Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A lucky giveaway.

Last night I finished my first top down, seamless cardi. I cast off, darned in the ends and sewed on a button and it was done. I am a bit addicted to these fuss free circular knitting projects now.

Thanks heaps Rachel for the wonderful pattern, I loved knitting it and will definitely be knitting it again before too long. And thanks to the YouTube woman who taught me how to knit in the front and the back of a stitch.

Oh and what looks like gathering in the front is really the rosettes underneath on the dress she lives in at the moment and yes, that's her breakfast down the front of it.

For those interested in the details, it is raveled here.

Now on to the giveaway.

Yesterday I got locked in an op shop!

We were on our way home from Melbourne when we stopped in Bacchus Marsh for some supplies and I made a quick dash into the oppy.

I did the quick sweep of the linens, the craft supplies and the books and then headed to the counter with my sheets. There was no one there.

I waited for a bit. I called out. I knocked on the staff room door and then peeked inside but no one came.

By this time I thought Bren would probably be getting impatient in the car, so I popped the sheets on the counter and went to the door to leave but it was locked.

Hmmmm what's a girl to do when locked in an op shop but to have another look around. So I did.

Then after a while I got a bit concerned that maybe everyone had left for the night and I was really and truly locked in. So I went to the door to check out the closing time and saw that it wasn't for another three quarters of an hour. OK, maybe she had just gone to the toilet or for a coffee or something.

So I flicked through some magazines and then I saw the shop keeper walking towards the shop and I must say I was mighty relieved.

She apologised and said she had checked every row before leaving for the bank but lucky for me she had forgotten her bank book and returned straight away. She also said she thought it wasn't exactly a bad place to be locked in.

I paid up and left thinking about how lucky I was that it wasn't a public toilet, or a dark car park or our wheat container and how lucky I was to have found these gorgeous sheets.

So I want to share my luck with you and have a little giveaway.

What: a fat quarter from each of the sheets I was lucky enough to find yesterday.
How: tell me what you are making for dinner tonight if its vegetarian. If its not please tell me a vegetarian dinner suggestion.
When: A quick game is a great game. I'll draw a winner randomly on Thursday.
Who: You! I'll post anywhere.

Have fun out there. X


  1. I'll be making some Palak Paneer... Its an interesting Spinach Dish from India...
    You can find it here :

    I can't believe that I'm the first one to comment....
    The fabrics are beautiful...

  2. I can't believe that you are a beginner knitter Kate! The cardigan is beautiful:)

    I think I would have been a bit worried too getting locked in for the night, but when you found such pretty sheets as your reward then it must have been just luck!

    And a vegetarian dish... this one is a slow cooker dish called Spiced Tomato, Pumpkin and Chickpea Tagine.

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway:)) xo

  3. The cardigan looks wonderful Kate. Bacchus Marsh is quite a cute little town. Paul has quite a few relatives that live there which reminds me I should pay them all a visit very soon. Lucky the lady returned to the op shop, I would have been a bit worried about being locked in there too! At least you found some wonderful sheets. I cant think of a wonderful vegetarian recipe as I have a hard enough time trying to get Isabelle and sometimes Paul to eat vegies, although I do love a good stir fry with bok choy, onions, mushrooms, noodles and some hoisin sauce!

  4. Oh my golly goodness, I would have been a little bit concerned that I'd have to spend the night, but being an oppy there are plenty of ways to keep warm and entertained, although food would be a problem. Speaking of food a tofu curry laksa is always a good hearty standby. You scored by the way with the sheets. Awesome knitting again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well done! Tonight being Tuesday we're having pizza, which is my 3 cups of flour and a bottle of beer dough, topped with tomato cheese spring onion mushroom olives and anything else I dig out of the fridge.
    I'm a very basic knitter, but the speed and fantastic result you've been getting with those cardies is inspiring!

  6. I LOVE the cardi. Beautiful.
    Wow, hehe, locked in an op-shop. Hmm, I reckon I'd like that quite a bit! ;)
    Well, on Friday, I'm going to try a Barley Risotto with chorizo and mushroom. I think you could easily leave the chorizo out to make it vegetarian.
    Lovely giveaway, Thank you!

  7. That top looks great and its versatility with whatever the day's outfit will come in very handy! I like it when Hana has fun picking out a fantastic outfit and chooses something that I made as part of the ensemble. :)

    The op shop story is like a bizarre dream... a good one!

    Dinner tonight was pesto on pasta from homegrown basil, corn on the cob, and pickles.

  8. jut think about how much damage you could do to the wallet if locked in an oppy overnight.....my vegie favs include zucchini kedgeree or my fantastic Aunty Peg's vegie lasagne - a hit with the whole family!!!! Both are super yummy & super filling on these cool winter nights!!

  9. Lucky it was a good op shop , very dull if it wasn't ! I'm vego , the family aren't but tonight we are having veg bolognase with spinach fetticine , cooking it right now .

  10. oh! you and your sheets of vintage print awesomeness! I think I would have started screaming had it been me locked in...anywhere!

    Salt and pepper tofu is on the menu tonight; recipe here,


    Its totally delish, but pretty full on, so I temper it with a crisp veggie stirfry -lots of crisp greens.

  11. Well at least you would have had a pretty night's sleep with those sheets. How funny to get locked in! What a hoot.

    You won't want what we're having, but what about baked beans, mash and eggs? It's easy which leaves you more time for knitting.

    Are you actually going to bed these days? You seem to be popping these very lovely garments out like you've been knitting for years.

  12. I have to admit I was laughing to myself at your recount of being locked in the op shop. Dream or nightmare- there's a blurry line. Great sheets!
    Fantabulous knitting! I am stunned at your skill level for a beginner. I am on my 10th square patch for a plain looking blanket.
    Dinner tonight - I'm plating up red curry sweet potato soup (out of latest Donna Hay - I made a huge batch for the freezer last week), followed by homemade pesto through pasta, with a mushroom and spinach frittata on the side. Good stomach filling winter food.

  13. How funny! Sounds like a great place to be locked in, but a bit worrying eventually like you say!

    The only vege thing i can think of right now is spinach & ricotta lasagne.x

  14. Hmmm - vintage sheets will always bring me out of lurking...oh to be locked in an op shop...perfect excuse to keep the hubby waiting a bit longer whilst I have a good look around!

    Love the cardi - too sweet!

    First vegi dish that came to mind was pumpkin, leek and goats cheese quiche with salad - but it is probably more suited to our current Darwin weather than cold Victoria...so maybe a hearty bowl of minestrone or pumpkin soup with crusty bread and butter?

  15. The knit number is ace!

    Getting locked in an op shop, but only for a bit...terrific!

    Lovely sheets, seems you have a knack for finding the best!

    If you are an egg eating vegetarian, omelettes are always a nice option. Otherwise a good veggie chili whips up pretty quick.
    I do a lentil rice affair that uses things I always have in the pantry but, it takes a long time to bake. Most easy if you ever want the recipe.

  16. I am not entering but just wanted to say how much I like the cardi!

  17. I too am amazed at your knitting - can you post a few pics of your mistakes to make the rest of us feel better? :-)

    Our favourite vego dinner is pumpkin and lentil soup with home-made no-knead bread.

    What great local op-shops you have - I have never seen any fabric, knitting supplies or even interesting sheets in ours.

  18. Gorgeous cardi as usual Kate! Im a sucker for vintage sheets so I would be cooking a yummy dahl to warm the cockles of your heart! with pappadums or chapatis of course!

  19. I love those sheets!

    Tonight I'm making potato tacos!

    Boil some potatoes, when soft, mash them up and add season salt. Grab some corn tortillas, stuff them with potato, fold in half and fry up till crisp on both sides! When finished fill in taco with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and hot sauce! Serve with pinto beans and spanish rice (just add veggie stock, tomato sauce, and salt and pepper into your white rice cooker!)

  20. Hysterical!!
    Was it you that got locked in at Jodie's wedding or was that Tania?

    Those sheets are quite a find!

    We had a great vege dinner last night ... a spring minestrone from one of the Moosewood cookbooks.

    Recipe is here:

    I added some steamed salmon on top of mine but you could leave that out!!
    Andi x

  21. Hi Kate...we are having butter chicken tonight, but last night we had bean tacos...they are quick and healthy and always a treat in our home...good luck with your decision...you can use taco shells or soft tacos...we sometimes mix it up. :)

  22. Excellent story and lovely giveaway! I'm making spicy tomato pasta with roasted roma's, sundried tomatoes, chilli, pine nuts and a dash of cream at the end!

  23. oh they are so pretty! and i couldn't help but giggle at the story. would you ever have thought that you'd get locked in a store! ha ha.

    well we made one of our favorites this week. potato tacos.

    The filling is:
    potatoes, red bell peppers, celery & corn. season w/ salt & a squeeze of lime. Cook on the stove top until potatoes are soft.

    Then they go in tortillas. I like to top them with sliced green onions, diced avocado & chopped cilantro. Then we top them with a cilantro lime dressing. yum so good!

    anyway, not sure why i didn't just link to the recipe....found it here: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/easy-weeknight-dinner-potato-tacos-tacos-de-papa-104274

  24. I think I would have freaked out in the oppy as well. Your linen was a great find. I just started a blog about vego cooking http://adventuresin3056.wordpress.com

  25. its been hot here. we've been doing a lot of pasta salads with veggies, quinoa with veggies, etc..

    its far too hot to do much more than boil water.

  26. That't too funny! Not a bad place to be locked in, I agree. Lucky it wasn't for too long though!

    Hmmm, dinner tonight? I think we are having veggie soup and crusty bread.

  27. I had reaccurring nightmares as a child where I dreamed that I was locked in shops after closing because I couldn't make up my mind what do buy.... I wonder if I should look into that a little deeper....

    Re. the vegetarian meal. I do a weekly blogpost on easy dinner ideas and todays is vegetarian!


  28. my vegetarian dinner will probably be a bowlful of the raw veges I steam to go with my husbands dinner plus chopped tomato and avocado with a splash of Braggs (like soy sauce) and sesame oil and a little reheated macaroni mixed through, just the same as last nights dinner.

  29. Millet burgers. My sister got me on to these. On a double boiler you boil the millet on the bottom, while in the top steamer chuck in your veggies (broccoli, carrot, kumar - whatever ya fancy). When all nice and tender mash it all up together (with some cumin, turmeric and cayenne for the adults) add a couple of eggs. Form patties, cover in breadcrumbs and fry in some ev olive oil. yum yum.

    I got locked into the Natural History Museum in Dublin with my dad when I was 5 years old. Still have dreams about it!

  30. Hmmm, being locked in any shop is bordering a little too close to childhood nightmares for me!

    We're not having vegetarian for dinner tonight, but here's a recipe for a Moroccan style vege stew that was really yummy:


    What are you having for dinner tonight?!

  31. Well, we're having feta, broccoli, almonds and lemon juice salad with beetroot dip and bread rolls BUT I posted a yummy vegetarian casserole pie recipe today here if you'd rather: http://ecomilf.blogspot.com/2010/07/meat-less-pie.html

    xx Yay! Fingers crossed. xo m.

  32. What a gorgeous colour!
    Well done on those beautiful garments you have made for your children...
    okay for dinner?
    Well we aren't vegetarians in our house...although we do love dahl.
    And polenta with a mushroom ragout (the recipe is on my blog), is a bit of a favourite.

  33. I love a good simple tomato pasta sauce, Delia Smith has a great one. Basically lots of fresh peeled tomatoes slow cooked down with some basil and garlic and a chopped onion served with parmesan and pepper and salt. Yum :-)

  34. You are really knitting fast - and incredibly well. Good for you.

    I'm no sewer so I won't enter your giveaway, but this baked quinoa dish is one of my favourite vegetarian recipes so I wanted to share it with you:


    Another recent favourite - and unbelievably simple - is this chickpea and spinach dish.


  35. I can't believe you've finished that cardi already!! it looks gorgeous.

    How often do you get locked in an op shop? how funnies that.

    Our fav veggo dinner is Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni. Let me know if you want the recipe.

  36. oh yes lock me in an oppie any day! I am roasting pumpkin and sweet potato to make soup with. Roast away and caramalise onions and then add stock and everything and a few spices and fun with the blitz stick and yummo. Seasonal necessity around here - how are we to keep up with the pumpkins - the mice are nibbling in the store and it is so much better to spend your time keeping up with the pumpkins than keep up with the jones! lovely cardi!

  37. What a classic!

    Here is an absolute fave recipe of mine for when it needs to be all about veggies!


    If you make it let me know what you think.

    Cherry x

  38. We are having this - it is on the stove as I type helping to warm up the house.


    Locked in - what a bonus - at least you did not have to fight anyone else for the sheets.

  39. Great story!!
    I am afraid I am so ingnorant I dont know whether vegetarians can eat eggs?! as I was going to suggest a yummy vegetable impossible quiche, but maybe instead a cous cous roasted vegetable salad. I LOVE cous cous!!

  40. i would happily love to be locked in an op shop..as long as it was big enough to amuse me for a while that is!
    love the top.
    not sure what tonights dinner will be as chef boy is still at work & we kinda decide last minute on what to make.
    Last night we had stir fry noodles with chinese veg, baby corn, tofu, red pepper.
    hope you are having a great week sweet Kate.

  41. Those sheets are wonderful - exactly the kind of thing I head into our local op-shops to look for! Sadly where we live (Kings Cross, Sydney) most of the local op-shops are pretty well picked over, though you can sometimes find yourself a real gem!

    Tonight for dinner I'm making a spicy black bean stew, with brown rice, diced avocado, and a nice green salad on the side. I'm using the pressure cooker to cook the beans - they're still raw right now. I do love the pressure cooker for last minute meals.
    Can't wait to see what you end up making with your lovely finds!

  42. Firstly the cardi is gorgeous Kate- you girls are so lucky.
    I think an oppy is the best shop ever to be locked in, but I'm so glad you got out too.
    I'm having like a vegetarian form of pho tonight with rice noodles and tofu I think, if not I may have just some pasta with butter cheese and leeks. ( not toast aren't you proud? :) xo

  43. I love the cardi, seems like you are mastering knitting =))

    I can't imagine being stuck somewhere, the demons in my head would go crazy =D

    As for dinner, since I am at my last days of pregnancy I am still getting little cravings =D and we are looking for Avocado for the past two days =), so tonight it is an avocado dinner =D
    First I will add it to a fresh tomato with motzarela cheese salad and the great thing is to have the avocado over quinoa and sprinkled it with toasted almonds.
    If you like avocado you should give it a try =)

    Dinners in Israeli lifestyle are vegetarian for all week long besides Fridays, This is the day when we switch lunch for dinner =)

    Thanks for this chance to win!

  44. YAY!! I am so glad that you have found your circ love!! This cardi is awesome!! well done :)
    My fave go-to vege meals.....
    homemade baked beans on baked potato with fetta
    mushroom and pumpkin risotto....
    stirfry veges
    pasta with pumpkin sauce...
    Salad with baked pumpkin or sweet spud and tahnini dressing...


  45. Hi Kate, amazing what a great place to get locked, perfect for you . tee hee. I'm making a pie with vegies which is not the kind of meal you'd want but ... my friend Megan at
    ecomilf posted a great vegie pie recipe today that would work well for you : )

  46. falafel wraps! they're the best when you've just had one of those days, and as healthy as you want them to be!
    Cardigan is gorgeous Kate!
    Have a lovely day XX

  47. That sounds like heaven to be locked in an op shop and we are having left over roast for dinner

  48. So funny, just as well you werent locked in somewhere boring!! Otherwise you'd be giving away pens with chains on them!
    Love the cardi, I'm nearly inspired to have a go myself. But then i'd have to admit defeat on all those other UFOs....
    We are having meatballs in sweet and sour sauce and fried rice. Omit meat and add Tofu with veggie fried rice?
    Make something hot on this cold evening!!

  49. Oh dear, getting locked in any old shop would be scary but an op shop?! :) I love that cardigan! But down to business, veggie dinners? I'm not vegetarian BUT I love 100% veg meals. One of my quick veg dinners is spinach quiche. Love it with a nice fennel salad.

  50. Oh my goodness...locked in the shop, I would have freaked, thank goodness it wasn't for long! :-)

    I love that cardi, will have to check out that pattern, I wonder if they do adult sizes?? It is adorable and you are so quick!!

    Does chocolate count as vegetarian??? good luck with the giveaway but don't add my name, let some other lucky blogger win as I have so many to do projects I daren't add anymore :-)

  51. Your knitting looks great. Lovely vintage sheets and so nice of you to share. Tonight we are having vegetarian risotto with corn, pumpkin, grated zucchini and grated parmesan on top.

  52. Hot doge with veygetarian sausages, grain bread and homemade tomatoe sauce. How scary. So good that you had the presence of mind to do a few more rounds before phoning your hubby to break down the window!! Cherrie

  53. So glad you escaped the op shop!

    last night we had our standby "emergency dinner" - 1 jar tomato passata, 1 grated carrot, and some frozen peas cooked for a while while cooking some pasta, then all mixed together with some ricotta and parmesan added at the end...

    thanks for a fun giveaway!

  54. i can't believe you've only been knitting for a few weeks!
    you're like an old pro ha ha!!

    cheese and vegemite toasted sandwiches for dinner tonight, before inception :D
    popcorn for dessert ha ha!

  55. I love you sheets!
    My boyfriend is vegetarian, so all our dinners are meat free!
    Tonight we had burritos:
    We use wholemeal tortillas, fresh salad veggies and cheese, but instead of meant I cook onions, a can of five bean mix (drained and rinsed) in a fry-pan with a little water and McCormick's middle eastern spice mix (it isn't spicy so suitable for kids and it is less salty than burrito mix).
    A very quick and easy dinner.

  56. Your cardi is gorgeous! A failsafe meal in our house is spinach and ricotta canneloni/lasagne...depending on what pasta we have. Yummo!! Thanks for such a lovely gievaway :)

  57. Wow that is one gorgeous cardi! You are such a fast knitter! I would love to be locked in an op shop, especially in Bacchus Marsh. Which oppy was it - the hospital one at the back of the carpark? I love that oppy. I was thinking of heading over that way tomorrow but I think you have beaten me to all the gorgeous sheets. Our vege meal is vege soup. Easy for the kids to eat, yummy and healthy. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  58. i made a big pot of broccoli soup with some sourdough bread. love your op shop story...you have such a great energy about you.

  59. We love fettucine with zucchini and garlic.
    At least you would have been able to put together a little sleeping nest in the Oppy if locked in there overnight.
    Beautiful knitting! You are so clever and fast!!

  60. Hi Kate - tonight i cooked a quick-o meal (we're busy bees tonight) of some shop bought pumpkin, caramelized onion and chicken ravioli (YUM!) with a bollognaise (spelling? meh) sauce of mush, cap, onions + garlic.

    I'm envious of your knitting abilities and adore those sheets.

    x Tracey (thift.nest.sew)

  61. What a lovely giveaway!

    We had delicious shitake mushroom and barley soup tonight. So good!


  62. We always have an abundance of silverbeet in our vegie patch so I often make spinach and fetta pie with shortcrust pastry...yum!

    Gorgeous sheets! funny story!

  63. Love the cardie & the idea of being locked in an op shop for a wee while (especially kid-free!)

    It's definitely soup, soup, soup here at the moment!

  64. wow Kate it would of been quite scarey to think you were in there for the night, but what fun as well, wou could of had tons of stuff ready to pay for the next morn!! We eat vego most nights and tonight was spuds in their jackets with homemade coleslaw, and cheese and sour cream and side salad yummo - hubby made this and I could have it every night

  65. I made chilli con carne - you could make that vegetarian, but it was all I could manage after the three lots of swimming lessons. The cardi turned out just great Kate!

  66. Love the cardigan (and wish that I could knit htat fast. Dinner for us is Pumpkin soup with parmesan croutons ( a Jamie Oliver recipe).

  67. What a funny story! Lucky you, there are worse places to be trapped!
    Tonight we are having baked sweet potatoes with a filling of feta cheese and chilli, odd combo but really delicious.

  68. I'm not too sure what an Op shop is but I'm guessing its like We would call a charity shop in the UK.
    And I know charity shops are great for vintage treasures.
    Tonight for dinner I am making stuffed marrow.
    I'll slice the huge marrow in half lengthways and scrape the very middle out and replace it with spicy cous cous...brush the whole thing with olive oil, wrap in foil and bake for about 50 mins.
    I'm going to serve it with a spinach,tomato and feta salad.
    Em xxx

  69. Locked in an op shop ... what bliss! I long to be locked in an op shop! LOL PS I'm loving the sound of that palak paneer for dinner. Definitely one of my favourite meals, followed by potato and chickpea, or potato and green pea. Totally yummy. PS Great giveaway. I love the sheets.

  70. Locked in an oppy? Definition of bliss surely! Your knitting is simply amazing. Hmmm. I am a butcher's daughter so not much a vegetarian but if I was making a vegetarian dish, I'd knock up a dahl or a rissotto. Yum!

  71. what a great place to be locked in if you had all the time you want!

    One of my favorite vegetarian dish is;

    you can fine a lot of vegetarian recipes here;

  72. Wow - what an adventure being locked in an oppy :) That is pretty cool.
    Mmm... for dinner tonight we had vegetarian chilli beans, yesterday we had vegetarian butter bean korma curry and the night before that we had vegetarian tortilla thingies.... and that is as far back as my vegetarian mind will go and I forgot to look what day you posted this so I'm not sure what night you wanted to know about ?!?!?
    I'll probably post the tortilla recipe soon... it was very very yummy and a great family meal - create your own + eat with your fingers - can it get better than that when there are little people at the table???

  73. We're having French Beans,Cheese and Onion Bake and Sausages - OK so you could have veggie sausages and the cheesy thing is soooo yummy!!
    It's just a layer of sliced onions then a layer of thinly sliced potatoes topped with loads of grated cheese!!!


  74. we'll put some haloumi and fresh corn on the cob on the grill since it's in the middle of the summer here
    beautiful fabrics and i really like the cardi!

  75. what beautiful linens you got! sounds like such an adventure.

    tonight i'm making teriyaki vegetable sandwiches on homemade bread. i'll be grilling onions and peppers (and maybe some squash), cooking them with teriyaki sauce, and piling them on the bread with some tomatoes and cheese. mmm...

    the bread recipe is here if you're interested: http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/?p=1616

  76. We're having veggie lasagna for dinner tonight.. yummmm. What a great story about being locked in the thrift store. I'd be in heaven!

  77. I love your blog!

    We are having black beans and rice with tomatoes and banana peppers from our garden, sour cream, and salsa on top. Our side dish is collard greens from our garden.

  78. I can't believe the speed you work at, I'm floored. Gorgeous as always.

    Carrot and coriander soup with homemade bread. (using our first homegrown peculiar shaped carrots and own coriander - yum) x

  79. What a great cardi. I have almost finished my first top down too and I am taking forever, lol. I love anything soup related, esp. rice noodle soup and it rocks with brocoli and prawns and some chilli. I wish I could get locked in an Op Shop.

  80. Crazy, I am working on something very similar to that for Sophie. And now that I see yours finished I can't wait to finish up the last few inches of mine. It's beautiful!!!!

    Oh and Chickpea cutlets are great :)...

  81. I just had to grab that pattern so sweet, I havnt knitted in forever should be interesting! Check out http://mrsbettierocker.blogspot if you havent already shes a vego and post great recipes for both her and her meat eating family.

  82. yummy casserole...
    4 cups cooked brown rice
    1 can black beans drained
    2 small cans diced green chiles
    1 cup sour cream
    1/2 cup cheddar

    Mix together-top with some cheddar and bake at 350 for 30 minutes-yum!

    I wasn't sure if dairy was vegan.

  83. I have been eyeing that cardi off for a while to make as a charity item, thought some little girl would love it and give me a quick fix. But circulars!!!! not for me and I have been knitting for years.
    After seeing yours I really do have to try it and put my fears and difficulties aside

  84. We had a medley of leftovers tonight for dinner. I had portabello/goat cheese pizzas, kiddo had mac & cheese + fruit, I have no idea what the hubs ate. :)

  85. We had a bit of a casual dinner tonight. Grace had a cheese quesadilla (home-made flour tortillas and cheddar cheeses melted). David had home made sour dough bread with said cheese in sandwich form. I had two slices of cheese. we all had on the side- green beans fresh from the garden followed by frozen grapes.

  86. As it turns out we are having homemade tomato and orange soup, with a home made bread, made with basil and tomato paste. (oh and all the other bready ingredients of course).

    Thanks for the chance to win. Simone


  87. Oh wow I enjoyed browsing at some new ideas for dinner! :)
    Beautiful cardigan and sooo fast!And you sound like pretty Zen in your lock up storty, I think that would have raise my pulse a bit!
    Our dinner will be GF silverbeet tart (there is a recipe on my blog), but I have some kale and I thought I might mix them in too for a trial?
    Thanks for such a gorgeous giveaway x

  88. i can't eat this at the moment, but my fave vegetarian dish i cook is my vegetarian lasagne. basic (but fancy with pesto and tomato paste and ricotta!) but so yummy and uses up lots of veges when i've got lots instead of them ending up in the bin.

    tara louise

  89. We have 4 vegetarian meals a week - tonight its Channa masala (chickpea curry) and raita from the new Martha Goes Green cookbook. A good vege book for a family of boys who like meat as its not too out there vegetarian if you now what I mean!!!

    Gorgeous sheets; my local oppy doesn't have such beautiful ones!

  90. Kate, you have totally inspired me to take up the sticks again - I am rushing off to buy some circular needles tomorrow - and can I ask, what ply is the yarn you got from Spotlight? I see the pattern calls for ten ply which seems bulky to me, but I'm ever-the-beginner.

    Also, you have reinvigorated my passion for Ravelry!
    Spent way too much time there today doing some vicarious knitting. Thanks for continuing to inspire me (or "ROCK!", as my 7 yr old would say). xx

  91. FUN!!!
    Delicious Vegie cannaloni...ratatoullie cannelloni, cut up zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms and capsi roast then put in the cannelloni...put crushed tomatos in the bottom of dish. combine basil, fetta and ricotta and one egg (lightly beaten)and spoon over cannelloni baje for about 30 minutes and put Parmesan on and serve..delicious!

  92. We had Okinomiyaki - Japanese pancake.
    this recipe serves 1-2.

    2/3 c plain flour
    1 egg
    1/2 c water
    100g cabbage shredded finely
    sliced green onions
    sliced mushrooms
    mayonnaise and BBQ sauce to top

    whisk egg, flour and water, add vegies and fry like a pancake/omelette in a lightly sprayed pan.

    once browned all over, serve with mayo and bbq sauce drizzled on top.

    love your blog by the way - you inspire!

  93. I live that cardigan! I'm really into thius seamless knitting in the round business. Hate sewing the seams up. I can't wait to look it up on Ravelry. It would really suit my 9 year old daughter.
    Thanks :)

  94. My son's favorite is veggie burgers - lots of zucchini, carrots, potato, and anything else lurking in the fridge!

  95. Oh Kate! What a story! So funny and fabulous AND a great ending :) I'm a salad girl... favouring roasted pumpkin at the moment :) Kx

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. OHhhh yikes I love what you've been doinf - beautiful, beautiful ;-) I've got the best recipe that I'll post Monday ... hope you'll be having an amazing Sunday. XO

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