Friday, March 29, 2019

the autumn break

Hello honey bunches,

How's your week been?

From where I'm sitting on the day-bed in my room I can hear Bren stacking a load of fire-wood in the wood-shed. We are expecting a big, wintery, weather change this afternoon or tonight and the list of things to do to prepare for it is endless. Bring in, tie up, take down, gather, cover, pick, pack up, clean, set up...I feel a bit guilty sitting here. 

This morning when I realised it was Friday and I hadn't taken one photo all week I ran around quickly and took a bunch. The light was glarey and they're all a bit overexposed but hopefully they capture the moment and tell the story. I'll go through them quickly and fill in the details for you.

Everywhere you look right now there are baskets and crates and bowls of produce waiting to be eaten and preserved and shared.

Every vase in the house is filled with flowers from the garden.

I grew that heirloom glass gem corn just because it's so pretty. There's a whole lot more to harvest this afternoon, hopefully I get to it.

I've been making dried apple rings using my old recipe from here.

The apple crates are on their last legs, even though we're slowly finishing planting them up for winter, I'm not convinced they'll all see the the season through.

We've grown so many different types of bean this year. Over the next few weeks we plan to pick them, pod them, cook some up in a sauce and preserve them for winter and dry out the rest.

I tried to grow a few different varieties of nasturtiums this season but only this old fave really thrived. And climbed.

It's hard to imagine the garden going back to just green after such a riot of colour. I know I say it all the time but I seriously wish we could live here without winter.

We're currently eating silverbeet in everything we can squeeze it into. (Mum I still can't believe you bought some from the shop the other day!)

We've had an incredible tomatoes season this year. We have eaten heaps and preserved more than enough to last until next season. These purple ones have been fun to grow and eat.

I didn't grow any yellow eating corn this year because I have yet to find a variety that we love. I have however grown that colourful type and a blue popcorn.

These crazy colourful beauties have filled my heart with so much joy, I don't know how I'm going to survive all the grey months to come without them.

The bee frenzy in every flower this morning makes me think that they're feeling the same.

But cold, wintery days do have their pluses. Or so I keep reminding myself.

I got a fresh delivery of fleece from my spinning teacher Rebecca this week which is exciting. It's been months since I've been anywhere near my spinning wheel, I hope I can remember what to do.

And I cast off the Astrid socks in the photo at the top a few days ago and started thinking about casting on the colour-work sweater I've been dreaming of for years, or maybe just a great big shawl to wrap myself up in.

It's 2.30 now and it's blowing a gale outside. In half an hour I've got to drive to pick Jazzy up from school and hopefully I'll make it home before the rain to get some of the jobs done. I'd dearly love to cut some more flowers and to pick through the tomatoes. But if I don't, well I'll just have to close my eyes when I get home and hope for the best.

So what's going on in your life my friends?
What are you planning? Hoping for? Making? Watching? Wondering? Dreaming? Writing?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope you have something lovely to look forward to, I hope you get enough rest and I hope that you get some time to do something sweet just for you.

Sending extra big love out over the seas to our biggest girl who is asleep in her own bed right now after a big week away. We adore you and are in awe of you Miss Indi Apple xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Lots of love,

Kate xx


  1. It's windy here but no rain. Our tomato season has been one of our worst, but quite a good crop of chocolate and paprika capsicums.
    Perhaps you need to take a leaf from Lucy at Attic 24 and design something with dahlia colours to see you through the winter.
    Cheers Pam

    1. Forgot to add, i saw Harry potter and the cursed child this week, very wow.

    2. I love the way Lucy captures memories in her work. I think I should definitely dream up a dahlia project, thanks for that suggestion. And we're hoping to see HP&TCC at some stage too, I love your review. I hope you have such a great weekend Pam. xx

  2. Those socks are glorious. They almost make me want to learn to knit.
    Hope you have a happy weekend

  3. What are those purple tomatoes they look great my son comes over and pick the yellow ones he loves them i liked the orange ones we had last year so both should be back in the garden next year.he was a little better than your mum when he was shopping he bypassed the tomatoes saying i Wii get them from mum,he has given us beetroot and carrot,thanks for your stunning photos elizabeth s

  4. I don't know if you could obtain it there, but Silver Queen corn is prevalent here in the south US and is pretty good. :)

  5. so so so much beauty in your posts~ you have such a wonderful farm of flowers and veg ...ive not seen corn like it loving the socks...its Spring weather here in the u.k and i just love seeing the blue warming skies and the buds of blossom and bees ;)

    1. Love reading your blog on a Friday. Thank you! We have grown a watermelon by mistake and are loving it, hoping that it will ripen despite the cooler days of autumn.

  6. Hello Kate...
    ...from the other side of the world. I have been reading your blog for a few years now and I noticed a slight change in my way of how to deal with the change of seasons. I don't like the winter and cold weather but every year I read about how happy you are when spring is on its way it makes me soo happy even though I know that this means cold and wintery weather for me :)!
    I so enjoy your posts and I think it is about time to say a huge thank you for all your pictures and words and thoughts you share!
    Hope you get everything done and you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

  7. We are to have winter's last hurrah here in Ontario, rain, freezing rain and snow this weekend. But spring is coming and the sun is shining and it's a whole 9C right now so we'll get through it. We still have snow on the ground but it's getting less by the day.

  8. Love the socks, gorgeous, Tin Can Knits (Canadian designers) on Ravelry have some wonderful colour work patterns that are easy to follow and heaps of free patterns for other things.
    Such an abundance of healthy food and beautiful flowers.

  9. What a lovely colourful post. We are just starting to plant some of our veg but the frosts won't be over until the end of April so most of our seedlings are still tucked up snuggly in the greenhouse. I love the socks. I knit a lot of socks but have never been successful with colourwork ones...they have been tight with no elasticity. Any tips for overcoming this problem Kate?

  10. Lovely photos, hope you get all your winter prep finished in time. In the UK the clocks go forward this weekend as we approach summer. Love seeing your sock knitting. Cx

  11. Hi Kate. Here in Stratford-on-Avon the sun has been shining for a few days now, and the dog is lying on the decking basking! Love how our spring is your autumn and vice versa.
    Glorious day in the Cotwolds yesterday with my best-friend-from-school. You may know the Cotswolds and can imagine how beautiful the golden villages looked in the sun! We visited an old 1600's manor (Chastleton) which the National Trust have decided to leave dusty and as it was given to them in the 90's. Rather lovely as you could sit on the chairs, and imagine you lived there! We also sat in the little neighbouring churchyard in the sun eating cake made by the local primary school mums fundraising in the church. It was bliss, and we managed cake for breakfast, lunch and tea, a personal best!! no Dahlias I'm afraid, but daffodils everywhere!

  12. We have had a rainy week in Brisbane and my veggie garden is thriving. I planted some late corn and they are going great so can't wait until they are ready to eat. I have also planted a new tomato plant - in Brisbane we can grow them all year round and I usually only grow cherry tomatoes so I've planted a more full size one so looking forward the those ripening and trying them.

  13. Hola Kate.
    Preciosas las fotos de tu paraiso particular. Los calcetines me encantan, son adorables. Hoy ha amanecido nublado, me haria feliz que lloviera, llevamos unos meses muy secos y la naturaleza necesita agua. De dia hace calor a la noche refresca,en el huerto he plantado patatas , lechugas y acelgas.estoy esperando que las noches sean mas templadas para plantar tomates. Ya han brotado las zinnias, y he plantado dalias inspirada por tus fotos.

    Traducido por Google:
    Hello Kate.
    Beautiful photos of your particular paradise. The socks I love, they are adorable. Today it has dawned cloudy, it would make me happy that it rained, we have been dry for a few months and nature needs water. During the day it is hot at night refreshes, in the garden I have planted potatoes, lettuce and chard. I am waiting for the nights to be more temperate to plant tomatoes. The zinnias have already sprung up, and I have planted dahlias inspired by your photos.

  14. Your posts are always a feast for the eyes and I love them. We are just starting our growing season in the UK and I'm itching to get things in the ground, although it's a little too early for that yet. Filling the greenhouse with seedlings. The flower with the bee in it is absolutely stunning.

  15. Dear Kate,
    I hope you beat the weather. The sun is gently shining here after a drizzly Sunday. The garden certainly needs a good soaking rain but alas, it is going to be sunny and 32 degrees by the end of this week. Hurry up Autumn!
    In answer to your questions:
    Planning - Senior year formal and milestone birthdays
    Hoping for quick recovery from overwork and a quiet week to come
    Making a crocheted hat and amigurumi dolls
    Watching the weather - the garden needs more rain
    Wondering whether my garden plants will survive my neglect
    Dreaming of a more reliable car
    Writing notes on paper and blog posts in my head
    Falling asleep from too much reading!
    Sweet dreams!

  16. I LOVE Winter! It resets everything, kills bugs and diseases and provides lovely cosy family times. I've learned to appreciate Summer which I struggle through. So I have to say, I hope your wish doesn't come true! Every season brings its own rewards! :)

  17. Hi Kate,
    i have read your post last Friday with a yummy cup of coffee
    But to comment i have to wait for a day with enough time and
    a free time on the laptop:)))...because i and my husband share only one
    I must translate my thoughts in english..need time:)))
    Thank you again for this beautiful pictures...a explosion of colours...and
    the beautiful socks.
    We have now nearly the same weather...storms...wind.. rain and sometimes
    snow..and sometimes the sun is shining ...but this is our April weather in Germany...not so nice...But
    knitting with warm wool is very enjoyable on this uncomfortable days.
    Your beautiful fleece looks very cosy ...the best for cold dasy
    Making :i am knitting two cardigans for colder Spring days
    and a thin pullover...for warm and sunny days with cotton wool
    writing: i am writing lists...letters..ideas and
    i have a lot of ideas:)))....knitting instructions...former also little
    stories...everywhere notes..on table drawers.;))...i love it.
    And now i wish you...your family and Indi all the best
    .... from Germany A.

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