Saturday, September 4, 2010


Its Saturday today and I am loving;

Being surrounded by art supplies as preparations are made for Fathers' Day tomorrow.

That they take for granted that everything involved in the celebrations will be home made.

That Indi went into her room and came out a while later and sang us the Fathers' Day song she'd just written.

The lists they are making about how much and why they love their Dad.

Their Dad!

How much Pepper loves to copy what her big sisters are doing. At the moment they are cutting and she is ever so seriously snipping too.

That I can now try on the cardi I am knitting so I know how much longer I have to go.


This book that I started reading last night. We have a bit of a pattern going on my farmer boy and I, he goes into a book shop for some sort of inspirational farming or environmental book and ends up having such a lovely chat with the shop keeper that he can't help but buy the book she highly recommends. He never reads them but I usually love them. The last one was The Book Thief which I adored.

That Jazzy is so excited and in such a hurry to go and dress up that she leaves a trail of clothes behind her. I kind of wish she'd come back and collect them later though.

I'm loving that keeping up with her big sisters is such tiring work that Miss Pepper just collapsed in the middle of what she was doing and fell asleep. I wish I could do that too.

And finally, I'm loving and so grateful for a dry, clean, warm house. Its been pouring with rain at our place but we are lucky.

What are you loving today?


  1. I am loving my Mr. today is our wedding anniversary!

  2. Rain here too. Happy Father's Day to your Bren. We just realised my husband has missed the last 10 Fathers' Days in a row, how terrible is that?? He'll be home before the month is out, after 9 months away & guess what, he's taking leave for the rest of the year, yippee!! That will be almost 3 months of Fathers' Days!! Love Posie

  3. Hey Kate, glad to hear you haven't been washed away. I'm in Daylesford this weekend, escaping the 4 inches of rain predicted in the North East of the state.........
    Your girls are gorgeous, hope Bren has a special place to keep all the treasures they make for him. Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. aar, lovely list! pouring here - the dam is overflowing and the rooster just dripping! I am loving being home. with family and contemplating the cooking I am about to begin...

  5. While I am not loving the fact that we have to head up into the Adelaide hills on this wild, woolly, wet day, I am loving hte fact that 9 kids can run themselves ragged, that the mess wont be at our house and that we can still come home early to put the kids to bed so that I can get some crocheting done. Am I a bad person? ;)

  6. I'm loving the cupcake I just ate. And even more than that, I am loving that there are several more and if I want...I CAN EAT THEM ALL!
    Being nice and warm inside while Mother Nature has a spaz is nice too.
    Happy colouring!
    Ab x

  7. It sounds as though you and your girls are enjoying the wet weather by staying indoors and dry! I think my backyard is starting to resemble a small pond, unlike your big one on the other blog! Unfortunately for me there will be no staying home to enjoy the warmth of the house, we have to go out for Isabelle's dance concert! Hope Bren has a wonderful father's day!

  8. Loved spending time colouring and other crafts with my gc's when they were littlies, enjoy... :))

  9. i am loving your lovely post & pics.
    loving that my boy & I had our first date 12yrs ago today.
    love that we are all home together, a sneaky gimpse of sun outside before it starts to rain again.
    keep dry & warm and enjoy the wonderful celebrations, and squish that little cutie sleeping!

  10. What am I loving today?
    You five. xxxxx

  11. The Book Thief is the next book on my reading list!

    Love the gumboots and Pepper asleep. Have a great weekend and I hope the rain will be helpful on the farm! It's very wet here today to so we're all going a bit stir crazy.

  12. I am loving the smell of our Sour Cream Coffee Cake that we baked for our special man for tomorrow.

    I am also loving the imagination that takes place with 3 kids and 2 cardboard boxes.

    Happy Day.
    xx Amy

  13. That sounds like a pretty good day to me too. At the moment things I'm loving are back to basics. Talking, eating, sharing.

  14. craftanoons...and learning to crochet! finally~ :)

  15. I'm loving my birthday leftovers from yesterday and a day at home - no plans and no where to go - so rare.
    Hope you have a nice father's day tomorrow. Lou.

  16. Hope all that rain at your place doesn't mean flooding???

    Have a fabulous fathers day, the preparations sound like fun :-)

    Can't wait to see your cardi! xx

  17. I'm loving your beautiful post and my poor sick big girl who is just too ill for words but who sat through a dinner party without a word of complaint. I'm loving that the market hall is set up and waiting for all my mates to fill it with their goodies tomorrow. And I'm loving that the electric blanket is on in my bed and I'm heading there very shortly! Have a fabulous weekend. x

  18. Im loving this gorgeous post and pics.
    I'm loving being home and dry and safe.
    i'm loving taking Dusty for a walk and playing stick with her.
    I'm loving that I made myself a nice dinner.
    and making a moby.

  19. How gorgeous. Wish my 3 year old had fallen asleep today. If she had it would have been mid-scream! A tad challenging when its pouring outside and your 3 year old hits a new high in tantrums! Have a wonderful weekend. My eldest has made a week's worth of father's day pressies and I think it will take all day for her to hand them over to her dad!

  20. I'm Loving every word of your post Lovely Kate ... you're such a treasure, such a joy, you make my heart sing.
    I'm Loving knowing tomorrow will be a wonderful day for you ALL. xoxox

  21. Wonderful photos!
    I am loving sewing school clothes, peach cobbler and my girl who has never fallen asleep during anything ever.

  22. I'm loving the fact that it is so miserable and wet and windy outside that we can't garden, so have had to loll about, seeing movies and catching up with Bagarra Dance Theatre's latest production. Although I do really love my garden, and this morning I'm missing no contact - I'm trying to work out if I can garden in a raincoat and my swimming togs, just so I can get outside...

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, and happy fathers day to bren!

  23. I'm loving your Hunter boots and wanting a pair myself!

    Great post

  24. I too am loving your post & gorgeous pics. I'm also loving that we are finally home all together with my boys & their dad crashed out in the spare room watching movies, and I'm just about to take up a tray of sausage rolls & fizzy, what a treat!

  25. I loved The Book Thief too when I read it, right now I am loving reading all manner of books because if nothing else being sick is a perfectly good excuse to curl up & read.

    I cannae reply to your email Sweets - not yet - a) I can't log in to my mail on the PC at the mo & b) I can't reply to emails on my phone because it's a piece of crap (I think you even said it looks like a kid's toy...?!), so don't think I am ignoring it/you.

    God Pep (do you mind her being called that? Don't hurt me...) is adorable. Seriously cute. Hope you had a marvellous Father's Day (Farmers Day?! Ha! I kill me!) kids!

  26. Love the pictures and what you are enjoying at he moment. Stay dry.
    Were talkig to Tim's parents last night and they have random things floating around there farm and the Avoca runs through the farm and is in the workshop (they are in Saint Arnaud)

  27. Love all those curls, just adorable!!! Sounds like the cardi is nearing completeion, yay!!!

    Lot's of happy at your place, such a great feeling!!!


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