Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bloggers beware.

So here's the thing, I think I've been a bit naive about this whole blogging caper. I write on my blog when I have something to say or something to show. I write knowing there are a lot of people around the world who read my blog, but I write for the people in my blogging community, those that leave comments and those whose blogs I read. I try to be as honest as I can, keeping in mind that once I press publish that I am putting my words and pictures out into the world and they will be there forever.

I, like most of you (I assume), am a mother, a wife, I make stuff, I try my best to make a valuable contribution to my community, I try to juggle work and family, I struggle to find my own identity within all of this and I am a blogger.

But then yesterday two things happened that made me question this whole thing.

1) Yesterday I made a throw away comment on my blog about a business my family often frequent. I wrote it not thinking that anyone who had anything to do with this business would ever read it. It was by no means a review.

But then late last night the owner of that business commented on that post.

Beware blog writers, you never know who is reading your blog and who has a google alert out for something you are accidentally reviewing.

2) After I read Brad's comment, I started googling around trying to work out how he had found my blog. I typed in his business name and latest and my blog came up second. The blog that came up first completely threw me. That blog had a different title to mine but contained my post in its entirety, photos and all. What it didn't have was any links to my blog or any explanation that that post was stolen from another blog.

Once I clicked onto that blog I found that it is made up of about four other blogs. Each time the four of us update our blogs, our posts are also added to their blog.

Other than that it looks like a normal blog with giveaways and recipes and all that.

Since I found it last night I have felt a bit sick. I am aware that when I press publish that I lose control of my posts but still I never expected to have my blog identity stolen like this.

Bren thinks its not such a big deal. He says they aren't trying to sell anything, they have no profile or identity except for their blog name and that they are just kind of like a collection of blogs.

I have written a comment asking them to remove my posts. That publishing my posts without asking permission or linking to me is rude and wrong. A few of my blog friends have done the same (thanks). They haven't published our comments or done anything about our request.


What do you think?
Am I overreacting?

Oh and from now on I am going to end my posts with a link to my blog. Something like this;


  1. Your signature with the link is very smart. I think your reaction is like that of many people who find the same things happening to their words and photos and links. That said, I don't know what can be done to stop it from happening; I hope better minds than mine are at work on this problem. My sympathies, Kate.

  2. eeeewwww, why would they do that ? I just don't understand....
    It would weird me out a bit, they can't just "take" your blog posts ...its rude !

  3. Oh Kate, that's awful and I've heard of a few other bloggers having the same thing happen. Smart idea to include the link to your actual blog in your signature and I know many bloggers also put an overlay on their photos to include their blog address (but that's time consuming and we're all busy).

    I suppose in some respects copying is the highest form of flattery - but I'm with you, they could at least have asked first!

  4. Yeah - this is not cool at all Kate. I can totally see why this has upset you. Good solution signing off with a link to your blog, but I hope something more can be done to stop them publishing your posts on their blog. How extremely RUDE!

  5. Arrg! I have been in that position, or at least similar enough to feel a bit sick with you. I do keep getting reminded that "I am out there" with no clue as to where my words and pictures may end up. I too send emails or comments asking for my stuff to be taken off, or at least please ask me and say thank you.

    It has made me question, it has kept me on my guard, I have taken breaks from blogging but, I keep coming back because of the lovely community I miss when I'm away. I am torn between a reasonable paranoia, and a sort of tribe vibe, connection.

    There are good days and bad days in blog town, it's like high school with identity theft and corporate shenanigans.

  6. I think the link at the end is a great idea. I've read several stories of people's blogs being lifted - the worst one was a blogger whose blog covered the death of one of her children and some weirdo was stealing those blog posts to get sympathy for him or herself. Honestly, get some ethics people!

  7. That is just plain weird. Can't quite think what someone would get out of doing that. I understand your feelings. It's just really weird.

  8. I'd be pissed off too. You take time and effort to make these blog posts to share with us, full of your creativity and personality, not someone else's. I remember this happened to six and a half stitches too. She fought back -

    Hope it works out for your Kate. I'd complain to the host hosting the site as well.


    PS. I hope Brad had a sense of humor? :)

  9. arrrgh. things like this make me mad. Karma will come & get them.
    I heard of this happening to someone else and I think the 'stealers' excuse was that it was an rss feed. I wish I could remember who it was. Anyway, I think ending your post with a link to your blog is a good idea & hopefully they will stop. keep up your good work! jess xx

  10. I am so sorry that this happened to you! I found the blog and it is weird. There is usually so much good stuff, try and ignore the bad. I have been in a situation where there was an icky feeling through my blog. I kept the blog at a distance for a while after that. x x

  11. Errk. That sounds weird. Not the bit about Brad contacting you. Only natural that a business owner would search their name to see what was out there ... but for someone else to be appropriating your material. Strange. I don't understand why either. What's in it for anyone to do that?
    I don't think you're over reacting at all. I'm feeling a bit weird about it too now.

  12. Those weirdos out there that prey on us innocents also will gather what information you may dish out about family, etc. and along with photos or facebook details, can sometimes make up a profile of sorts. It's all pretty scary. It is a reminder to us all. Sorry it has happened to you.

  13. OMG the big bad world of copyright. I work for a permaculture publishing company and we struggle with keeping our works off the net to be downloaded by anyone....nasty letters and threats of legal action get you a cyber middle finger.
    Also on my art site Redbubble there have been many instances of (mainly china) ripping our designs and placing them on T-shirts to sell...even a big company (smiggle) was guilty of this. ...and its been happening to aboriginal design for generations.....Its a big bad cyber world and i hope it doesn't put you off blogging, i really enjoy your posts.

  14. I am so shocked that anyone would do that! You are not overreacting at all - I think its great that you have posted about this so that we are all aware.x

  15. I just left some comments telling them to take it down too! I'm a bit angry about this frankly.

  16. Oh no Kate how awful. There was a blogger that I read and I cannot remember who now but she used to have photos and blog posts stolen by a woman in another country who made out like they were her own posts. I dont know how it ended but perhaps it is a bit safer to label your photos with foxslane on them too so no-one can take them or if they do you can be notified if someone happens upon them. There are some real creeps out there but I do my blog for my friends and family, not for them. Just remember, a bit of caution doesnt hurt even though it might change the blog posts a little bit!

  17. What are the chances!! I am truly floored & I really don't understand it. I know I wonder if I'm being a bit too familiar or comfortable with my posts at times, but it's true, your intention really is sharing with friends most of the time, it's a shame there a few bad eggs who ruin it for the rest. Good idea with the sign off link..

  18. As I said earlier this sux. A reminder to all of us that other people are reading our blogs, others that aren't part of this community and will use our ideas, posts etc as their own. We know you aren't a middle aged balding man sitting behind his desk, pretending you are someone else, we know you are lovely Kate, authentic and true and our friend and we hate to see you ripped off. xxxx

  19. That plain old suxs. Good thinking with the link at the end of your post's. I hope that they do take it down its just not right! Wish I could help you more.

  20. I actually feel a little sick along with you Kate. I just did a little googling myself and quickly came across the blog you've just mentioned. I don't really know how you can stop this sort of thing, but I guess this is the whole reason I don't mention my daughters name or post pictures of her at all on my blog. I think we are all a little naive though when it comes to this crafty blogging thing, we just assume that only other like minded people are reading, looks like that is not the case. I think we should all send them an email asking them to remove those posts, at least I will be.


  21. Dear Kate,
    I read somewhere that this could happen to your blog and that there is a way to stop it by changing something in the blog 'setting'. Unfortunaltely I din't keep any record and can not remember more, but I am sure that you can ask Google Help about this.
    All the best, keep posting, I love reading you!

  22. Dear Kate,

    I am shocked and sympathise with you completely. I just don't understand some people. The link back to you is great.

    Don't let it get you down, chin up chicken.


  23. WTF?! Is this ANOTHER one, in addition to the one you've told me about before?! Damn folks, leave Kate alone!

    I have that sick feeling too. I blog because of the sense of community & belonging it gives me in an age where our local communities can be harder to connect to or fit in with, I am careful about what I post with regard to personal details or information, but the fact that there are people out there reading with malicious or selfish intent freaks me the he'll out & damages our bloggy community's brand as a whole, makes people more weary of joining in & sharing, & that, quite frankly, sucks eggs.

    If there is anything we can do other than bombarding this dillweed with comment & emails, make sure to let us know. It's a shit thing to happen to a lovely blogger/lady/friend, & any of us could find ourselves in a similar, irksome situation.
    Big hugs (seriously! But just this once lol),
    Vic xoxo

  24. love the link idea!! Overreacting NO WAY!! Its like they are pretending to be you and not given you credit!

  25. This is like personality by proxy! Can't they just get their own lives rather than live through others!!

    We know the real Kate and will always go direct to the source.

  26. Ugh, that makes me sick Kate. I can't understand why they would even want to do it. It might be goo to bring it up on a Blogger forum or report the other web site.

    I would be really sad if you gave up blogging.

    I like the link idea at the end of your blog post. Maybe us crafty blogger should all start doing that. Its only a tiny protection but it might make them think twice about re-publishing your work.

  27. That is weird! Why on earth would they do that? I understand. Your words are your words. Have you put a disclaimer on your side bar too? xox

  28. i think it is wise to err on the side of caution when disclosing personal details on a blog,or facebook or any web based communication. clever thinking to sign of with your blog address though, not as easy to steal the whole lot. take care out there.

  29. Wow!!! Now that realy makes me sad, how can people do that??? Do they not have a conscience??? I guess one way to look at it though is that they must really love your stuff, you must be a real inspiration to them and without your posts they would probably fail to exist in blogland. I would really hate for that to happen to me, whole blog posts pictures and all STOLEN!!!
    I've found pictures of mine recently posted on other blogs witout my permission so I'm now starting to edit them by adding my blog name, hope this helps... :(

    Jodie xx-xx

  30. Really? Wow. That is c.r.eepy. And weird. Like everyone else, I'm wondering why they would even do it?

    You're so not overreacting... Ick.

  31. gee, thanks for blogging about this, has made me think about something I have never thought about before. Can imagine the sick feeling one would get inside, having such personal stuff taken. Please keep blogging, the blogosphere would be a sadder place without you!

  32. Oh Kate, I'm so sorry. Aside from being plagiarism, that's quite creepy. It goes against the ethos of what blogging is for most of us - vulnerability and sharing in the hope of making a contribution and a connection with others. What on earth does this person hope to gain by doing that?

  33. Yep - what Leonie said. It's completely crap, but thanks for letting us know - good idea about the signature.

  34. It's a bit scary Kate. If I go into google images and type "any of my kids names" is a monkey .. it brings up their pics from my blog. Oh, I've mentioned that business a few times too as my kids love it but never had a comment :)

  35. ewwwww! that gives me the creeps. I am off to do some googling and see if I can find it. hate to give them all these hits on their website but its just too intriguing. Not going to message them though cause then they can stalk me too :-( Hope you dont decide to chuck in the towel again. maybe just hire a personal body guard. oooh, only famous people have stalkers and need body gueards, seems you are a bit famous...

  36. I think that is pretty scary and disgusting that they would do that.

    Do you know the other bloggers this idot is doing it too?

    Not sure what can be done, and don't really know what else to say, but you are right to be annoyed, I certainly would be.

  37. I've been thinking about this a little more. Should you put a fine print clause on your side bar explaining that permissions are required and all images are copyright to you. xxx

  38. Hi Kate,
    I had this recently, my blog posts reproduced exactly on another blog. I was very upset and contacted blogger straight away. Once I send them the links to my original material they took down the other posts, but not the site. Hmmm. I was a bit disappointed that the person was allowed to continue on happily stealing other people's posts. I left a comment on the other blog that I found was being copied.
    I'm sorry it happened to you as well.
    I found mine through my feedburner account looking through 'uncommon uses'. I'm not sure if that would pick up other thieves.

  39. I know that blogland is a big wide open world but honestly who has the time to do such a thing??? Sad, sad, have to live your life thru someone elses???

    Karma does come back around and we can only take comfort in knowing that most people are genuine and caring as you can see from your comments today and we all take sharing your life as a privilege and one that we wouldn't dare exploit.

    Chin up girl, be like Bren (water off a ducks back), like said before copying is the ultimate form of flattery, lets just be careful with our kids shots...

    Shame on you for your lack of conscience you bad people!!! See not one swear word....I used them all up when I read your post :-)
    Lets do a mini-me of the hackers :-) xx

  40. Kate you need to watermark your pics, I started putting a watermark on mine when I found one of my flower photo's for sale on ebay..!! Honestly, it wasn't that brilliant but it really, really p###d me off big time. I guess it's a form of flattery that they just cut and paste, but really it means they don't have a life of their own to write about, obviously your life is far, far more interesting..
    I'm pretty sure there's 'somebody/thing' you can send a complaint to on Blogspot..
    Good luck..

  41. Ugh, this is just stomach churning. And I too am very guilty of not even considering these possibilities before posting. Maybe just that little extra effort to identify pictures and posts is enough to deter these weirdos. I sure do hope so and I hope they stop very quickly.

  42. really!! what is going on!
    a little bit disturbing to hear this goes on.
    feel free to out these people if they are doing something as wrong as this.
    don't feel down lovely Kate, we are here & we'll support you as much as we can.
    hugs to you ♥

  43. Hi Kate !!
    I always get so surprised over what people can do, maybe I am little bit naive.
    But I know a blogger from Denmark that experienced that another person stole her identity and made a blog out of it.
    I think it´s smart to have your signature at the end and maybe at your pictures too.

  44. Yep not the first time I've heard of this (number 2) and it sucks BIG TIME! Have you tried emailing Blogger directly and informing them? I know that was what another blogger did (the rip off blog was on Wordpress) with apparently quite fast results.

    Good luck Kate xx

  45. Kate this is just bizarre and horrible. I just did a search of some text from a post of yours and found the blog (I think!) you are referring to.

    Definitely tell Blogger... and I think a copyright policy on a blog is a smart way to go. I put one up on my sidebar.

    I can't work out what this blog is in aid of - are they making a lot through the Google ads perhaps? Maybe Google ads should be notified too?

    Very sad. Hope it doesn't ruin your blogging experience.


  46. That's just weird. Can you ask blogger to take them down?? When I was young, my friend's mum used to say, "copying is the highest form of praise" lol I suppose they must really like it!

  47. Just too weird! I, too, am at a loss as to why anyone would do this, but I suppose in any community there is always the village idiot. I'm with Bren on this one. At least Brad is going to do something about those magazines - 80's big hair and shoulder pads, now that it scary! Chin up Kate and a middle finger salute, that's what I say!
    Jak x

  48. i don't think you're over-reacting, it is actually stealing. and your blog is personal to a fair degree so it's not very nice if its stolen. i agree that it is a bit strange if they are not advertising anything. I found one of my posts on another blog like that once but they did link back and it was to do with an env issue.

    on another matter, sorry i'm so slow to reply but yes i did like 'the spare room', for what it was.

  49. oh Kate, this sounds absolutely hideous. it's a bit sickening. I can't believe they haven't taken it off after you requested.
    you poor poor thing,
    i'm off to tell them to remove it too.
    lots of love
    Jess xo

  50. That's just terrible! I've noticed a few bloggers signing their post lately but had not stopped to think that something like this might be the reason. Mostly because I would never had expected someone to do something so sneaky and underhanded about something so personal. I've just started to read a little more indepth about blogging and there is so much to know, so much I take for granted about the information I put out "there". If I come across anyone offering some type of solution or way of keeping track of such plagarism I will let you know. Thanks for sharing this information. You have a huge amount of support which you can see from all of these comments - don't let something like this ruin the joy you get from sharing with others.

  51. Not nice at all. Makes me feel a bit sick too. Sorry that it has happened to you. People really do hide behind their 'online' veil and think they can do anything and say anything.

  52. omg that is so wierd. I have heard about this happening a few times before. In one instance a lady was told by one of her followers that another person had copied a bunch of photos off her blog and has opened a flickr account in her name pretending to be her. It was so wierd. THis person had stolen pictures of her kids and everything. I have also seen this done with facebook. I would feel exactly the same way if I was you and I am sorry that this has happened to you. Hopefully now that they know you are onto them they will stop.

  53. Oh yes, 'tis why i never EVER write my husband or children's names on my blog either, too many freaks in real life, neverlone in blog land. Sorry this happened to you, it's too weird. Love Posie

  54. That is terrible! I think you are very entitled to feel annoyed and a little spooked. This is one of the reasons I have procrastinated about starting a blog.

  55. Read about thistyoe of thing on a US blog recently too. Rotten bastards although sad too really but no, rotten bastards.

    As for previous post and comments - at least you got Brad thinking ;-)

  56. Oh no its people like that who start wars!!!

    How awful, I dont think anything is sacred online anymore.

    Clare (the real me)

  57. Kate you are not over reacting, it does leave a nasty taste in your mouth to think someone is reading your posts with ulterior motives.. Hopefully these leaches will stop what they are doing once they know you're onto them. I tend to always think the best of people, it is sad to think you have to be suspicious and guarded, but I guess it is an eye opener for us all.

  58. *sighs* poor kate. that's awful.

    and weird. i did a bit of mr googling myself and found the blog you were talking about. it is the weirdest thing. an ugly conglomerate of weird blog posts that make absolutely no sense... i sigh because it just makes no sense. they rip you off and end up making you feel awful, getting all of us grumpy and for some rubbish odd blog that any real blogger who actually read would see for the fake-thing that it is.

    good work for coming up with a great idea to protect your blog posts. the link at the end is a great simple way to sign off and ensure that your work is always seen as yours.

    like others have said - if you want us to bombard them with comments - let us know...

  59. Oh Kate, that is horrible! I can understand why you feel sick, and hope you get a good resolution quickly. Hope Brad took your post as it was intended (but bonus if he does update the magazines :))

  60. OMG Kate they have taken this post also so now it has your love Kate link on it and look like you are posting for them. I guess at least it links back to you. If I were you I would sign off, if you are reading this post at 'site name' it is reprinted without my permission. You can find my original writing at .... and yes I agree with earlier commenter watermark your pictures.
    This is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  61. hehe! Like Tammy I just popped over to that "blog" again and they have posted this post. That really is quite funny.... when you think about it! Tossers.

  62. Kate, if you go to this link and fill out the report blogger should be able to help you.

  63. Bloody hell - how awful!! You've every right to be upset.
    I hope something can be done to stop this kind of identity (life?) theft.Thanks for the warning.

  64. This might help too

  65. Hi Kate, I'm really sorry that this has happened to you. I've read through the other comments and I don't think anyone has said this. I work as an IT freelancer, so I see all sorts of jobs being advertised. It is not uncommon for a request for a blog writer for a collection of sites. Sometimes content is given. I suspect these blogs may not have an obvious link back to the main web site but the blog would contribute links and hits to the main advertising site which would raise its google search ranking.

    Doesn't help you or excuse them, but may help to explain some of the weirdness of them doing it.

  66. I can't believe that they have even posted this post too! What sort of weirdos are running that "blog"? When you click on the comments that have been left, it says that there are no comments, so all the comments of disgust and support are who knows where. How sickening that they are stealing your intellectual property. How many more of these "blogs" are out there. We love you because you are so honest and blog from your heart. There is no heart in these fake bloggers, whoever the cowards are! Keep fighting the good fight, Kate xxxxx

  67. Actually I think you're being all grown up and mature about it - it's my worst nightmare. We put photos of our kids up! I don't want anyone messing with my content. I'm utterly, utterly horrified on your part and I feel helpless to say or do anything practical.

  68. Wow thats really creepy! I dont understand why someone would do that, and I hope it doesnt turn you off blogging. I know if something like that happened to me if would really put me off - I hope they have the decency to stop!

  69. Oh my goodness, that's weird and horrible and everything in-between!
    I can't believe that someone would just directly steal your content like that.
    I'm already pretty cautious with revealing anything in too much detail on the blog, but you've just given me a reminder to step back and think before I hit publish!

  70. You are not overacting at all.
    Only a few weeks ago, some one posted some of my photos on their blog, with out asking me, and I chanced upon it. It has left me with the most awful feeling ever since. And now this to you.
    I hope you can get it sorted out and feel happy to blog what you want, again, with out worrying that your content and images are being stolen.

  71. Hi Kate

    Just left a comment but I think it has disappeared in the ether.

    Commercial web sites use their own blogs to keep their sites active and push them up the google search rankings. The more updates, links to and access, then the more active their blog is and their web site. The more likely their website will appear on the first page of the search results. The link between commercial site and blog may not be obvious.

    By "borrowing" someone else's content, which is updated on a regular basis (and on a popular subject that may be returned in searches), their blog becomes very lively.

    I have not looked at the other blog, but this may explain what is happening to your blog, but certainly does not excuse it. I'm not sure if it makes it more or less creepy.

    I think I'm going to follow your example with the signature.

  72. Oh dear. I don't think you are overreacting in the least. Makes me feel squeamish just thinking about it.

    I also just wanted to say hi, since I am not sure I ever have, and your blog is one of my favorites. You are honest, interesting and creative. I always look forward to seeing what you have been working on, even if I have never said so before.

  73. Hi Kate, you are not overreacting...if the copyright violation continues, you can do something about it.
    You can and should file a complaint under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). It's easy.

    Here's how, with template and all.

    They will have to stop or lose either their website or their advertisers.

    Hope this helps!

    Best, Kathrin

  74. I would be furious! This happened to my son. He runs a popular surfing blog and someone was using his content-possibly automating it to another blog.

    The other guy was trying to make money off of his content. He was able to track them down through the domain registration. Eventually the guy shut down the site after numerous emails.

    This had a happy ending but I'm sure he went on to steal from someone else who didn't know it was happening.

    {hugs} Sorry this has happened to you.

  75. I know we have to be careful, and that's why I thought you seldom show the actual face of your children. I don't say what Patient Husband's name is. People who are thieves are smarter than we are and it always scares me what personal information goes into the Facebook posts everyone is so hooked on. What purpose would someone have to "steal" your posts? If they know how to do this it would be nice if they put their skills to positive advantages. I'm tired of worrying about the nutso's out there. I just wanted to meet some quilting friends around the world and in the process met you and some photography friends.
    I need a tutorial on how to put the address of the blog onto the signature like you are doing, and also watermarking the photos as was suggested. I'm too new and not techie enough to know how to do that.

  76. I can see there are a zillion comments before me so this has probably already been suggested. I had the same thing happen to me and I reported the blog to the "host" i.e. blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc. and notified them that the content on that website was stolen. Within 24 hours the offending blog was gone.

  77. I don't get why someone would actually do that sort of thing? It's wrong, pointless and so rude. And it completely freeks me out!! I'll be watching what photos I put out there even more now. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  78. It appears they have now removed your content Kate.:)

  79. That's creepy Kate. I guess you don't use specific names anymore but Mr Funhouse needs to know you are entitled to your opinion.
    Abs x

  80. oh dear that is horrible!!!
    i think i'd probably throw up if that happened!!! i hope they comply and take your posts down.

  81. Grrrr indeed! Obviously the blog stealer thinks your blog is fabulous (as we all do!)... so how could they be so utterly, brazenly rude???
    Hugs to you. :) xox

  82. Oh Kate, this happened to a friend of mine in Sydney.

    I just don't get why people do weird?!

    Off to change my settings now!

  83. Bloodyhell! I was just off to go horizontal ... I'll be back to re-read and ponder in the AM! As long as you're OK is all that matters! Lately who's reading has been on my mind too but decided it's not my problem if they're so low! Talk more soon, Huge Hugs Gorgeous Girl. xoxo

  84. eeew, how creepy. people are so gross!

    one thing i'm wondering is how does the signature stop people stealing the post? {i'm not so cluey re this stuff!!}.

    glad to read that it was taken down.

    i once came across a link to my work on a site called 'free artwork for you' or something like it, but the link had been shut down. made me put © watermarks on all images over 72dpi . . .

    chin up :)

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