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treasure hunt party


I feel like I've spoken often here over the years about how much I love a kid's birthday party. How much I love celebrating each of my girls all the way from the planning and the invitation making, through to the themes and the cake. I love how as they get older the activities change and they get more involved in the running of things, and I really love watching the parties unfold, seeing the excitement, listening to the laughter and feeding them all the yummy treats.

Our parties are pretty low key, they are always homemade and mostly they are planned using games we played when we were kids.

A few years ago, on the anniversary of our 25th children's birthday party I wrote this list of my top 10 ingredients for throwing a top party.

Yesterday we celebrated Miss Jazzy's 11th, which was our 30th!! Wow!!

She invited her three best friends and asked us for a big treasure hunt, we wrote a list of activities and destinations and then they pretty much ran things themselves.




At the start of our farm sits something that's red
It used to plough paddocks but now it's old and it's dead
On the seat of this beast sits your very first clue
Go find it then read it and it'll tell you what to do





Walk down the driveway, turn left before the creek
Wander through the apple blossom if the next clue you seek
Keep your eyes open for a blanket or two
You must each make two pom-poms before you get the next clue



Go back to the driveway, turn left then start walking
Head to the tractor shed, not too much talking
When you get there take a seat, on a chair or the floor
You must each get your nails done before clue number four


Head on up to the place where our veggies all grow
The grass is a little long and might need a mow
There you'll find a table with some food to eat
Relax and enjoy, take a load off your feet



Now head down the path to the tee-pee of burnt sticks
Look around for a silver pot where you'll find all the tricks
Stand behind the marker and take aim at the middle
When you're done with this game, I'll hand you the next riddle



Now go back near the house for some costumes and fun
There's chocolate in the caravan please walk don't run



The next clue in this game leads you somewhere so near
A mere 20 steps away at a tiny house so dear
There you'll find the next part of this hunt that's nearly done
Show us your hand and have lots of fun




Now all that's left
Is the cake and the song
Happy birthday dear Jazzy
Thank you all for coming and playing along!!

It was wonderful. My favourite part was chucking the old eggs at the tree monster. There's something just so satisfying about the throw and the smash. Such fun!

And that's our 11, see you next week for 7.

Until then, tell me about parties at your place.
Do you do themes? Do you bake fancy cakes? Do you have favourite traditions?
I'd love to know.

Big love



  1. That is the most wonderful treasure hunt party! I think I might have to take inspiration from it when I am planning the next one here!

  2. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! I've been putting off birthday parties because of the stress but you make it sound so much fun and magical and I love how it is all homemade goodness. I was thinking that I probably couldn't get away with not having a six year birthday party next year for my daughter and after reading this I actually am now looking forward to it! Thanks so much for the inspiration and gorgeous photos! xx

    1. Thanks so much Marnie.
      We've found that if we keep it really simple, we love it just as much as they do. x

  3. That is so very gorgeous and inspiring. I love that each clue involves making or receiving something creative. I did for a moment go "oh but all those lovely eggs!!!..." and then remembered you have plenty!

    So good to share ideas! For Beau's 9th birthday he wanted a pirate party so 10 boys and girls dressed up and we took them and their swords on boats on the Yarra and had 'pirate wars' - a whole lot of splashing, "aarrgghhs." and sword fighting across boats. Adults had just as much fun as the kids.

    I'd love to set up an outdoor cinema on a still night, with lots of rugs and cushions and a tent and a BBQ feast....maybe for one of the kids' next birthdays.....

    Looking forward to see what happens for #7!

  4. Can't even tell you how much I love that party!!! So much like ours when I was young. Your posts always make me nostalgic. xo

  5. So lovely. Love that 3rd photo with the beautiful trees in blossom!

  6. You are brilliant at making special memories for your girls. Your parties look wonderful and that picture of the trees in blossom is heartbreakingly gorgeous! These sorts of parties aren't just for children either. We had a party in our garden to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Lots of places for people to wander and sit on benches, cushions and blankets, homemade sandwiches, cakes and elderflower cordial and a tea urn so everyone could make a cuppa when they wanted. It was the happiest afternoon and even ten years on people still talk about what a special afternoon it was. Hope you are having a great weekend. Elaine x

  7. We just did my daughter's 11th birthday this weekend too. Lots of homemade goodies, old fashioned games and grubby dirty fun! And all requested and organised by my birthday girl. Apple bobbing, the chocolate game, trampoline musical statues and of course a homemade piƱata. Your photos are just lovely and the treasure hunt rhymes so divine. Happy birthday to your Jarrah. Looks like a wonderful day.

  8. its early morning here and i am about to bake three batches of vegan cupcakes for our halloween party this arvo for the kids- and i too love it (other than the cleaning). we will have apple bobbing, straw men making, three legged race and pumpkin decorating...and while we did something very similar last year and it worked well i always worry about how to usher the kids from one activity to the next. THIS is a brilliant idea!!!!

  9. That sounds like an amazing party, your home looks so beautiful! I have really happy memories of parties when I was a kid, lots of cake and buns and fun.

  10. I'm just planning my daughters birthday for next month. We are doing a rainbow art party. They will each get to paint a canvas, a rainbow treasure hunt or obstacle course I haven't decided yet and make rainbow bracelets.
    Homemade bday's are the best!

  11. Incredible indelible memory-making events punctuated by years of love that cannot be questioned. Thank you for sharing this fabulous party with us. Happy Birthday,, Sweet Eleven !~!

  12. When I saw the title of this post I got a bit of an X files vibe because I'm doing the exact same thing for my 6 year old (boy) this weekend! Though the clues probably won't rhyme, I'm not much of a poet. And I'm doing a water bomb target (hopefully the husband-hee!) and and pinata instead of a craft table, because BOYS.
    - Michelle

  13. What a lovely, fun celebration! Wish I could have attended! Well done Mom!

  14. What a wonderful party and all the girls would have loved it. I must admit I love parties with a few friends vs the large parties where they get too many presents and don't get to spend time with the kids. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  15. Looks like a great party. My boys are too old now for parties - we just go out for dinner.

  16. A perfect party! How wonderful. My girls are older now but I did very similar things, most were homemade and usually had a theme of whatever their interest were at the time, and I always made/decorated them a cake to whatever their likings and with many, many animal cakes alone the way, my favorite was a unicorn head with bubble gum tape for it's mane. Many themes for the parties whether for a crowd or just their best buds;treasure hunts, beauty salon, swimming, costume, and many more. Lots of fun and wonderful memories. Although mine are teens and older now they still get to pick whatever kind of cake they want that day. Memories they all will cherish, childhood is a wonderful time.


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