Monday, June 22, 2015

darning in the ends



The other day I was standing with a gorgeous friend and my dad when my friend asked me if I was organised. My dad laughed and told her that if she was asking me that then she obviously didn't know me very well.

It's true. He's right - I am disorganised.

And that is particularly difficult right now when we are speeding towards a deadline. Hurtling at it so hard and fast that I can practically see my last few hours and days at home disappearing before my eyes.

We're going away at the end of this week. And while our adventure isn't quite as huge as the one I wrote about a year ago in this post, it feels pretty big just the same.

And with only a couple of days to go until blast off, I'm finding myself wandering around in circles. I'm crossing things off my to-do list NOT because I've done them but because I've run out of time to do them. And I'm thinking less and less about the me that I am now and more about the me that I'll be next time I'm here, and what would make that me the happiest. And of course I'm scrubbing everything in sight, wanting the people moving in here to think I am the greatest house keeper that ever there was. (It does bug me that they get to live in a much sparklier house than we ever do).

So basically this post is about darning in the ends. Tying them up and tucking them neatly under a few other stitches out of sight. I feel like my whole life is a bit like that at the moment actually.


So firstly thank you all so very much for your gorgeous comments about my Amanda cardigan. I have worn her every day of the past two weeks and she is everything I hoped for: snuggly, warm and so very comfy. Although I am super excited to be skipping winter this year, I look forward to wearing Amanda upon our return and for many, many winters into the future.

Mama Shara
Julie Maloney

To the lovely ladies above - please message me your postal addresses and I'll get your squishy TONOFWOOL sample out to you SOON!

The love gloves above I made for someone going through a tough time right now. I love that craft allows me to send love in the mail and hopefully bring a smile to someone's face.


Over the past few months I have received SO MANY messages asking me where we bought farmer Bren's spoon carving knives from. If I haven't gotten back to you or if you were wondering too - please have a look at these links Mora knives and Ben & Lois Orford. We bought the Mora knives for our farmer boy and then he developed his knowledge and love by watching loads of youtube clips and found more knife makers himself. Hope that helps.

In about six weeks we'll be at Spoonfest so expect a big chunk of spoon love then.

And the last thing I want to talk about is this video that our family made. Farmer Bren wrote, filmed and directed it; we wrote and illustrated it and Indi sang it.

Our girls go to the most beautiful little Buddhist school in Daylesford, The Dharma School. It is a school that values kindness and compassion, that looks after and cares about each individual, and a school that, along with the usual academic stuff, teaches our kids how to be great human beings. Honestly, I feel like this school is not only changing our girls' lives but ours too.

The words below are from the fund raising brochure and express the school's philosophy better than I can:

Our children are our future. They are the hope of humanity as the challenges that face us around the world continue to escalate. These challenges call for a new kind of humanity and a new kind of leadership - one that is not based on power and will alone. But a humanity that is guided by the enduring qualities of wisdom and compassion. These are the qualities that lead to right action. One-pointed and altruistic, with the highest good as our goal.
Over time we are seeing a new kind of child emerge at the school. One who adopts an attitude of open-heartedness.
Who chooses to act from a clear sense of what is right.Who is learning to master conflict resolution. Who considers their impact on the world around them. Who is guided to seek the highest good for all.
We believe the world needs more children like this, children who will grow into adults with values and qualities than can make a true difference. Loving parents,compassionate leaders, benevolent business operators, caring workers, wise teachers, truthful politicians, true peace makers.
This is why the Daylesford Dharma School is important.

For the past few years the Dharma School has been renting a couple of rooms at a local tennis club, but now our lease has run out and we need to move. We've found a block of land on the outskirts of town and our friend Mel has drawn up beautiful plans for buildings and gardens but first we need to buy the land.

And this is where you guys come in. We've launched a crowd funding campaign and I'd really love it if you could have a look through it, share it through your social media and if at all possible donate too. We can't do this alone and we'd be so grateful for your help.

Please click this link - Our school needs a new home.

Thank you SO MUCH!!

See you later alligators!!

Big love xoxoxox

(Oh and if you have a book suggestion for me I'd love that too).


  1. Good evening Kate. Firstly...Spoonfest....seriously? Incredible stuff. Your school sounds like a very special place, I sometimes wish I had the option of a school like this. Less mainstream and more caring. Good luck with the crowd funding. Gorgeous warmth in your words and photos as always. I am always delighted when you pop up in my feed. Happy travels and adventures xx

  2. Kate, THANK YOU so much re. the TONOFWOOL sample. I have been wanting to give it a go so I'm very excited. Thanks. I've sent my address in a private message on Facebook.

    I look forward to hearing all about your trip. It sounds exciting. Good luck with the school too.

    Take care, much love Julie xo

  3. I hope you have a lovely holiday Kate! I always run around like a headless chook when someone is coming to visit, and I wonder afterwards why I don't do that for myself. Our house is clean but not necessarily tidy, not often used to bug me but then one day I realised that I hadn't ever been to a farmhouse that wasn't chaotic. As I type I'm staring at a large bucket & basket of passionfruits we picked from the vine this afternoon.

    I hope your school gets the support it needs!

    Sarah xo

  4. Oh, I love a wonderfully, rambly, passionate, powerful, full of love post. All your posts are full of love. Just so, I say. Have a lovely, safe, happy holiday.

  5. WOW! Makes it even more impressive that you were able to send mail my way. Thank you so much for making my day with the apple bag and cupcake. Now I will have two reasons to smile when I put it on the tree to remember Briony each year - once for Briony and once for the kindness of bloggers :) Safe travels. Breathe. Enjoy the moment.

  6. THANK YOU KATE for the TONOFWOOL sample prize (TonOfWool just doesn't look right unless it is in all caps).
    I am eager to learn all about the qualities of Ms Gusset's wools.
    I wish your Dharma School all the best for its next stage of development. I wish there were a school with that philosophy in my area. Your girls are so lucky to go to a school with a beautiful ethos and lucky to have parents who know what's good for them in a school.
    Will you miss your Amanda while you are away? Were you getting all of its snuggly goodness all at once to last you the duration of your trip? After all, a cardi like that is just like 'wearing a hug'. (I can't remember where I heard that term but like it a lot because warm cosy woollen cardis are just like that. Apologies for not knowing whom to attribute that expression.)
    What goes around comes around, it is said. So don't fret that someone else will be enjoying your sparkly space - I am sure they will make sure it is just as sparkly upon your return. Have fun where it's warm!
    Again, many thanks for the beautiful blog and the special treat of a TonOfWool sample. Jodie xx

    1. Thank you, Kate, for the TONOFWOOL sample arrived today. I love it! My silly postie likes to squash all of my packages but this extremely flattened aran cormo is so soft and squishy (just delectable) that it has already plumped itself up without any help at all. It is on my lap as I type this, enticing me to "come and play"!

  7. thank you Kate!!! sent you a pm on Facey xx

  8. Woah! You're coming to the UK?? How exciting. I'd LOVE to meet you for a knit-natter-crochet-chatter. And I just want to say, yes, you'll skip your winter but bring your Amanda cardigan with you.......
    MsZeb XXX

  9. On my gosh, just realised you guys are coming to the UK, much excitement! Don't know about avoiding winter, though ;) xxxx only kidding, it's not too bad. Are you coming to the south?

  10. On my gosh, just realised you guys are coming to the UK, much excitement! Don't know about avoiding winter, though ;) xxxx only kidding, it's not too bad. Are you coming to the south?

  11. I am insane before we go on holidays - I suddenly have the need to cram 12 months of housework/ maintenance into two days (the two days before we leave) and I tell myself every time I won't do it next time......
    How on earth did you even know Spoonfest existed?
    I haven't read anything in ages but I read on someone's blog the other day The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C Morais is really good.
    Love the photo of your raised beds and the cubby.
    Can't wait to see your next holiday pics!

  12. OH I wish we had a school like this near us, what a beautiful environment to grow in. I have everything crossed that you reach your goal and make this dream come to life!

  13. Have a fun adventure! I'm looking forward to reading about it when you come back!
    Greetings from Austria,Emma


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