Saturday, July 2, 2011

Side tracked...

Its funny, usually all I want to do in my life is sew but now that I have to sew I don't want to.

I've spent so much time in the caravan over the past few weeks making, deciding, choosing and fixing that now I can't even see the bigger picture any more.

I really have no idea if the curtains I've made so far are a bit too much or if they work.

Before we had kids my farmer boy and I travelled up and down the East coast of Australia looking for land to buy. We drove a cute white combi and before we left I made some blue fluffy curtains with appliqued colourful flowers.

While I was making them they seemed like a great idea, but a few months down the track it was like blue fluff?? really??

This time I want to make curtains for the caravan that will go the distance, that I'll still like in the months to come. Curtains that wont hurt my eyes and make me wish I had brought my sewing machine along to make more.

So what does a sewing obsessed girl do when she needs space from her sewing? She sews something else of course. A dress!

Forget the deadline and the the fact that my house is messier than ever before, forget the fact that I have to sew so we can get outta here, ignore the fact that I found myself hiding the fact that I was sewing a dress when ever anyone walked in and sew one anyway.

Miss Pepper definitely does not need anther mama made dress at the moment but I had to sew one anyway. Some thrifted knit fabric, an already cut out pattern and I was off.

And would you believe, it did the trick.

I sewed the dress, we left the chaos of home and went to a birthday party and then when we got home I saw things for what they are and changed the project completely.

The new curtain plan is plainer and quicker and feels so much more doable. Yay!

It didn't hurt that Farmer Bren had cleaned and vacuumed and I could see the floor for the first time in ages too. #myhero

And this is the little beanie I knitted for the baby birthday boy. Raveled here.

He had the kids in hysterics taking pulling it off every time his mama put it on him.

So that's me. I've kind of calmed down now I have a new plan but I can't promise I'll definitely stick to it.

What should you be doing right now?

Have fun out there. x


  1. oh - I loved your marimekko curtains! I hope you can salvage that fabric. Very sweet dress - you're lucky your girls wear your lovely creations. I can never tell what Doots will/won't wear anymore!

  2. yay for a plan and being almost ready!! doesn't it always seem more chaotic as getting away gets closer and closer?!
    love the dress and beanie.
    am getting very jealous at the thought of leaving winter behind xx

  3. So adorable!
    Are you sure that you can't stuff the sewing machine in somewhere?

  4. Stepping away from the problem for a little while and directing my creative energy elsewhere always seems to work for me ... glad it did for you too and that you have a new plan. Love the little beanie, what a beautiful blue. Happy travelling :)

  5. You caught me! Why is it that you always seem to know what questions to ask Miss Kate?
    I should be sewing for Craft Hatch that is happening next weekend at the City Library. Eeek. But have been fixing all the chaos that has been happening since the spam took over my life,

  6. Before you know it Kate you will be out the door and on your way and you will forget all about the curtains! You made a very cute dress for Pepper, and I love the beanie.

  7. I think we all need to take a breather and do something different when we're in the middle of mass freak-out-ery ;) Love that your Farmer Boy did the vacuuming for you... wow! And Miss Pepper's new dress is just lovely :) Kx

  8. Sorry we missed you today! Wasn't it a lovely celebration? Such a lovely boy, and I bet he looks the ants pants in his new blue hat. See you later, alligator, in a while crocodile..x

  9. Its JUST a matter of getting this time out of the way, so that you can get going!!! The last days of sorting everything out, remembering a gazillion things to do as well as taking care of normal life must be very stressfull.

    Sounds like you have a very supportive man there which is so great!
    Hugs to you guys,xxJ.

  10. you can't force creativity, some times you just need to focus on something else for a while.
    and that comes straight from the mouth of Kaffe Fassett.

    i still like the Marimekko curtains tho


  11. I should be sleeping!!! That dress is so cute, and I can so relate to the deadlines, but having a creative moment can just bring calm to one's mind! Good on you for listening to that!

    Sending Love Kate

    Rach xx

  12. I love that cute little dress and little miss is ever so cute in it,,Was it a pattern you made up?

  13. Who would want curtains when you can have a GORGEOUS dress instead?! Not me anyway! Cx

  14. I spent today washing and then salvaging washing off the line and studying..... I should have studied this evening but we popped around for a quick coffee with friends and after coffee, pizza, chatting etc I am now home some 5 hours later with no thought of doing more study....there is always tomorrow!! TK xx....but I do feel refreshed and ready to re-focus tomorrow!!

  15. I am going to miss your sewing antics once you hit the road ...hopefully you will continue to share some of your adventures while away. Hope this next week goes really smoothly.

  16. Woo love the beanie , great colour !

  17. That is a gorgeous dress, much better plan! Emma.

  18. Yes sometimes when things are getting a bit overwhelming we need to step back from it.Looks like it did the trick.
    Another caravan journey question though... have you had to organise home schooling too?

  19. Nice to read an honest post which is very similar to my day. The dress looks adorable and was well worth getting side tracked for.

  20. Wow! Check you out! Super Kate! And your knitting! Wow! Aren't you the greatest? I'm so impressed but then I always have been.

    M* xxxooo


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