Friday, April 26, 2019

twenty five

This past week...

I used every spare second I had to throw clay pots on my borrowed wheel. I have a whole post in my head about being a beginner that will hopefully make it onto the blog before too long. It's such an interesting and humbling process. I am completely addicted though and am wondering if I might have to buy my own wheel when the borrowed one has to go back.

Our coffee machine broke!!

A nearest and dearest had a health scare and thank goodness is now clear.

I fought long and hard with one of my kids and then we made up and now our relationship is heavenly. If only it could stay this way.

I went to gym five times! I think that must be my record.

The world got a little less colourful when we lost Cam @curlypops last Tuesday.

We thought we were definitely destined to run out of water in the next few days but this morning farmer Bren went up the hill with a ladder, climbed up and peered in the tank and discovered it is half full after all. YES!!!! Not quite enough for a bath, but possibly enough not to worry.

We rediscovered Roman Mars and the 99% Invisible podcast.

We had our first camp-fire cooked bbq dinner of the season.

We picked armfuls of flowers.

I still haven't labelled the dahlias.

We pulled more of the summer crops out of the garden and replaced them with winter ones.

We went to a few garage sales and bought a cane chair, a punching bag, some paints and brushes, a tin of buttons and a tub of wool.

I crocheted four granny squares just to see if I still could.

We started the countdown until we see Indi.

We discovered that our kitten loves eating cucumbers.

We picked and podded thousands of beans.

My niece stayed with us for a few nights.

Miss Pepper swept up three cratefuls of golden leaves that had fluttered down from the grape vine and landed on the back deck and become a sludgy, slippery mess.

Farmer Bren turned some beautiful wooden bowls.

I spent ages searching instagram for beautiful ceramic shapes.

We started watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and we're absolutely loving it!!

I started knitting a blue beanie just for something to do with my hands on a big driving day last Friday.

We're still picking and eating tomatoes and cucumbers and strawberries.

I finished reading Flames by Robbie Arnott which I absolutely loved and last night I started by Nathan Englander (my mum called it 'a romp' when she handed it over - I'm actually not quite sure what that means - but I'm intrigued).

That's all I can think of off the top of my head but I might include some more if I think of some.

How about you?
Quickly tell me a couple of things that you've been up to.
If you feel like it.
I'd love to know.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

See you in a week.

Love, Kate x


  1. Kate - that first image just stoped me in my tracks - I love that rustic and elemental scene. Right up my street. It sounds as if you have had a mixed week and that it was rich in all ways.

    Thanks for sharing these glorious photographs which make me feel good just looking at them. I am a new allotment tenant and I am loving going with mother nature and running to keep is good on the earth. I am sweating every day and falling to bed tired with dirt under my nails and a pageant of floral ideas in my head. I am adding fragrant flowers whereever I can - Alison

  2. I've had a week off work to catch up for precious family times and put most of my garden to bed. I've had my first autumn bonfires, hung out with my ducks and visited a stony beach to fossick for gemstones in the setting sun. I'm breathing in as much sunshine as I can while it's still got some warmth in it and wondering if I'll get the blues this winter. Back to work tomorrow (and it's going to rain so that's perfect!)

  3. I ran out and made a mud map of my dahlias this afternoon when I realised the wind felt like it had snow in it! Hopefully it will be enough, but of not there's always next year! I also picked everything I could in case tonight spells the end - it's properly cold today. So the house is full of happy bucketloads! I'm madly knitting as i realised I'm very low on winter woollies, and it feels good to do it again. Most boring jumper ever but nearly done. Saw an old school friend and her Dad yesterday; haven't seen him for nearly 30 years we worked out, but as a kid I spent many lovely holidays at his house in the northern beaches of Sydney so it was really nice to reconnect! Stay warm xxxx

  4. Hello Kate, it's 8 in the morning and this past week we celebrate my husband's birthday. My younger daugther is in Mar del Plata , she practise gymnastic since she was 7 ( now is 14) and she has her first competition of 2019. And Laura, 17, is plenty of stuff: music, friends and swimming, her favorite things. I intend to do some sewing nd crochet cowl. Wish you and family a happy and slow weekend.
    Ps: I love campfire!!

  5. We have had some beautiful spring weather here, so I have been out in the garden spreading mulch and putting out some of the early spring veggies. It's always an exciting time to see what comes back after the winter. And the Lilacs began blooming this week, so all of the work in the garden was done while being able to breath in the beautiful scent of Lilacs! Oh, and a few walks to stretch my legs. It's been a great week!

  6. your photos and the realness, sigh.
    cheers Kate

  7. With 8 extra guests over Easter, my week can be summed up in one word, Laundry!

  8. Hi Kate
    This week mt youngest filled the house with his friends. They're 16 yr old boys but their voices were so deep these days I kept getting a shock thinking some man had wandered in unannounced!
    We had a few gloriously sunny days over Easter in the Yorkshire Dales, probably the most beautiful place on earth (in sunshine!)
    Oldest son drank a whole bottle of Pernod last night and can't remember why half his bedroom is in the sitting room this morning...hmmm. Or why the sofa is broken...
    The dog was given a sock full of old squeakers from dead toys and is now the happiest, and noisiest dog EVER!
    Uploaded all the photos off my camera (2 years worth) Gonna make a photo book tomorrow!
    xxx Kate in the UK

  9. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and family. I am sad at the news of Cam's passing.
    This week, I have started planning my church's sausage sizzle for Election Day. Cut out mug rug square. Finished off an embroidery project. Finished reading Marie Kondo's book, The magic of tidying. Took my daughter to see the Avenger - End Game. Gave thanks the men and women who have defended our country. Made my favourite smoke salmon and smoked trout dip, which is a summer favourite and I fear it could be the last time, until the weather warms up again.
    Wishing you a lovely week!

  10. Cant start our bonfire till next week amazad that your restrictions are already off they were not even sure they would lift ours yet saw my grandchildren back off to queensland bought a new car my first car,started sknitting again after an injury and went to a spinning day at wangarrata spinners and weavers wool day.and enjoyed a lovely day of spinning and manured the garden Elizabeth s

  11. Hi Kate
    You have a wonderful family...great pictures!!!
    and you have had a very interesting week...i love to read your lines!!!

    I am very sad you lost a good friend.:(

    My week :....Gardening...i covered my garden with hay and grass cut
    so that it dries less and less must be poured.
    Yesterday in Germany holiday was the day of work...its always on the May
    On this day the families make excursions on foot or with the bicycle...or they are
    having a barbecue together...always a nice day.

    Today we have scrap of one house remodeling taken away...and now i am
    sitting comfortably in front of my computer and write these lines.

    best wishes from Germany
    B.Andrea R.

  12. The book your mom gave to you.... A romp she said... That certainly sounds like a great reading suggestion to me!!!!!

    Look at that gorgeous fire! We live where you can't do such, sadly. Although, a lot of people wouldn't know how to manage it, safely... But your photos are simply great!!!!! Lucky you!

    Gentle hugs...

  13. Hi Kate

    I've found you at My Rose Vally. It has been a bit quiet on my blog. I'm glad to read that this happens not only to me. Your blog name had me. Fox lane. I have a collection of foxes. Then I saw the photograph with the bonfire.

    All the best to you and your family. Regula

  14. I know this was months ago but you mentioned thrown pottery shapes. Someone whose work I greatly admire is Holly Polich of Roswell Georgia USA. very classic shapes https://www (dot) maybe also search Gordon Motta of Hilo Hawaii--Sunrise Pottery

    enjoy reading your blog! best wishes from coastal California--Sue


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