Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy's skipping dress.

This is dress number three in my Everything But The Thread range.

This dress is heading up to Northern New South Wales to live with a gorgeous princess and for lots and lots of skipping and dancing and spinning.

Its made from op shopped pink and blue denim, four vintage sheets, op shopped binding and zipper and a heart doily crocheted by me.

It is a bit small on my Jazzy so hopefully it fits the little princess perfectly.

The problem now is getting it off my Jazzy and into the post. She loves it. She says its the most perfect twirly, spinney dress she's ever worn.

While we were away at the beach we celebrated a belated Mothers' Day. The girls had packed me an outfit to wear for the festivities that included my green dance party tutu. Let me tell you I had lots of fun twirling and spinning and dancing that morning. I totally get the little girl fascination with the skipping dress.

Have fun and maybe a bit of dancing and twirling out there. X


  1. Kate, oh I am disappointed! How could you not share a photo of you in your green dance party tutu.
    Twirling and spinning in a tutu is not for the young only, but also the young at heart.
    Hope you had a lovely belated Mothers' Day sounds like it would've been a lot of fun.
    Cute dress No. 3, love the heart motif, I'm sure there will be plenty, of spinning, twirling, whirling and dancing going on in Northern NSW very soon.

  2. Gorgeous dress, love the colours. Our 8 year old has always done a twirl test on any of the skirts or dresses I have made her. They need to twirl when she is dancing she tells me.
    Kylie C

  3. So pretty and fun! Especially with those awesome pink rain boots. Love that look :)

  4. It's gorgeous! I love that your girls packed you a tutu for twirling while you were away, too sweet!

  5. It's totally gorgeous Kate, and perfect for skipping and twirling.
    Very happy to hear there's also been some green tutu dancing, twirling on your part going on. Always a must for any festivities. xo

  6. Yep, gorgeous, and the gumboots are a must :-)

  7. Who doesn't love to twirl!!!!
    This one's a stunner!!!
    Andi :-)

  8. I want to see you in the tutu spinning and twirling! This dress is ACE Kate! Am loving the fabrics that you are finding and using.

  9. Kate - how can you get your girls to part with your lovely dresses after modelling them !
    Gorgeous as usual - I can't imaginge your stash of op finds :)

  10. Gorgeous! Love the pink gumboots too!

  11. Oh I wish it were twirly wirlery weather. I'd frock up and be out spinning about in a shot.
    Instead it's trackies, couch and hot chocolate weather. I'll just twirl in my head.
    Ab x
    Ps. I'd really, really like to see you in the green tutu frock! PLEASE!!!

  12. We both love it!!! I just showed Busy and she said "I want a dress like that one and I can wear it with tights and gumboots!"
    thanks so much- I will be stalking the postman til it arrives!! xxx mwah mwah mwah!!

  13. Oh, Kate. I love the clothes that you are creating. They are stunning.

  14. It is just gorgeous Kate! I'm sure it will be a favourite :) Kx

  15. Love love love it...And what a great mental picture of you twirling away...I agree though how dare you not take a pic :P

  16. That is so funny... I got all confused where I was when I read the post titled with Busy's name in it. It took a while for the penny to drop that your were making the dress for Cath's daughter.
    It is one fine dress too might I add. Lovely... she is going to be well chuffed with all that pink :)

  17. i love the waistband. skipping dancing and spinning sound great.

  18. I'd feel like twirling in that lovely dress but then I'd probably fall down !

  19. Glad you had a happy belated mutter's day. There should be more green tutus worn by the seaside.
    Love the twirly whirly dress.... That style of dress can only make a childhood more sunny.

  20. is that raggedy ann and andy print I spy

    Gorgeous dress - one lucky girl

  21. Busy is a lucky girl!! Just beautiful Kate. xx

  22. I remember as a child we loved to have a 'full' skirt, with lots of fabric- perfect for spinning!!

  23. Love, LOVE this dress. What a fabulous job you did on it. And the rubber boots MAKE the outfit!

  24. Love the combination of fabrics.
    I think i love all the clothes you are making. They are so full of life and the colors make me happy.
    Have a nice weekend !

  25. =) I adore your dresses!!! Beautiful <3

  26. absolutely gorgeous Kate!
    good to hear you had an amazing time away, a much deserved break for you all.
    loving the dress, absolutely gorgeous!! I think I need to send you a request for one for Amelie, she would definitely be twirling ALL day long.
    hope you are all set for school tomorrow & hope you & miss Pep get some alone time together.
    hugs to you sweet one

  27. I loooooove that dress - just gorgeous!!


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