Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indi's wrap.

I don't think I ever showed you the Leonie wrap I crocheted for Indi.

I crocheted it at a farmers' market a few weeks ago and it kept me so warm as it rested on my knees.

It is just perfect for the kid who lives in the coldest part of the universe but gets overheated when she wears too many clothes.

And she actually wears it. The kid who wants to dress like a skatergirl actually wears something that I made. Yay!

I used Cleckheaton's Folklore in colour number 5 and had help from Tania with the kid dimensions.

The butterfly brooch is on loan from Bren's Mum. I bought it for her a few years ago fully intending to make a few more for myself and for pressies but never did.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Bren and Indi have gone to a clearing sale and I am heading to Ballarat to a wool/knitting sale to stock up on some essentials.

Oh and I'm on Ravelry. Finally. I'm still figuring it all out. I have six friends! If you have any handy Ravelry hints, I'd love to hear them. Come and say 'hi', my name is Foxslane.


  1. Oh it looks so good. The colour is wonderful. The brooch is amazing. Delightful. Loving it muchly.
    Have fun shopping!

  2. I love that wrap and the butterfly with it just looks adorable and oh so toasty. Have fun in Ballarat - rug up its freezing out there!

  3. I love the wrap, how beautiful. The brooch is very pretty, even Isabelle loved it after spying it in the photo. I hope you have a great day in Ballarat even though it will probably be freezing cold. Have fun stocking up too. Ravelry is great too, lots of fun ways to find patterns. I will explain a bit more when I see you if you like.

  4. The wrap looks beautiful. And I think you do need to make some of those butterfly brooches, it looks just right.

  5. the wrap is cute. Looks simple enough, my kind of clothing item to make!!

  6. I love the colour and texture of the wrap. Gorgeous.

  7. It looks so gorgeous- love the colour.

    by the way- the skipping dress was a talking point in the streets of Bellingen all morning! xx

  8. You've done a beautiful job Kate. The coloured yarn you used is gorgeous. Enjoy your shopping:) xo

  9. Beautiful1 I want to make one for my daughter too, but this time, mummy first! ;)

  10. Oh yeah! What a snuggly wrap, I want one for each of my girls and one for me. The brooch is oh so cute.

  11. Kate you're so talented, your kids are so lucky ! and stylish. I hate sewing up knits too.

    Good to see the tiger in thermals :)- so practical with all that style.

    did you make the pattern up for Indi's vest ?

  12. WOW So stunning, the colour is gorgeous and the modelling is perfection ;-)

  13. I LOVE it!!! Beautiful colour! I still haven't made it. Waiting for my nice cotton to come over from the UK! Did you follow the pattern the same way for Indie's wrap? Just wondering about the sizing.

  14. Lovely Kate, it looks great on her.

    I just 'friended' you on Ravelry, I'm hannahkate. I don't go on there much these days but it's great for looking up patterns and stuff.

  15. oh Kate Im loving the stuff you are making lately.... feel free to stop by and dress me ;)

  16. It's beautiful Kate, hope you had a ball at the wool sale. xo

  17. It looks great Kate - well done - love the colour and the brooch:)

  18. thank you for sharing the pattern link, i love it so so much. bedazzling! i want one in my size!!

  19. Isn't it lovely to make something and have someone love to wear it :-)

    I just sold 2 of my granny jackets and they have been admired all over town!

    I am on Ravelry as Baamekniits but just starting to go there for other reasons than patterns....see you there :-)

  20. yummy wrap, gorgeous colour - she looks very cool for a skater girl.

  21. Thank you for getting back to me so soon Kate! You are a star!!! xxx

  22. Beautiful wrap lovely colour!!!!

  23. Love the colour. Have fun at the wool sale. I just friended you on Rav - I am ChelleWill :)

  24. Damn it! My heart SINGS when a kid wears Mum-made stuff! (way to go Mum)...

  25. Oh, it's lovely! Would it be too much to ask after the kid measurements? I'd love to give it a try in crochet for my own girl. I understand if you are much too busy but, thought I'd ask.

  26. I love the butterfly! It really adds such a cute touch.

  27. HI Kate, just revisiting this, how much yarn did your version use? I want to make one for my girls (love it) ta

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