Friday, March 22, 2019


Hello honey bunches,

I'm just popping in quickly to let you know that I won't be writing a proper, full length blog today.

Instead first thing this morning, in a minute, I'm going to pick a big bucket of colourful dahlias to be used to decorate a wedding this weekend, and after that we're going to catch the train into Melbourne with the girls for the school strike for climate action.

I don't expect we'll be home until early evening and by the time we've fed the girls and done all of the farm chores it'll be too late.


I wrote those few paragraphs a week ago.

Last Friday morning I woke up early, edited the pictures, uploaded them to the blog, wrote the words, and then ran out of time to publish them. I left the post open on my computer and hoped to tidy it up and finish it when I got home or on Saturday at the latest.

The flowers I picked were beautiful and the march was emotional and inspiring. We really had the most wonderful day. And then on the way home I learned of the Christchurch mosque shootings. The murder of 50 children, teenagers, women and men.

There were no words big enough to blog.

Jacinta Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister, this week refused to speak the perpetrator's name but encouraged the world to speak the names of the 50 victims.

Today in the precious time you usually spend reading my words I'd love it if you read through the names and stories of the victims instead. Our brothers and sisters.

Here in an article in the Guardian.
Here on Khaled Beydoun's instagram.

You can also donate to support the victims here.

Sending so much love out into the world.

Be kind to yourselves and each other.

I'll see you next week with more stories of flowers and fruit and beautiful wooden bowls.

Love, Kate x


  1. Jacinda Ardern has shown the world what a true leader is. Would that others could follow her lead.

  2. from this kiwi - thank you so much and yes Jacinda is our most truly loved politician ever! We had a nationwide 2 minutes silence this afternoon in remembrance of the victims.

  3. xxxxxxxx
    Let us all be inspired by the passion and action of our young people, by strong and sensitive leadership like Jacinda Ardern's, by the dignity and love demonstrated by our Muslim communities even while in crisis and the reaching out and coming together of good people everywhere to prove that there is more good in the world than evil. Hope and love xx

  4. These photographs of your daughter in the flower patch clutching armfuls of beautiful dahlias)?) is breath-taking - thanks for sharing your bounty which I know needs much input from your well-worn hands - I love seeing the hands of a woman who works the soil and those tomatoes look properly tasty. I have this week broken first ground on a very old and overgrown allotment and I can tell you it made me very happy to see overturned clods of soil.

    Your words about the tragedy last week are very touching. It is just so hard to compute in my mind how someone could do this but Jacinda is showing such compassion and calm and firmness that she has blown me away with her example. Alison

    1. I'm so excited for your allotment garden plans. May they grow lush and bountiful. x

  5. Thank you Kate, it's been a terrible week here in NZ. So unbelievable. Love Leanne NZ

  6. Always love seeing your daughters and dahlias. :) A bright point in what is sometimes a dark world. And wish NZ' prime minister was our leader.

  7. Hi Kate
    Best wishes from Germany..and thank you for
    the beautiful pictures from your sweet girl
    and the beautiful flowers and the delicious tomatoes
    We are also very sad about the tragedy in Christchurch.

    many greetings B.Andrea


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