Friday, April 12, 2019

toast and tea

I've dead-headed the dahlias.

I've picked a little bunch for my bed-side.

And a bigger bunch for the kitchen.

Farmer Bren has cut a hole in the roof of the shed and plumbed in an old wood-heater.

He's making tea and toast on it as we speak.

And putting the finishing touches on a beautiful new wooden bowl.

While Miss Pepper sands and oils the letters she cut out on the scroll saw.

And I'm absolutely busting to get the pottery wheel my friend Petrus leant me out of the car and to give it a spin.

I hope you'll forgive my quick post today but as you can see I've got toast to eat and bowls to spin (hopefully).

How about you my friends, what are you up to this fine Friday?
Are you ticking off jobs or are you taking it easy?
What are you cooking, picking, making and thinking about?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

See you next Friday.

Love, Kate x


  1. Hola Kate. Que fotografias mas bonitas!!! Si vivierais mas cerca os compraría un bol de madera , son preciosos!!!! Amo la madera. Bren lo trabaja muy bien y las letras de Pepper también me gustan mucho. Un torno... que divertido!!! Esta semana termine de tejer una chaqueta la he tejido junto a una amiga bloguer, ella vive al sur de España y yo al norte, es la tercera vez que tejemos algo "juntas a la distancia" es divertido, lo he podido estrenar ya que esta haciendo dias frescos.
    Hasta el próximo viernes, feliz y creativa semana!

    Traducido por Google

    Hello Kate. What beautiful pictures! If you lived closer I would buy you a wooden bowl, they are precious! I love wood. Bren works very well and the lyrics of Pepper I like them a lot. A winch ... what fun! This week I finished weaving a jacket I wove it with a friend blogger, she lives in southern Spain and I in the north, it's the third time we knit something "together at a distance" it's fun, I've been able to release it since it's making fresh days
    Until next Friday, happy and creative week!

    1. Oh Karmen, I love the thought of knitting together at a distance, what fun. I haven't knitted anything for such a long time until this morning. We had a long car ride to pick up one of my daughters in Melbourne and bring her home so I grabbed some needles and wool and knitted half a beanie. I think I might be hooked again. xx

  2. That bowl, those flowers by your bed, the tea and toast these all bring me joy to see. But pepper..when did she get so grown up? I'd love to hang out in Brens shed, I bet it smells divine, reminds me of my dad's shed when he retired and took up wood turning.
    Have a glorious week yourself, may you find yourself in moments of joy.
    Cheers Kate

  3. My weekend has started and I'm going to diner with old school friends from 35 years ago.And I hope to enjoy a bit of sunny spring weather in my garden!

    1. Oh I bet that dinner was memorable. I have a school reunion coming up at the end of this year and I still can't decide if I should go. I do like the idea of the dinner though. x

  4. Lots of kilometres this week but finally home. I should be starting to plan lots of cooking for family get togethers as 3 of the children have their birthdays this week, but my oven element has blown 🙁. I am having to think of a plan B

  5. It's Friday here in Argentina and I have no idea what we'll do on weekend. But I need to tell you I ADORE dalias ;)!!!!I hope to spend some time in my little garden and on Sunday maybe a movie with family.
    I wish you a happy week!!

    1. Thank you Ilvia, I hope you've had such a lovely week. xx

  6. Those flowers!! I have always loved dahlias but now I know they are my absolute favourite. I have attempted to grow them here but but I think it is just too hot and wet. Bren's bowl is beautiful and like Simplelife I am amazed at how much Pepper has grown up!
    I've made soap for the first time ever today which I am very excited about and I didn't burn myself or burn the house down. I have plans to make banana bread to try and use up the ton of frozen bananas from our last harvest. We are just moving into our growing season in SE Queensland and my tomatoes and lettuces seem to have doubled in size in the last week with all the wonderful rain which I am very happy about and I have just thrown some radish seeds in and hope I remember where I've put them. Loved seeing your sisters garden on Gardening Australia - what an amazing family of farmers you are! Have a great weekend!

    1. Congratulations on the soap making, way easier than it sounds...if you are careful. I made a huge batch of banana and sultana muffins, great to freeze and yummm.

  7. Hi! What a wonderful blog post with such beautiful photos! While I was out with my bike an hour ago, I saw a wonderful fox crossing (`Foxs Lane`), isn´t that interesting? It´s nothing you see much often here where I live in germany.
    So, thanks for your beautiful friday posts! Have a good time!

  8. I want to dive into that first image! It is divine. I'm supposed to be writing an essay but instead I'm drinking coffee and researching knitting patterns. Even though I've got an unfinished pair of socks on the needles. Outside the sky is booming with light and it's too energising for finicky academic work!

  9. It's been a while since I've commented Kate, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and words with us. I love seeing the gorgeous flowers you grow and the lovely things Bren makes. I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!
    Sarah x

    PS There's not much nicer than a hot cup of tea and piece of toast!

  10. Wow! That bowl...stunning! And what I would give to have a shed with a wood heater, that I could make toast and tea on! Living my life through your images today, LOL

  11. Thats the way to do it ! Tea and toast, exactly what we did when we first fired up our old wood stove on the farm, many moons ago.
    Thanks for the beautiful floral pics, the clours are awesome.

  12. Those dahlias are so beautiful, but I love the bunch of flowers for your kitchen, too. The bowls Bren makes are another thing that make me wish I lived closer to you and could buy. I wonder what word Pepper is making with the letter she cut, but maybe she wouldn't like to share this.
    And yay, a pottery wheel! I played with clay on a pottery wheel on Tuesday (in a shop that offers workshops), first time in my life, and I enjoyed it immensely. I managed to make one small, a bit wobbly sort of shallow bowl and another slightly bigger one I'm actually quite proud of, although we'll see if it doesn't crack when it's fired.

  13. That bowl is breathtaking! What a talented family!!!


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