire me xx

  28. A projectionist huh? I think it's all those dark rooms with flickering light, watchful. Or something!?!? x

  29. Wow, those roosters - what a sight! We just have 9 well behaved ladies, though they do chase each other over great little bits they find. I love the blackberry picking ensemble - she is a brave girl - do they have thorns like black raspberries?

  30. Hello,nice to meet you on your blog,
    greetings from Anita

  31. Your blanket sounds like such a great project! The photo of the roosters is stunning! I can't imagine what it must be like to have all your kids in school, you must miss them terribly.

  32. Funny how we think of being self-indulgent as a bad thing.

  33. Your yoghurt cake is a staple in lunch boxes in this house. So easy and so yummy.

    More than ready for winter. I am greeting 35 degree days with happiness because it is not 42 degrees so that tells you something given how much I detest the heat. Can't wait to be rugging up in winter coats and hats for the school run...

  34. The colours in your photos today are incredible and those veggies and carrots. That rooster photo is very scary indeed. I have picked up some wool to start crochet for the first time since I was a teenager and that's a long time ago. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  35. Oh lovely! Your writing and photos always make me feel instantly calm and content. I might have to have a go at my own 10 random things. And, yes a projectionist is pretty cool!

  36. You've inspired me to try and find my voice and (re)start blogging. I've started my first post joining your 10 random things http://claireinstitches.wordpress.com/

    Have a great weekend x

  37. I found your blog when we decided to live in our new camper while we build a house. I sat for days and went all the way back to your very 1st post, and have read each one of them. So, we're kind of 'pretend friends' now. :-D

    Loved your randoms. I admit though, it took me forever to come up with 10 things to blog about this morning. Why is it always so hard when it's ourselves that we're talking about? I could talk for hours about my kids, even our dog. But when it's about me, I just got stumped.


  38. Hi Kate. Love this idea. Here's my 10 random things!
    ps: please keep on being 'self-indulgent' - it makes my day to read your posts, Flick x

  39. I'm thinking a blanket like the one you are making at the moment might be the best one to help me use up lots of odd balls... I did my random thing over here - but I only got to eight :-)


  40. Oh gosh...you probably don't want to read anymore random things...but I'll leave my link in case any other readers want to drop by :)
    Love this idea and love your blog as always Kate. Now I'm off to follow some of the links above! x

  41. Wonderful post of 10 random things. I so enjoy "visiting" your end of the world. Blackberries...my fav and we won't get them till August. I totally agree with you about the blogging/community thing...it's wonderful to be a part of and to "meet" and visit new places and people at your fingertips!!


  42. Thanks for your random things - I had a great time reading them, and then others you'd inspired, this morning. Finally gotten to my own list too: http://fred-and-cissy.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/ten-things.html. I'm off to read some of your older posts and to cut out a skirt (if I don't lose track of time in blog-land).

  43. There is so much goodness in this post I don't know where to start. Firstly I am very glad that you have stuck with your blogging, because it's been one of the things that has helped me get back to me. Your words and your pictures have also inspired me in other ways - like getting our first delivery of Whole Larder Love vegies this weekend (so excited!) and buying myself a new digital SLR late last year so I can get back into photography. I get that feeling about blogging being self indulgent, and I suppose in some ways it is, but then nobody has to read it do they. It's there if people want it, which we do.

    That photo of the roosters is extraordinary.

  44. I love your posts and pictures. What camera/lens do you use? your pictures are so sharp!

  45. Hi love your posts and pics, they reflect such a lovely down to earth life. And the roosters!!! Well they are amazing and the photo is fantastic. Great work! Karen xxx


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