Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making time


Hello lovely friends. How are things with you? I'm good. Really good. Really busy and really good.

You see along with all the spring craziness in the gardens and orchards and at home, we are also getting ready to hold our first ever clearing sale this weekend. We've been on this farm for almost 15 years and oh my goodness we've collected a lot of stuff. Sheds full of stuff, cupboards full of stuff and a cellar full of stuff.

So this week, along with all the planting and weeding and watering and parenting, we've been pulling out and sorting through our history. It's been fun and emotional and exhausting.

Farmer Bren has a bit more info on his blog if you are interested.

In the meantime I thought I might do a bit of a show and tell about my knitting.


First up we have the green love heart socks.

I knitted these for my Mum.

I don't know about all mums, but I like to think that most mums deserve a pair of socks hand made especially for them. My Mum calls these her magic socks and wears them when the going gets a bit tough. It makes me happy to think that in times when things are a bit hard for her, she can put on her magic socks and know how much she is loved.

Heart toe up sock details here.


I made this little cardigan for our friend Steph's new baby Holly. Like I wrote on instagram - not much makes me clucky for babies these days BUT knitting teeny tiny cardigans, now that's another story entirely.

Holly's card details here.


Then I started contemplating the growing pile of little sock balls leftover after I finished each pair of socks. I couldn't just let them sit there now could I?! I decided it was either knit one pair of socks with all the bits and pieces, or I could start a patchy memory blanket. Each square, or each few squares, a memory of a time and a place a person I knitted the socks for. The blanket won.

This is a looooooooong term project. Each square is knitted with 4ply yarn on 2mm needles which means they are small and slow. But I'm loving the though of it. And if I get sick of it at any stage I can turn it into a cushion.

Scrappy sock blanket details here.


And then I decided I needed some more colour in my sock blanket so I cast on a new pair of socks. You can't see it yet but these ones will have a cute diagonal stripy pattern thing on them.

And that green ball up there on the right was wound with the ball winder and swift my family bought me for my birthday. How ace does it look!! I love it. I just want to wind all the wool into balls now.

And that's me. All knitted and caught up.

So how about you? What have you been making in your spare, or stolen, time? Care to share?

Loads a love to you friends.
I hope someone you love makes something lovely for you sometime soon.




  1. Sorry...not quite sure what you posted, Kate. I am still drooling over that dress in the first pic...

  2. I stole some time and sat down with a pile of my own hand dyed wool and my spinning wheel. It was so nice to whir away a couple of hours on a project all my own.

  3. I would love to make a left-over sock yarn blanket. Those little nuggets of yarn are like treasure, aren't they? I'd better get knitting though... I'm still only on my first pair of socks! x

  4. Lovely socks and baby sweater. Your Mom's sentiments about the socks is every heartwarming. I think I need to make a sock yarn blanket too. What a great idea,

  5. Love the beautiful heart socks, how pretty and special for your Mum.
    I only have tiny balls of sock yarn feft, as I mostly use the self striping yarn (no decorative pattern) and I knit socks in 2 plain 2 purl rib from the ankle up to fairly long, so they can be worn with boots or turned down double to keep cold ankles toasty warm. The double rib keeps the socks from slumping down and also looks the same on the back if you turn them down. The extra length also helps keep out any cold air from wafting up if you wear jeans or pants.
    The yarn from the ball winder looks great, I ordered one a few weeks ago and can't wait to try it out, I have a digital kitchen scale to divide my balls of sock yarn.....no more "will I run out " panic.
    Sock knitting can be a bit addictive, I am on my 20th pair in 2 years and usually have 2 going at once on dpns, so I can be working on something mindless or interesting shaping.
    Good luck with the clearing sale.

  6. Like your heart socks, and the story you told of your mom.
    I can only hope people cherish what I make for them as much.
    Amazed at you knitting a blanket at 2mm needles, you are awesome:)
    I love my 2,5 mm needles, but knitting smaller projects though..
    I am currently knitting a pair of wristwarmers for my brother, and reknitting an old scarf into a better scarf:)

  7. One day I will knit socks. One day. <3

  8. Gorgeous knitting Kate! I am knitting hearts to decorate our Christmas tree with, also a summer short sleeve cardi. Good luck for the weekend. Hope it all goes well. xxoo

  9. Cute little cardi ... so lovely :)

  10. Absolutely love your heart socks! Have currently put down my knitting needles as I am making a wedding quilt all hand stitched for my son and his soon to be wife's wedding. Such a wonderful way to spend my spare time

  11. So much woolly goodness Kate. Good luck with your clearing sale, they are a major social occasion in our part of the world. People travel from miles around to look at other peoples stuff! x

  12. I dream of being caught up on all my jobs! I love the blanket of left over sock yarns. - such beautiful colours x

  13. Your socks look fantastic. I love that green color Kate. The little girl's cardigan is just adorable. I hope the clearing sale goes well too.

  14. Oh, that skirt! The fabric is fabulous. I have also started a stash buster blanket, I'm knitting dish cloths for Christmas gifts, weaving a baby blanket, a little bit of clothes sewing and lets see- what else… oh yes, spinning some gorgeous fibre. That's enough to keep me going a while :)

  15. I love your scrappy blanket idea. I've started collecting bits of crochet that were trials or mishaps and maybe I'll be able to make them into a blanket when I get enough. Currently I'm working feverishly on making lots of Christmas decorations. I want enough to do the whole tree this year.

  16. It is good to make our Momma's happy - magic socks are great! I just made my Momma a hat - maybe not magic, but she wanted it to cover her too short haircut. http://lifewiththecrew.typepad.com/my-blog/2014/11/a-hat-for-my-momma.html And that sweater is just too cute! Going to check it out and see if I can make it for my toddler.

  17. I really, Really, REALLY need to learn to knit! :)

  18. I am too frightened to make socks in case I get addicted so I just steer clear. I think those green socks are gorgeous. Jo x

  19. What a lucky mum yours is and a clever lady you are! Hope the clearing sale was a success! x Dre


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