Saturday, November 8, 2014

Catching a moment


Hello! How are you dear friend. I was wondering if you might like to join me on a quick skip through my past week that was. I know it's a little self indulgent but it was a gorgeous week and I'd really like to catch it before it flitters off in the wind.

So here we go, this past week;

I visited a family with their new baby girl Holly, not even 19 hours old.

I sliced my thumb open on a pair of secateurs.

I saw blood clot and was impressed at my body, but not so much by the sight. 


I woke up one year older.

I thought a lot about what a wonderful place right now is to be.

I threw a little, last minute birthday breakfast in our garden and hired a coffee van. During the party I was serenaded by my family, the girls singing and Bren on the ukulele, on the steps of the cubby-house.

I wrote an article for one of my fave magazines.


I sucked honey out of honeycomb that we stole from the roof of one of our hives.

I planted 100's of seeds.

I started reading my first ever e-book - My Year Without Matches - which I am really enjoying, but still missing turning the pages.

I spent two whole days not knitting due to my cut thumb.

I sent the girls to school with yesterday's plaits due to my cut thumb.


I read through the 102 Clover crochet hook entries and loved every single one. I love how crochet unties us, calms our busy minds and enables us to make pretty gifts from scratch for ourselves and other people in our lives. Eventually I chose Dre at No Frills Mum because her story touched me. Dre please email me your postal details and I'll get gorgeous Renae to mail you your hooks ASAP.

I thought a bit about how cool it would be to run a yarn store like Yarn Haus and how we should support Renae by buying our yarn from her because she is brave and living her dreams and sourcing some really gorgeous yarns.

I spent an afternoon without house water when farmer Bren ploughed through a pipe.

I cleaned up another Mother's child's poo in our bathroom without any water (of course it happened when I had none).


I knitted a hedgehog Softie for Mirabel.

I did half of Indi's painting homework.

I remembered that I'm not such a great painter.

I remembered that I love couscous.

I felt overwhelmed and honoured and thrilled by all the birthday messages and calls and love.

I ate my first mango of the season.


I visited a bio dynamic sheep farm and fell more in love with wool.

I accumulated 246 unread emails.

I accumulated a kitchen table full of beautiful birthday flowers.

I donated to our community's Clay Space project.

I listened to this song and watched this film so many times and felt more than a little bit proud of our Indi, Tim and Geoffrey.

I think that's all the main points. I'll probably think of more once I press publish.

I have to now, my farmer boy is teaching the girls to make fire with a magnifying glass and I don't want to miss out.

So how about you?
What have you been up to this past week dear friends?
Tell me three or four things in the comments if you like, I'd love to know.

I hope you have the most wonderful weekend.

Love Kate xx


  1. Ouch...I hope your thumb is ok Kate! Happy birthday, I love the idea of a celebratory breakfast. That honeycomb is incredible, the plate is gorgeous too!

    This week here: home schooling as always, picking my first zucchinis for the season, watching my tomatoes like an expectant mother and helping my farming man with sheep work.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend x

  2. Me again...what a gorgeous video, I want a ramshackle studio with clay & cute music when I grow up :)

  3. I love your photos and words, as always, Kate!

    I wrote two blog posts about what I'm grateful for. Photos of our garden, animals and what I'm knitting, if you're interested:

    Happy weekend lovely Kate and happy birthday again! xxoo

  4. First a big Happy Birthday Kate and hope this new year ahead will bring you all the things you wish for.You packed in a lot this week.I've been looking after my three grandsons as it was my son-in-laws birthday on Thursday and there wedding anniversary today.They went for a few days to the Lake District (which they love).We are back home in our sleepy little village in Snowdonia missing the boys already.Enjoy your birthday week and I love the sound of your birthday breakfast. 馃槏

  5. Well done Indi.....loved that song and for such a great cause.
    Happy birthday too Kate. Xxx

  6. Happy Birthday Kate hope you had a great day. I loved the photo of the family singing to you....and the coffee van sounded like a great idea as well. I just went through your comments on the previous post to find the winner and what a great choice and deserving winner of the crochet hooks. The blanket for her sister would have been beautiful and of course as an added bonus she has found a beautiful meaningful hobby for herself as well. A beautiful story. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane PS> the chock wreath photo on cool.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words Kathy, I really appreciate it! x Dre

  7. Sounds like your little birthday breakfast party was fab!!! Happy Birthday!!!
    And I loved the video.....Indi's singing is gorgeous!!!
    Have a lovely week x

  8. Espero que el dedo ya este curado, Muchas felicidades por su cumplea帽os y muchas felicidades y agradecimiento para Indi por la preciosa canci贸n , tiene una muy linda voz,... Cari帽osos saludos desde Espa帽a.

  9. What a beautiful video! Indi's voice is really special. I could listen to it again and again!

    Sounds like a great week, thank you for sharing. xoxo

  10. Thank you so much Kate, I was so surprised and excited to see my name as I read through this post. I promise I will put the hooks to great use! :)
    A belated Happy Birthday to you too, it sounds like you had a fabulous day- especially breakfast! How special to have your gorgeous family serenade you AND a coffee van, I'm going to store that one away in my memory bank for future use!! You must be so proud of Indi, she has such a beautiful tone.
    Anyhoo I'm off to cut up our first strawberries of the season for dessert!
    Thanking you again x Dre

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Greetings. What a busy week! Thank you for sharing a piece of your world through your beautifully composed images. May your thumb be healing well and quickly and less painfully every day. It is so refreshing to read of someone being content with who and where they are at this very moment. Many people forget to stop and recognise the here and now, instead continually striving for future goals and missing the view of what's right in front of them because they are focussed on the view of distant future hopes. Your blog reminds us to appreciate the here and now and to find enjoyment and satisfaction.

  12. Lovely pics of your loved ones as always. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday, but sorry to hear about your finger injury. Hope it is all healing nicely now. Great video and it looks like a wonderful community project to support. Great choice of Dre for winning the hooks, it sounds like they are going to a very worthy home. Happy weekend! Elainex

  13. you've had a very full week! Well, I read a lot (actual books never an e book) I went to a gig on a school night, and I did some more xmas shopping!!

  14. In comparison to you, I think not too much at all. Maybe I'll make this week more exciting and meaningful.

  15. I made potato salad and added eggs from our chickens and dill from our garden. I did all the external painting on our new house(with help from my dad, there's also not very much external painting). I've started my Christmas baking.

    A million birthday wishes to you! I love Indi's song!

  16. What a busy, happy, lovely birthday week. That Indi has the loveliest and most surprising voice. I wonder what her journey will you wonder too?

  17. Dear Kate, I always find your blog like a breath of fresh exhale to enjoy. Thankyou for sharing you week.

  18. Couscous and mangoes - yes to both.

  19. Fresh avocados, a spot of summer sewing and delightful chooks wandering inside like they own the place

  20. You had a busy week!
    I made: Cupcakes - Brownies - Gardened - knitted and riffled around in the woman cave - I started on some lino cuts and finally I spent a lot of time as a bed for my 9 week old baby.

  21. what a beautiful birthday week...happy belated!!! for me, a bitty day trip with some friends (one the youngest 80 year old I've ever spent time with!) to our not-so-local yarn shop (where I was declared the winner of the yarn-purchasing contest; I didn't know we were having a contest)....some walks with my dog, trying to soak up every last ray of the prettiest autumn we've had in years....finding a (dead) snake in the backyard (and just glad it was in the yard and not the house)'s been a gentle week. sounds like yours was, too (minus the thumb incident!)

  22. Blimey, you've been busy! I'm also another year older, went on a jolly to London for the day to see an author I adore, and started tap dancing again after a ten year break! x

  23. Happy birthday! I've been out for dinner twice this week (unusual), had lunch with a friend I met online but hadn't seen in two years, ran a busy restaurant for two days (also something I haven't done in two years!) and had my first ever life coaching session. Wow, I had a busy week!

  24. Happy Birthday! I hope you cut is getting better. This past week I worked as usual even though I felt rotten after having a bug. I went to my craft class on Monday and crochet class on Wednesday - these are classes that I run in our town. And I crocheted a poppy for Remembrance Sunday.

  25. I too sliced my thumb this past week, but on a broken piece of my favorite glass bowl =( Since there has been official damage to me, my dear hubby finally made me throw it out.. This week we went to see a musical, Sister Act, and it was ok. I was more excited about an actual night out with my hubby than the theatre itself. I also made a gigantic pot of homemade chicken & dumplings. It is finally getting chilly here in texas and it is wonderful. So glad that you had a wonderful birthday - check out my blog if you get time, - you were actually my inspiration in starting it!

  26. Hi Kate. Happy birthday, it looks like you had a beautiful day. I have to tell you your family is a real delight. I love the girls plaits and sandals and everything in-between. Really enjoy the Clayscape music and video. Thank you.

    If you're serious about selling yarn, Vivian at Eco Yarns is thinking of selling her online shop. Her medical career is very busy and she doesn't have much time for the shop. I though about it myself, because I too think it would be a fabulous thing to do, but then I reminded myself that I'm supposed to be slowing down.

    Had my first season mango yesterday so you beat me. How's the book going? A few months ago, when I was visiting a lot of book shops, I often used to see it, sometimes besides mine. That always made me smile.

    Hope you're well and happy. xx

  27. Happy belated birthday Kate!

    I made a scrummy fish pie last night,'it's been ages since I made one. Cheesey topped and bubbling, it won't be too long before I made another!
    We sang Christmas songs at singing class tonight, it's too early!!!!
    I'm still the giggly making people laugh member in classes, we never really change do we?

  28. OMG! L贸ve the video, l贸ve the song, l贸ve your style of living, l贸ve it all!!

    Lovely greetz from Holland!

  29. Happy birthday, love. Sorry to hear about the finger (and the waterless-poo-cleaningupering) but I was admiring your hedgehog over on Rav. He is gorgeous.

    Here I was looking after a very big fledgling raven who wanted to eat my slippers and vocalise but thankfully eventually flew away before more of our worm-farm-worms were sacrificed. I sweated out a 38 degree day way too early in the year. We went to an award presentation for our middle child who excelled in a maths exam this year and won a prize. I had too many late nights and skipped my 6:30 am walk too many times :P


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