Monday, July 4, 2011

top ten...

My top ten reasons that go to prove that I am losing it.

1) This morning I sat in my car outside the post office and sobbed. Who does that?? I had just opened a package from Jennie with her Kate dolly complete with vintage sheet bunting and she was so perfectly me it was overwhelming. Thank you so, so much Jennie, I love her.

2) Deciding that if it came down to space, I would leave behind my favourite boots if it meant I could bring Kate dolly along on the caravan adventure.

3) Spending hours crocheting trims to tie back the curtains in the caravan. Yes, I know a few meters of ribbon would do the same job, but crochet lacy trim is so much prettier. Oh my goodness, I just saw the mistake...eeeek, does it make me even crazier if I undo it and start again?

4) Being asked by a daughter why farmer Bren and I have to make and do everything for ourselves and why we don't pay other people to do things like lay the floor or make the curtains. Until then it had never occurred to me.

5) Turning up to a birthday party at the finish time rather than the start time.

6) Getting a phone call from the girls' school telling me I was three quarters of an hour
late to pick up the girls from school on the last day of term. How was I to know they finished
an hour early?

7) Finding myself speaking to inanimate objects aloud. Thank you ruffling foot for saving me so much time today. I know you are so tired and need a service Ms Nina Bernina but it wont be long now and you are doing the most wonderful job. Please, please Mr Bobbin, just last one more seam and I'll love you forever...

8) Being waaay more worried about running out of cream coloured sewing cotton than toilet paper.

9) Finding myself sewing cozies for the computers out of our childhood sleeping bags.

10) Spending hours sewing gifted hexagons (thanks Mel!) onto the back of blankets to line the curtains. I know this one must be mad because my farmer boy keeps telling me so.

So there you have it, one crazy crafter. Let's just hope I can last another week until lift off...

See ya. x


  1. Hmmm, you know what I think... I think you need a holiday!!!!!!!

    You should try to start to slow down now, otherwise if you suddenly 'stop' on holiday you will fall sick & you don't want to spend the first week on your holi with a cold!

  2. Oh dear, so many points just ring true for fellow crafty mothers!! My children ask the same, why we don't have "help" or as one puts it "staff" - clearly they are confused with the Hollywood alternative. They get handmade & the financial part of being a full time stay at home mummy.
    Your holiday planning might be creating more work right now, but the adventure will be well worth the effort & a well deserved break. Why on earth would school end an hour early?? I'd also need someone to tell me that to my face. We have 'snow day' on Friday (we're still at school for this week) which to me just means more washing before the school holidays even start. Good luck, love Posie

  3. Such an adorable mini-me, I would have cried too :-) Hang in there its almost done xx

  4. I think you are a wonderful crazy crafter and there should be more like you and if you come up to qld Bundie way you must let me know.

  5. I really like your hexagon curtains. The doll is beautiful, I would cry too.

  6. The doll is beautiful. Absolutely nothing wrong with a good cry. And who ends school an hour early. Seriously!

  7. I love your caravan sooo much! What a wonderful holiday you will have in it :)

  8. Don't stress, we're all a little nuts at times. I'm completely OCD about sewing dresses, but I'm a stay at home mum - NUTS!

  9. The 'latey Katie' doll is fab, absolutely worth a sob or two. I'm off tomorrow on my own adventure trip (house hunting in a foreign country), so won't be around for your 'off'. Just to wish you all a wonderful trip.
    Jak x

  10. hey kate, i think you have your priorities well sorted, those curtains look gorgeous(not crazy at all), and crochet lace looks far more beautiful than ribbon, and the you doll looks just like you, of course she has to come along on the big adventure. I have left my son waiting at school on the last day before too, you can't remember everything all the time! Talking to the sewing machine is a tad crazy though! haha.... Have a great trip, looking forward to your adventure posts! Julie :)

  11. She looks so at home sat there Kate!

    (no.8 had me nodding and cracking up!)XXX

  12. Oh hello those curtains look a darn sight better with their hexies than just grey (and thats coming from someone who loves grey). And the Kate doll is too cool!

  13. Make that dolly some gumboots and you will have a doppleganger. She is gorgeous.

    I hate the "early pick up at end of school term" and worry that I will forget too.

    Take a few deep breaths, girl. The end is in sight.

  14. i would definitely cry if I received a gorgeous doll like that! Jennie is absolutely a m a z i n g!!

    we also make & do what we can & because the kids are still little they never question it..pheww.

    don't forget that toilet paper!

  15. Love the Kate doll and those crochet trims are so much better than just bought ribbon.

  16. I recently sold one of my two sewing machines and kept apologising to it as I packed it up to ship it ... so you're not the only one who talks to your tools!

    Gorgeous doll ... who wouldn't have a little sob. Sounds to me like you're tired though, but hang on in there, this is the home straight :)

  17. The gorgeous dolly looks like she has already settled in...I think you might have to ditch the boots :oP

  18. We can all wave when we see the hexy caravan coming down our street!
    Remember the deep breathing till you leave.

  19. If that makes you crazy, then I guess we all are.
    Embrace the crazy I say. It comes with creativity, uniqueness and often ... sparkles!!

  20. I didnt sob but I shed a teeny tear when I opened my package from Leonie way back when you hosted that pincushion swap, so I know its perfectly normal to be moved by someone elses amazing craftwork.

    p.s. I did the exact same thing with the cream cotton versus toilet paper last week!!

  21. That doll is soo you, the crochet trim is perfect and rhose hexie curtains are.the most perfectly sane thing I have ever seen, they are just magical, all the other caravans will be jealous!

  22. I think you are far from crazy. It is reassuringly normal to my mind. Given that you and your loved ones are about to cast off and set sail on a journey, the preparation must be absolutley right. You all have to live together in your new home and so the space must work. You sound like a lovely girl, and I for one am excited for you and look forward to reading about your travels.

  23. Kate dolly is so you.
    I would totally cry if that arrived at my house.
    Ahh .... and who needs toilet paper if you have tissues anyway - I mean you do have tissues right?

  24. NO WAY! those hex's were totally worth it..... not to mention I think your gorgeous Kate doll could easily be smuggled in amongst the curtains and trims and you could still pack your boots :)

  25. Hon, you're not crazy. You're just really excited! And with good reason :-)

    PS: the word verification is 'noodup' - is this an omen of things to come on the dash between the caravan and the shower block??

  26. Found you via twitter and so very glad I did! I can understand how crazy all that must feel, but I don't think you're losing it for spending all that time crocheting lace and sewing hexagons - you're caravan is going to be spectacular! It will all be worth it in the end.

    Can't wait to see the finished van and follow your caravaning adventures!

    Katie x

  27. Hi are indeed a rabid crafter..but you have made that caravan into a work of art you can be proud's beautiful!

  28. Please find the time to print this post, it speaks about how overwhelmed you are in this moment, one day it will be nice to remember and laugh.
    Bon courage!

  29. But the hexagons look so amazing, oh my. when you come back to the caravan after creeping off to the toilet at the crack of dawn, they are going to make you smile and the stress of now WILL BE WORTH IT because of that smile!!

    I love you Kate, you are awesome. Just saying.

  30. It is probably just a method your brain is taking to streamline the stress of getting ready for your voyage in a positive way! I don't think you're mad at all - in fact - I think you are amazing. Feeling a bit like we may be birds of a feather! If you are passing through The Dandenongs, if you have time for a cuppa - let me know xxxxx

    Love Rach x

    The doll is amazing - definitely has to accompany you!

  31. Kate-doll is so beautiful - no wonder she had you in tears.

    I agree with the others - you need a holiday. Don't fret too much about things being perfect - you just need to have enough stuff in the van to keep you warm and dry and fed and curtains to keep it dark at night so you can sleep the perfect sleep that comes with camping and caravaning and extended holidays.

    And you're not loosing it - you just care!

  32. how beautiful is your caravan!!!! id be drooling if i saw that drive by....and lucky you get to adventure in it. we are all losing it...but i like your kind of losing it.

  33. Hugs - you will be on the road soon and enjoying yourself and extra family time.
    What is it with daughter who want to pay for things to be done:)
    Love the doll and the curtains - don't pull out the lace (take a crochet hook and fix it on the road:)

  34. I don't think your crafting level is crazy Kate - if craft is in your blood it's not a choice to do it, it's a need! I'm so often guilty of thinking "can I make it?" when I need something too.
    Love your Kate dolly by the way. Why should the little girls have all the fun ;-)

  35. Time for a holiday in a cosy, crafted caravan I think! Cx

  36. FAR OUT that doll is uncanny. So awesome. Marvellous crocheted trim, too. xxx

  37. Jennie's dolls are amazing! This one is especially fantastic!
    Well, it all looks great in the camper caravan, and I would have to say that I am experienced in this particular brand of insanity. Nothing to do for it but let it roll!

  38. I loved reading this post Kate, so much to relate to! Your doll is just beautiful, I love the detail jennie uses to make her dolls so personal, it's very special. Enjoy your last week, just imagine what is to come, I'm just so excited for you all...

  39. I would totes cry too at such an amazing doll- but you soo deserve it.
    Loving your beautiufl crochet tie backs, and I think one day your girls will love that you made everything and not just paid for someone else to do it.
    And is it any surprise to you that i too talk all the time to inanimate objects all the time? xo

  40. Your kate dolly is gorgeous and very you. My goodness, where do you get all the time to do everything you do, with kids etc. Are you on full speed mode??? You certainly deserve to be off travelling around, although you will probably have a hook or knitting needle in hand. I cry like that too :)
    x Sandi

  41. Dearest Kate

    You are almost there. Your caravan is so fantastic and you will bring so much joy to onlooking fellow travellers.

    Lower your shouldres, big deep sigh. It is going to be so good.


  42. oh man, this cracked me up. love the crazy crafting :)

  43. I like Kate 's doll and those crochet trims, It is so beautiful and very attractive thing is its pin-up hair. So cute.

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