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Miss Pepper's floral party


Last Wednesday, two days before Miss Pepper's birthday, I was having a little bit of a moan at school about how I don't have a baby any more. About how time is flying. And about how hard it is sometimes not to feel a teensy bit sad at her milestones because they are firsts for her, but also lasts for me.

At that point one of the girls' teachers stopped me. She told me that she'd lost so many friends over the years that now she looks at ageing as a gift. We are so lucky to live our lives and watch those we love, live theirs. Life is a blessing.

I decided then and there that I want to think like that too. I want to celebrate and feel grateful and be happy and leave all that melancholy stuff behind. That especially makes sense when it comes to our Pepper, the happiest, most joyful child.


Last Thursday, one day before Miss Pepper's birthday, she told us that she wanted her world to be filled with flowers, so we filled every pot we could find with colourful blooms.

Last Friday our Pepper turned seven. We celebrated her with cards and presents and pancakes and cake and songs. I felt happy the whole day thinking about how exciting a little kid's birthday is and she had the very best day too.


Last Saturday, the day after our Pepper turned seven, eight of her best friends came over for a flower fiesta party!!


As they came in, each of the girls lay fabric flower petals and leaves and feathers on a piece of elastic and I hot glued them on for them.


I absolutely loved watching each of them create their masterpiece. Some crammed on as many petals as they could fit all the way around, some placed layer upon layer upon layer, and then some went for one single bloom - gorgeous and simple.


Once they were all crowned, we played pass the parcel with notes, pin the bees on the blossoms and musical statues.


And then my farmer boy sat the girls in a circle and taught them how to make paper flowers.


We made garlands with some, while others wore theirs as corsages or held them like posies.


Then we sang to our birthday girl, ate cake and then we danced.

Much later on, after her guests had left, the cards had been opened and the presents had been played with a bit, our family went and ate ice cream down by the lake. We played charades, we watched the ducks and then we went for a long walk. At one stage I asked our Pepper if she had enjoyed her party. I said that to me it looked like it had included all the best ingredients; yummy food, craft, music, laughing and her best friends. First she told me that I had forgotten crying, because indeed there were a few seven year old party tears. And then she told me it was the best party in the whole world, the best party ever. You gotta be happy with that.

And I totally am happy with that.

And I love that in a seven year old world crying can be part of the happiest time.

I'm hoping for happiness and not too many tears when I turn a year older next week and when Indi does not long after that.

I'm not 100% sure that this blog makes sense but it's been crazy windy and stormy since very early this morning and I feel wriggly and jiggly and rattled inside.

Enjoy your present and your presents lovely friends.

Big birthday season love from us.



  1. What a great party and happy colours with all those potted flowers and headbands. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. What a beautiful party idea. It will remain in your memories for a long time. I too was feeling melancholy this morning for the same reasons as you. Thanks for sharing those wise words from the teacher. I feel I need to print them and hang them on the fridge to remind me that each day as a blessing :)

  3. Happy Birthdays to all in your sphere who are gaining a year in a short time. Birthdays are the best fun, aren't they ?~! The party looks like a great time was had by all; tears are so integral to my life in the years since my sister died that I totally get where Pepper's coming from as she adds them into the day's count of important events. I love that about her review of the day. Seven is the best age for young girls-they're still young and impressionable and yet they are getting big enough to be somewhat independent... Fun for all. Farmer Boy making paper flowers is a wonderful memory.

  4. I too look at ageing as a gift. ?My sister died at 27 from a heart attack & up until the I was petrified of turning 30. A month after she died I turned 30 & welcomed it with open arms. Each year that rolls by I do the same.

    And these parties you throw your girls? What happy memories you are making for them x

  5. What wonderful memories you are creating. I must admit a little flower envy. With 3 boys there were never much flower making going on in our household!

  6. such a lovely birthday theme. I love the polka dot flower garland! beautiful x

  7. That all sounds perfect for anyone's birthday, let alone a seven year old. Hope yours ( and Indie's )is as happy and filled with positive thoughts too.

  8. It does look like a lovely party!


  9. What a beautiful flower party. It's gorgeous.

    This is why we celebrate kids birthdays every year in our house. One year I was going to get a photographer in (a professional one) when Miss then three had a birthday bash which all of our family was able to attend at the one time, but the costs seemed too high and I didn't bother. My Dad died that year and we have so few photos of him with my kids. At that party was about the last time he was really well, and I was too busy being a host and organising things to get many photos.

    I am also happy to enjoy my years as I age, because we are all too well aware, that not everyone gets the chance to live them. Next year is party year in our house, I am not sure how I am going to celebrate another decade just yet, but I can certainly confirm there will be a parrrrtaaayyyy.

  10. That photo of Brendan is so special. You should print it out and put it on the fridge, or in a frame or by your bedside.

  11. The same as you, my little boy turned seven 2 weeks ago and while there were no flowers ( we visited a farm for the day) there were tears. They are indeed an essential part of a little one's birthday. I am going to take your advice too because I feel sad sometimes when these milestones arrive. You are making lovely memories for your girls and you and farmer boy x

  12. such a lovely idea for a little girls party!!
    all I do these days are super hero parties (having three boys does that to one)
    I must admit I do know the feeling... as my little one enjoys his first Im enjoying my lasts!
    Precious moments....

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  14. I too celebrated my birthday last Friday - 7x7 years, no regrets or bad feelings! My children made me pancakes for breakfast and a delicious cake. I believe being able to celebrate yet another birthday is, in itself, a gift. On the other hand though, I do understand how you feel about those milestones in your daughters' lives. They do grow much too quickly, don't they?

  15. YAY! Happy Birthday. My seven year old wanted a bug catching party so we all dressed in old clothes took pots and caught bugs in the August sunshine then lit a fire and had marshmallows. That is what they wanted. Well done for listening to what they wanted I say. Jo x

  16. Happy birthday to the big seven year old girl. My baby will soon be 28!!

  17. Happy Birthday Miss Pepper, hope you had some chocolate chip cookies to munch on!! It looks as though it was a wonderful party and thoroughly enjoyed. I think Brendan will have to do a tutorial on how to make paper flowers too, such a great idea Kate.

  18. this whole post just makes me happy, and that smiling birthday girl makes me smile x

  19. That looks like a whole lot of fun! I loved hearing the bit about the crying, too - because I guess the whole point of life, is to live it fully, ups and downs. Happy birthday to your Pepper - she must be excellent, being born on such a special day. Kellie xx

  20. You're a beautiful mother, Kate, with three beautiful daughters and a beautiful husband. A whole bunch of wonderfulness right there. Happy birthday Pepper! She is one year older than my Lottie so I always read your 'my baby' reflections with a quiet tear. x

  21. it all looks are a spinner of dreams me thinks.

  22. That's such a great party idea and especially because she wanted flowers everywhere…. good on her. Her heart must have been so happy!

  23. What a fabulous party, and what a wonderful Dad your farmer boy is!!

  24. Photographs you have shared here are just amazing and I am very thankful to you for sharing it here. I have also hired party places in the Bronx for my party and they did all planning including decorations and it was great.


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