Monday, March 2, 2015

digging spuds






Today we ate porridge with honey for breakfast.
I did a Pilates class and learnt how hard it is for me to balance on one leg with my eyes closed.
My farmer boy surprised me and took me out for an early lunch.
We came home, got the eggs, fed the animals and watered the garden.
Then we took out our map and walked through the orchard and it occurred to me that it is my job, my occupation, to wander through hundreds and hundreds of fruit trees and taste the fruit to decide what's ripe and needs to be picked.
After that we gave the farm gate stall a clean up and a fruit shuffle.
While we were at the stall a dad from school came past for some apples and a chat and then a lovely couple who read my blog and had driven an hour to get to us pulled up. It was so gorgeous to meet them, hear a little bit about them and then just as we were about to leave and drive on up to the house the woman gave me the most lovely letter she'd written on the drive out. She had been planning to leave it at the stall but gave it to me instead. The kindness and love in that letter totally made my day. Thanks Pauline xx
Then I baked this cake - which has had rave reviews.
And I hung some washing on the line.
I picked up the girls from school and from the bus stop.
Jazzy went off to dancing, Bren went to training and me and Pepper left Indi inside with her guitar teacher and we went out to pick apples, tomatoes, potatoes and other odds and ends.
Bren came home and made a spoon, the girls did some homework type stuff and I made soup and garlic flat bread for dinner. Everybody loved it. It's the best when that happens.

The second day of autumn was a lovely day indeed.
And now, after a mad scramble, all the girls are in bed and my farmer boy and I are going to sneak an episode of House of Cards. Shhhhh don't tell the girls we're breaking the no TV/movies during the week rule.

So what did you get up to today?
I hope yours was lovely.

Love Kate xx


  1. Such a lovely post. The potatoes look amazing and I love that its your job to choose the tastiest apple, such fun!
    I had tea with a lovely crafty friend, always good for the heart!

  2. How lovely to get fan mail, and meet them in person too. My day was similar to yours but without the fan letter and the fruit tasting in the orchard part. That sounds fun :)

  3. I have the same problem balancing on one leg with my eyes closed! For me it's linked to my vertigo issue, BPPV, which makes an occasional unwelcome appearance.

  4. Sounds like a great day! I taught yoga and had a great, home-cooked dinner with friends!

  5. Oh sounds just lovely Kate. I wish I could pop by one day, but an 8 hr drive may be just too much... xx

  6. Sometimes it's just the normal stuff that's the best stuff....I've just spent the second day of spring in the garden, in between snow showers. My body aches, I feel good. :) xxx

  7. Such a productive and lovely day! Mine was one of those days when you just want to curl up and read, and let the great world spin without you! But of course that didn't happen and it really wasn't so bad in the end. xx

  8. I won't lie Kate, I miss your daily blogs. I'm also extremely jealous of your abundant potatoes plants! Wow!
    I won't tell you about my day, it was nuts & tiring & mentally exhausting. Tomorrow is a fresh day waiting for me xx

    P.S I sent you a pm on facebook with my address xx

  9. What a lovely blog!! I found you through a Sustainable Living bloggy link up list! I am trying to find some like-minded bloggers to follow / gain inspiration from.. I just started my own little backyard homestead and all this gardening and sustainable living is SO NEW to me!

    My day? I get up, milk the goats, catch up on e-mails and business calls (I work from home doing wedding photography) and then I spend the day doing a combination of housework, photo editing, playing with my daughter and then trying to get my backyard in shape for a spring garden. (I have the seeds starting on the windowsill right now until the greenhouse is finished!)

    Anyhoo, it was lovely reading your post! It would totally make my day if you stopped by blog and said hi.. or better yet, keep in touch!! <3 -

  10. Busy, busy day but all sounds fab xx

  11. Haha! Oh boy.. nope.. won't tell ;o)

    Lovely to get such a spontanious visit! I think that those moments are to few in our world today. We have to get and treasure them more!

    Love from Holland

  12. Gorgeous update Kate...I love hearing from you! x

  13. What a lovely glimpse into a lovely life. How blessed you are!

  14. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I made a pot of soup and accompanied my neighbor to a medical appointment; did a load of laundry for the neighbor and went to bed early. I love your stand and the blessings that you will get from it seem to be appearing already. Love flows where fresh fruit grows !~!

  15. what a lovely busy & productive day

  16. Sounds like a lovely day! I also work mainly at home, and love that I can fit in all the other stuff of life around the work. When my children were young and still at home, that was such a blessing. Now they're grown and left home it still helps - right now I'm visiting the oldest to help him out while he's recovering from an appendectomy at the weekend!

  17. We used to make that cake only without the two layers of apple (cos we were poor and my brother used to eat all the apples before we could make cake!). My sister and me used to see how far we could make one apple go as the topping. It was yummy :-)
    I attacked the laurel hedge (seriously, never plant one of these!), bought three roses to plant in the front yard, discovered our good camera lens needs to be serviced by the manufacturer, discovered our lawn mower won't start after not being used for four or five months and umm stuffed around a lot !

  18. I love how you find the joy in every day and then share your joy with your blog.


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