Monday, September 12, 2011

The other half..

Last night we slept in our caravan beds for the first time in a week. Today we are back sharing a bathroom and outdoor space and living our lives in public in the caravan park again.

A week ago Farmer Bren's parents flew up to Broome for a visit and we moved across the road to a resort to spend time with them. We parked Frankie Blue in the resort car park and enjoyed a holiday from our holiday.

On the very first day there I looked around at the other guests and wondered what we looked like in our mismatched bathers and straggly hair. I wondered if it was obvious we were from across the road and I sort of waited for someone to tap me on the shoulder and politely ask me to leave.

It took one really long, hard scrubbing, loads of teeny weeny bottles of soap and shampoo using, shower to realise that my suntanned feet had actually only been incredibly dirty.

And it took a comb and lots of conditioner and a few loads of washing for our kidlets to look just like all the others.

We spent the most wonderful week enjoying Bren's parents. We ate gorgeous food, drank fancy drinks, swam, shopped, explored the landscaped grounds, played scrabble, walked on the beach, rode camels, chatted, and relaxed by the pool and in our air conditioned rooms.

We had a ball!

Thank you so much for the most wonderful week R and J. xx

When we arrived back at the caravan park yesterday I wondered the very same thoughts but backwards as I'd had at the resort one week before. Did we look different, a bit resortish, with our shiny hair and the girls in their brand new sun dresses?

For a few hours I felt a bit unsettled. Like I couldn't remember what we were doing and where I belonged. I thought perhaps we should have driven south to a new town or at least moved into a different caravan park than before.

But it didn't take long for the girls to find friends in the playground, for old caravan neighbours to pop in to ask about our week and for us to remember our camping rhythms.

We had a fabulous week and it's great to be back.

Frankie Blue - we heart you!!

We think we'll stay in Broome for a couple more days so we can see the Staircase to the Moon on Wednesday night and then we might pack up and head south to discover a new beach. We'll see.

Happy travels...


  1. It sounds like a wonderful week. And it would be great to finish a holiday but not have that 'holiday is over' feeling, yours just continues..lucky ducks!

  2. I'm loving reading about your trip and seeing your gorgeous girls transformed into sundappled versions of themselves!!! What a great experience for you all...Broome is my favourite so far!

  3. I throughly enjoy reading your posts! Cable beach & Broome I have especially enjoyed - we spent a couple of weeks there 2 years ago & love it, your photo's & words have bought back wonderful memories.

    What a wonderful experience for your family ... I'll keep travelling with you via posts.


  4. Wow... it's a full moon tonight, isn't it? That will be so amazing - take lots of photos? :) What a great idea to have a mini holiday within your holiday. Change makes us appreciate all kinds of things, doesn't it? Kx

  5. A holiday from your holiday - love it.

  6. Loving the holiday within a holiday idea ... on such a long break you'll need changes of pace just like you do at home :D

  7. Oh that must have been a lovely change for you all! But also nice to go back to Frankie Blue! Hugs to you all.xx

  8. Vic expressed my sentiments exactly :)
    A holiday from your holiday...priceless :)

  9. YAY!! So happy you had an awesome and gorgeous time with R and J! You know I was thinking of you and wondering how you were going there.
    so nice to be able to experience both and love both xo
    PS how many bits of yarn do you reckon left there?

  10. Aw - what a lovely treat! Can't wait to see which beach you rock up to next.

  11. Hi Kate,
    Ihave only just discovered your blog in the last few days and can I say you are such an inspiration and I would love to achieve alot of things you are doing with your family and the wonderful memories you are creating for your girls. I will continue to follow you on your amazng journey and keep being inspired by you to be the most amazing mum to my nearly 1yr old girl. Thanks Kate - you have given me new direction :)

  12. A holiday upon a holiday..lovely layers of holidaying! What is a cake without icing? Love your girl pics this time..the purple towelled one and the little red frilly skirted one especially!

  13. I hope you enjoyed the moon last night it was certainly lovely here. xx

  14. wow doesn't your big girl look like her Nana, her Dad too!

    Hey a little poshness doesn't hurt anyone but the true importance is long as the indulgence doesn't become a regular pretence. Keep travelling well and keep safe, glad we can all be with you xx

  15. Hi Kate,
    I am new to your blog but just love to log on and see what you have been up to. We have always wanted to do a trip like that. Do the children do any formal school? Is the food awful in those small places. Can you find organic food? You are an inspiration. I would have trouble getting over the logistics of it all. I feel relaxed just looking at your suntanned faces.

  16. Oh, you lucky ducks! We missed the staircase by days (and didn't have the flexibility to change plans). I will be planning my next trip around the dates. In the meantime, I look forward to your photos.

  17. Staircase to the Moon.....oh yeh, that you do have to experience. What a lovely week with Bren's mum and dad...nice resort too.
    x Sandi

  18. oh goodness that pool looks so invited!

  19. good on you guys, looks like a lovely break. how good does it feel to climb into clean sheets scrubbed free of all that beautiful road dirt?

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