Thursday, July 14, 2011


People ask me about blogging and the caravan trip all the time. Am I going to keep blogging while we are away? Am I going to blog the crafty stuff I make, or travel stuff? Will I start a new blog or record it all here?

I've been wondering the same thing. But I guess I made the decision a while back not to commit to anything, just to see what happened. Let it evolve. If I wanted to blog, if I had something to say, I would. If not, not.

I like blogging. Its a way of recording my life, emptying my mind and being a bit creative. The other bloggers I've come across along the way are pretty fun too.

Almost always my blog tells me what to write and I just type the words out on the keyboard. At times I am even surprised by what I read back at the end. I wonder where it came from.

While its true this blog has mostly been a craft blog I guess it has also at times been a personal blog, a place to express my opinions, my emotions, our family milestones, and now it may become a travel blog.

Today I was in the most gorgeous shop, Fine and Sunny in Mildura, and the gorgeous owner Shell recognised me through my blog, knew about our caravan adventure and we chatted like old friends. Its nice to think that through blogging we'll meet other new 'old friends' along the way.

Anyway, in the spirit of who on earth knows what this blog is anymore or where it is going, I thought I'd share my list of things we forgot at home when we set off. Some of them are replaceable some are not. A few caused tears, most are just annoying. Why oh why didn't I write a list to check off?

  • The good fry pan.
  • Months worth of chopped, sauteed and frozen portions of onions.
  • Jazzy's pencil case.
  • Pepper's Humpty Dumpty.
  • The step ladder.
  • The coffee grounds banger thing.
  • The washing on the line outside at home.
  • Indi's song book.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Jazzy's sunnies.
  • Stuffing for the amigurami bunny.
  • The soap dish.
If you are good I might share with you my list of very odd things we packed in another post.

The photo credits of course go to Mr Ro.

Happy days people.

See ya round. x


  1. Good to see another go with the flo type of gal.
    I also hate thinking about what has been forgotten can drive you bonkers cant it?
    never mind you are on an awesome adventure and maybe you can find alot of the missing things at other oppies.You are opping arent you?? lol

  2. Could all but 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 be sent to you?
    Ill be good, I promise.
    Happy op-shopping, x

  3. I hate that feeling when you realise what's been left behind. Inevitably though, once I'm over the initial annoyance, I find it doesn't end up mattering too much.
    I do so hope you morph this blog in to a whatever you're up to/caravan journey blog, I'd love to catch glimpses of you trip.

  4. Too funny that you left your washing on the line. Hope you can survive without those missing things...

  5. Your caravan looks so lovely and cosy. What an amazing job you've done! Hope you're having a wonderful time on the road.

    That Mr Ro sure takes beautiful photos


  6. The washing on the line==I could see myself doing that!

    Enjoy your adventure.

  7. Even if you had written a list in advance, you would never have thought to add "the washing on the line outside"!!
    Happy trails.

  8. The washing on the line made me laugh! Did you really??!! I'm totally smitten with your work table - what a great find. Love that someone has recognised you along the way - that's just wonderful :) Kx

  9. Can I send you some earplugs, sweetie? 'Cause you're going to want those for sure.

  10. The washing on the line? Oh dear... I bet you meet lots of lovely people along the way.

    Oh! My word verification is "fantag" Maybe you will meet lots of blog fans along the way.

  11. We went out for dinner tonight.
    I sat and told my husband that I read your blog and how you had just left on a six month adventure.
    I suggested we forget the new car we were planning, put our stuff in storage, rent out the house (which I LOVE) and GO!!!!

    Here's hoping........

    Looking forward to hearing about your families fun times and adventures.

  12. Actually I'm just excited for whatever bits you decide to's an armchair adventure for me across a country I will probably never visit...

  13. Could be worse, at least you did not leave the dog tied to the back of the caravan as you drove off, saw that in a movie once.

  14. I am a lists girl Kate and even then I forget things all the time...seems pointless really doesn't it?


  15. Ear plugs would, I say, be important.At least you can pick some up on the way.
    Last time we went away I forgot every one's toiletries!

  16. Washing on the line is definitely one I would have forgotten too!

    Enjoy xxxx

  17. Oh no, I hate forgetting things too! Frustrating when it was time rich preparation things like your onions! Love the pictures. In fact I have the same green lap tray and aluminium cups. Your caravan looks so much your style and you've created such a homelike atmosphere there. Look forward to more posts, when you have the inclination of course :) xo

  18. Kate,

    Haven't dropped you a line for a while. Checked your blog and you have gone trekkin.

    How fanfairytastic is that!!!

    Love what you've done with the van, it looks very cosy.

    Enjoy your trip it is a very special time. I have the best memories of traveling with my parents around Australia for about six months.

    Happy trails and earplugs a must after the 20th sing-a-long.


  19. I have the.exact same tray table..... It has the most unusual label on the back, its made locally in victoria and then is says 'european labour only'.

    I find this so amusing, does it mean caucasion, european immigrants.... The mind boggles, what were people thinking? Does yoirs still have the label?

    Spewing about peppers humpty, my sistrr forgot her favourite teddy spanky when we drove to northern queensland once upon a time, we had to buy a new teddy on the first day, she didnt sleep the whole trip and now takes spanky with her on any overnigh trip, she is now 18, scarred anyone? perhaps its

  20. What a happy find! It took me to come to Oz to find it (from Scotland) Keep on blogging! LOL! Jay

  21. Your go with the flow approach is exactly what I love about this space xx

  22. I would have forgotten to check of the list....

    Flow like water and enjoy the ride. I'll be happy to hear updates anytime you feel like blogging about it.

  23. A travel blog would be great!!
    I'm sure your crafty fun will feature though.
    Have a great time.

  24. Haaaaa I love your what I forgot list and the fun it'll be looking for the replacemnts ! Thank Goodness you didn't forget meds like I did that cost me $180 to see a Doc in the US for a prescription. Loving every minute of your caravanescapade!

  25. Short of doing a full dress rehersal & driving away for a couple of nights, no one would remember to take everything!! So thrilled to see you are on your way, enjoy, love Posie

  26. Happy Trails, Darling!

    Hope you hit some sunshine and there's no mud and chookypoo to be seen for days!

    Hey - now that you've got Bren cornered - detergent? :)

    and... you must stop by a shop and buy earplugs, me thinks!


  27. Oh it's so frustrating when you remember all those things that have been left behind! Still, I'm guess in a week or so you won't give them another thought. I think this blog will be such a lovely way to record your adventure..x

  28. sounds like pretty smooth sailing so far kate. milder is our first port of call, so i will have to pop in on fine and sunny, thanks for the tip.
    five weeks until we pull out of the driveway and i am in the process of making lists. so fingers crossed i wont have any major list omissions. and thanks for the heads up, must remember to check the line.
    have fun

  29. Oh you've gone! No goodbye and no cuddle with The O-man... Oh dear! What about the Milo? He'll definitely have grown out of it by the time you return, anyway, I guess It'll be summer! Well, congratulations on getting away lovely. Hope it's all going swimmingly and you are relaxing into your great adventure. Big Love from all of us xxx

  30. I love your forgotten list. The washing! Ha! That's something I would do. But you are in a very spunky caravan ... that counts for something.
    Cheers to a safe, fun, amazing trip with your fam. x

  31. I think the solution to this problem would have to be a good op shop!(if I can find Rapunzel hair your list is easy peasy)Should cover everything except the onions. melx

  32. oh love, the washing!?! The moment you remembered, I bet that sucked. Bet the farmer boys had already brought it in for you? Hope your favourite knickers weren't in that load. xx

  33. I am looking forward to reading whatever your blog chooses to share with us.

    Years ago I left for a weekend away and left my contraceptive pills at home.

  34. Hi Kate
    It was lovely to meet you too! Sorry for freaking you out a bit!
    Have fun on your adventures.

  35. Oh, I want months worth of sautéed onions in my freezer. That's genius. I really do try to avoid frying onions inside our caravan now...


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