Monday, June 1, 2015

taking stock


OK here we go, new week, new month, new season - let's take stock!

Knowing - that I should go outside and keep planting the garlic.....but it's freeeeeeezing.

Wearing - my tennis skirt after a session on the elliptical trainer we just rented. I feel so much fitter when I wear proper exercise gear as opposed to my pyjamas, I wonder if there's some fact in that.

Needing - to go out and split some kindling to start the kitchen fire.

Questioning - how it was we came to live in one of the coldest places on earth.


Liking - the simplicity of a seven year old's world and wishing she would stay seven for a few more years.

Disliking - the amount of head space I give to the not very kind people.

Opening - the firebox to put more wood in. Often. Always.

Giggling - while listening to Miss Jazzy filling my Mum in on all the gossip.

Feeling - so incredibly grateful to Paula a gorgeous blog reader who sent me a 100% merino wool top in the mail. I love it!! Thanks Paula. xx


Making - teeny-tiny red mittens for my nephew. Small sized hand-knits never fail to make me so clucky. Details here.

Cooking - brussel sprouts, that we just picked from the kitchen garden five minutes ago, with garlic and butter and toast. Yum!!

Drinking - strong coffee and peppermint tea and not enough water.


Reading - Pip's Craft For The Soul. I love reading books written by my friends. I love the way I can hear Pip's sweet voice reading the sentences to me and telling me her stories. I remember so clearly reading Pip's word count updates on Facebook as she was writing this book and here it is all gorgeous and interesting and wonderful and published, that's so cool I think!

Marvelling - at how kind and thoughtful some people are, like lovely Mel who sent me a gorgeous package of doilies and pretties to sew with. Thanks Mel. xx

Wanting - my girls to help around the house more. I know, it's so boring but it's driving me crazy.

Looking - at the time and wondering if I should put the beans and rice on for dinner yet.

Playing - Miss Indi's new song. It's so good. I can't wait for you to hear it.


Wondering - if Miss Jazzy would actually wear leg warmers if I made her some.

Wishing - for a bit of sunshine for tomorrow as it's the start of pruning week.

Enjoying - the lovely and kind feedback I've had about this interview.


Waiting - to get our olive oil back from the people who pressed our olives.

Loving - making play lists of all my longtime fave songs on spotify.

Watching - Orphan Black, so, so good!! Are you watching it too? Do you love sestra Helena?


Pondering - my medlars. Should I attempt medlar jelly or should I pass them on?

Considering - painting a mural on our bedroom wall.

Deciding - what I should knit next.

Buying - new work overalls online. I forgot how often winter work wear needs to be washed.

Hoping - that the green manure farmer Bren planted last week germinates and grows like a jungle out there.


Thinking - about how much I love eating my porridge with my farmer Bren spoon each morning.

Smelling - wet poodle.

Following - the year nine dramas and trying not to take them personally.

Noticing - that I sometimes have to use google to understand what my kids are saying these days. For example - ship - did you know that?


Admiring - the autumn leaves. The last on the trees, the carpet on the ground and the piles that we've raked up. Spectacular!

Sorting - out buttons and trying to find six matching ones for my Amanda cardigan.

Getting - fitter and stronger. Hopefully.

Snacking - on almonds and thinly sliced granny smiths.

Closing - the farm stall today until the summer veggie season begins in another six months or more.

Bookmarking - recipes that use chickpeas, I'm obsessed!

Hearing - the beep that tells me the washing machine is finished. Gotta go.

Phew! That was quite epic.
Thanks for the list Pip!

How are you travelling anyway?
Are you reading/making/growing/listening to anything good?

I hope your house mates come home happily and helpfully.

Big love,

Kate xxxx


  1. I love this post, I may be inspired to do something similar! I also love the age of 7, I think it is my favourite age (and also my favourite age to teach!) and I will be sad when my son turns 8!

    1. You totally should do a taking stock post too.
      Pip has a blank one you can copy and paste on her blog.
      Such a fun way to catch up and capture a moment. x

  2. I say make the medlar jelly! I've been pondering whether to ask around the 'Maine to see if anyone has any spare, but I haven't even got to the plums or cherries waiting in the deep freeze to be made into jam. Maybe next year.

    Alas, I cannot gripe about how cold it is here because my partner grew up in Minnesota! (Think of how cold it looked in the film Fargo and you'll have some idea.)

    1. Oh I was just listening to a podcast set in Minnesota so I totally get the cold there. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
      Funny but I always think of the 'Maine as so warm. So much warmer than here anyway. xx

  3. A great list! Thanks for sharing Kate. I also bought Pip's book after your recommendation. I started it today and am enjoying it so far. Teenagers doing jobs around the house.....mmmmm......they're not so keen here either. Our boys use to love being with us all the time and hugs and kisses and all that. They are not so keen anymore and they love doing some things with out us. Can you believe it??? I am reading Pip's book and Michelle's. I am waiting to get some double pointed needles from my mum so I can start the sleeves on my tea leaves cardi. Today I put my spring/summer knitting away and I got my winter knitting out. Remember our knitted patchwork blanket?? I did a bit of it today. I baked a yummy choc cake on the weekend with some ganache as the topping. Yum! I was planning on gardening today, but it was too cold here too. Take care Kate. Happy Winter. xxoo

    1. Happy winter to you too Miss Julie!
      I was just thinking about those squares yesterday and wondering if I should sew them together now and call it a blanket. Looking forward to watching yours grow. x

  4. And I can't wait to hear Indi's new song. I love her voice!!! xo

  5. Lovely post. Seven was my favourite age, I can still remember not wanting to be eight! My Abi (17) loves the boot cuffs I made her so maybe leg warmers would be okay. It really does sound chilly where you live!

    1. Oh boot cuffs are a great idea too.
      I think I'll have a look around Revelry and see what I come up with. xx

  6. I've just picked my medlars - they need to blet (soften) before you make jelly, but I think it's well worth the effort - which is no more than other jellies. They have a fabulous, smoky, unique flavour.

    1. Oh gosh, I'm not sure I like the sound of that. x

  7. I wear leg warmers for ice skating and after my last lesson I had some errands so ended up spending the day in yoga pants and leg warmers - it was so comfy and warm I think I'm going to dedicate one day a week to be yoga pants and leg warmers day! Also, I love Orphan Black and have just finished binge watching it :)

    1. Of course you must have leg warmers if you go to ice skating classes, that's so cool!!!! x

  8. Hi Kate, just carry on being you and leave the not-so-kind people to their own stuff. It's theirs, not yours!
    Loving your blog, thanks for it and all the ideas and thoughts. Deborah xxxx

    1. Funny how I can give my girls that very same advice but I'm still not so great at doing it myself. Thanks so much Deborah xx

  9. What a fun post Kate! Re: wanting, I totally get that. I am drowning in mess made by the kids
    lately & I don't know how to manage it better?! I wasn't aware of the ship thing either...thanks for keeping me updated on these things! Stay warm xx

    1. Ugh that kids not helping thing is driving me a little crazy right now.
      I hope you stay warm too honey. x

  10. I made my girl leg warmers last winter and she loves them. Usually with a sloppy joe and undies. It's a look!!

    1. hahahahaha I love that!!
      Not sure it'd be so great on an 11 year old though. xx

  11. Hi Kate, I adore this post. The serenity and beautiful images take me to another place. I love seeing your girls in warm woolly knits, so even though you may be living in the coldest place on earth (or so it seems) it is perfect for enjoying the layers of hand knits and woolly warmers. I think I love your photo of Miss 7 with the cardi and beanie and playfully coloured layers. I am a wearer of leg warmers. Why don't you make some and see what happens?
    Good luck with the winter planting and pruning. I need to get out into my patch. Somehow I never noticed how my nasturtiums were playing "triffid" while I was busy doing other things and my lettuces need rescuing!
    May your olive oil be delivered by the time you read this. :-)

    1. Thanks lovely. I think I will make her some and hope for the best. xx

  12. Another great post!
    Travelling - just came back from a trip to the seaside towing out trusty caravan.
    Growing - attempting all sorts in the greenhouse, hoping for some success but not holding my breath!

  13. Lovely post.

    Me, I'm making my first pair of socks, inspired by your gorgeous work. Can you recommend a pattern for a competent knitter but beginner sock maker?

    Just of to make rhubarb and Apple crumble...perfect winter fare.

  14. Oh YES to Orphan Black! We binge-watched the first two seasons last year, buying each episode off iTunes, but this year trying to wait until Season 3 is on Netflix so we don't have to pay so much for it. IT'S SO HARD.

  15. I love Orphan Black and Helena but my favorite is Alison. She just cracks me up especially this season.

  16. I love those mittens! So, so cute! I always love reading these lists xx

  17. Ugh. I think technology ate my comments. So yes, I'm way behind blog reading but am totally up with binge-watching Orphan Black on netflix when the kids are in bed. Just up to the part in the second season when I warm to Helena!

  18. Pepper's outfits are always my favorite!


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