Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeward bound.

The farm boy refused to take seriously my suggestion of being the only organic sugar growers in Australia, so the bags are packed and we are heading home.

We've had the most wonderful three weeks away. A complete break from our real lives. So much fun.

Its been really hot!

We've walked, swum in the pool and the beach, danced, played fairy snap and Uno, blown bubbles, held snakes and turtles, eaten yummy food, cut a bit of paper into a thousand pieces, skipped, celebrated, hung in cable cars and travelled on a vintage railway, drawn, read, knitted, crocheted, played with iPhone apps and performed lots of shows.

The girls have fought and made up a gazillion times, Pepper has learnt to swim without her floaties, Indi has started to love to read and Jazzy has worn every piece of clothing she brought with her every day.

We brought their scooters which has made walking in and out of town really fun too.

Its been so ace to have Bren with us all the time too. We've laughed so much.

I'm a bit nervous about heading back to real life. I love my life but there's a lot of juggling and house work that I could do without. Oh and there's the cold, ugh.

But I'm going to try to hold onto the warm and easy and fun time we've had here and use it as my happy place. If chaos has erupted and I have a far away look in my eyes, you know where I'll be.

So right now we are on a plane, high, high above the East coast of Australia. Have a look up, you might see us. Don't forget to wave.

Have a happy Wednesday. X


  1. Ah sigh... All sounds so lovely. Hope you can hang on to the feeling for as long as possible.

  2. I'm glad your time away was great. I hope coming home is more comforting and lovely than you can imagine.
    (But yes, it's bloody cold).

  3. That top shot of you two is FANTASTIC...look at the bright blue of your eyes and oh...shall we ask? Are you both in the nuddie? he he xx

    Don't answer not answer it, really don't want to know!! ;)

  4. Oh Leonie you are a cheeky girl! You do both look very happy and the holiday must have done you wonders. I have to say that the chill factor has dropped quite a bit now so we are looking forward to some nice spring weather. Congrats to Miss Pepper on learning to swim without floaties!

  5. Looks like you guys have had a great time!! Have a safe journey hom - it's always good to get home!xx

  6. SO thrilled you had a wonderful time and a real break.
    YAY for Pepper swimming, Indi reading and Jazzy for her clothes thing and Bren for being there the whole time.
    Hope coming home is unexpectedly wonderful in its own way xo

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the family Kate. I hope getting back into a routine isn't too much of a shock to the system!

  8. Have a safe trip home! Loved the photo's & I'm so happy you had such a fantastic time. And yes, it's cold here! (But getting a tiny bit warmer every day.) See you soon (waving) xo

  9. You're ALL so GORGEOUS ... I'm so tickled you've had such a great time. You're the absolute bee's knee's you guys! You make me smile and make my heart sing knowing you're such a great gang, having such a time wherever you are ;-) ♥♥♥♥♥ one each XOXOXOXOXO.

  10. Love the photos, yes is it does look like theres a bit of a twinkle in the eye! Glad to hear you had a great holiday x

  11. Sounds amazing! Gorgeous photos as usual. Sounds like a lovely happy place to visit in the ups and downs of 'normal' life. Safe travels. Lou.

  12. Welcome home.
    Hope the Melbourne sun comes out for your return!!

  13. So glad that you had an awesome holiday. Fantastic.

  14. I too am a fan of the top shot, like Leonie.
    Glad youve had a great time away!
    We seem to only play Dictionary when were on holiday, simple but good.

  15. ha, having a chuckle at the comments. NIce to hear you all so relaxed and happy. Welcome back to Vic- I just waved at a plane overhead, I reckon it was yours ;). And (courtesy call) just letting you know that I linked to your last post- can't find your email addy to tell you so I am telling you here!
    Enjoy HOME. Dorothy reckons there's no place like it. x

  16. sounds like you rudy bottoms had a fantastic time :)
    Where did you go?

  17. Such beautiful memories in the making.

  18. Welcome home!! So glad you and your gang have had such an amazing relaxing fun time! Don't you just wish you could bottle that feeling and have a bit every day to remind you? Sigh. Hope the farm is ok xox

  19. Wonderful stuff. I've so enjoyed sharing your family holiday. It's been so much fun!! x

  20. perfect kate. your photos are gorgeous. don't worry the cold is starting to pack it's bags and leave us for a while

  21. that first photo is awesome!!or in your words ACE!
    loved that you got to hang out with your gang & do un-normal things (is that a word??!!)
    girls look sooo happy & you guys look refreshed.
    hope you have settled back ok in the cold..brrr..
    hugs to you & a great weekend ♥

  22. Sounds perfectly wonderful. Every family holiday needs uno!

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