Friday, July 1, 2011


Today is the ten year anniversary of the day we moved here. It was the first of July 2001. A brilliant sunny day in the middle of winter.

It's hard to imagine that day now. We were a couple with an eight month old baby. We left everything we knew in the city and moved to the country with a vague idea that we could farm organically.

Its been a crazy, amazing, wonderful and mad adventure. Here we are ten years later. Wow! Our three girls and us, about to take off and leave this farm on a six month caravan trip to celebrate, to remember, to slow down, to reassess, and to redefine.

With just over a week until our hopeful departure date, I am trying to remember to enjoy this part too although it feels overwhelming at times. The laying of the floor, the sewing of the curtains (above), the decisions over what comes and what stays, all part of the journey.

At some stage we will be ready and we will leave.

Ten years ago, it must have felt pretty immense to pack up and leave too.

So for me this a weekend of looking forward and looking back, with a dash of right now.

How about you? What're you up to at this moment in time? Are you planning, are you coasting, are you looking forward to something, are you wishing for something?

I hope your journey is a happy one right now.

Have a fabulous weekend y'all. xx

ps. Pic of Miss Pepper taken in Ballan yesterday on a mad dash for over-locker thread.


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! We're planning to be living in a motor home in 2 years for at least a year. We'll be nomads. Of course I plan on fixing it up all pretty-like. Ours will be a mobile studio, and we're waiting for our youngest to finish high school before we go. Seeing a family that's about to embark on a similar experience is making me happy :)

  2. It is my birth day today and your questions are very appropriate in a day like this. I will think about them, it is the right time to stop and plan.
    Nothing happens by chance...
    Thank you.

  3. 6 months! I'm a new reader, so this was a surprise to me, hi hi - Sooo, when will you be arriving Norway, then =)))
    What an adventure!
    Siv xx

  4. That sort of milestone deserves a six month celebration. Breathe slowly and deeply (and maybe with the help of a paper bag), Lovely.

  5. 12 years ago today my grandad passed away so today has been filled with some sadness but many wonderful and happy memories that I have shared with my younger children who either don't remember him or weren't born then.

    Have a fab weekend Kate :)

  6. I nearly cried just then as I thought youd been to Amitie on the same day as me (we could have accidentally rendevoused) but then I recalled they have carpet and now im calming down.

    Your planning, your sewing, your pantry happenings are coming together and you are nearly 'there'.

    Unbeknownst to my Bren im looking for houses to move into outside Daylesford but its a long shot, x

  7. You really are so amazing. I find you and your fam a constant inspiration. Your new home for the next 6 months is looking super cosy by the way. xx

  8. What a wonderful exciting time .. savour all the moments, it's what you're doing it for ... lovely post ...

    great curtains too :)

  9. beautiful post Kate.
    I think it's amazing that 10 years today is your daylesford anniversary that now coincides with you taking another sort of journey than you set out all those years ago.
    A perfect way to celebrate I think too, this marker in time of commitment,risks , hard work and guts.

  10. Wow, Kate. I didn't realise that your organic farm venture was such a "jump in with both feet" sea change. Congrats on the life -and family- that you have built in thepast 10 year. 6 months will be such an adventure. Kate and Farmer Bren and Offspring's Very Excellent Adventure :)


  11. beautiful curtains, and lacy goodness!

  12. What a wonderful, wonderful, well earned adventure you are about to embark on!
    Loving those curtains - I want some for my room!

  13. WOw those curtains are brilliant! And that's a great photo of them..

    Defo not coasting here! (new house.. got to sell the current one!)
    Planning, Wishing (for a smooth move!!) and DEFO looking forward to it!

    I am loving your blog right now!

  14. I am thankful I am firstly a mumma, but I am hoping and dreaming of fields, of space, of big windows, fruit trees, vegie gardens and the right house. Is there a right house? I don't know. We moved to our simpler life only a few months ago, but the smallness is challenging me a bit!

    Love to you xx Rach

  15. What can I say but wish you all the very best and hoping you have a fabulous adventure on the next part of your journey !

  16. This is such a beautiful post, Kate. So many memories and so much to look forward to as well... and that photo! OMG how gorgeous is Miss Pepper?! Reminded me of my little one when she was that little. You guys are going to have such a wonderful time :)
    I was planning to make you a crochet cushion to match your lovely Marimekko curtains, but I've realised I'm not going to meet the deadline. Actually, that's my big bug-bear this week - not enough time. Anyway, I'll stop moaning and read your post again to put the smile back on my face :) Thanks Kate. Kx

  17. I am waiting to find out where our next adventure will take us. 10 years ago, my boyfriend was in a war zone. I was living and working in Townsville. Since then we have been married and moved (LOTS)

    Looking forward to your van taking flight and seeing where it takes you (if you return at Christmas and find me on your door step you know that we are living down the road:)

  18. This week marks the anniversary of our big move back to melbourne - so this post is perfect ! Actually brought tears to my eyes....
    I'm thinking of how much happier, healthier, thinner (crazy I know) and more challenged and satisfied we are. So much more than I even deared hope this time last year.
    Enjoy this time x

  19. Miss Pepper is adorable!
    What a terrific journey you have forged with your family Kate. That's what life is all about, making memories and you've done just that.
    Very exciting that you're about to make even more lifelong memories. Enjoy your weekend :o)

  20. Today is my 11yr wedding anniversary. Hubbie and I have packed off our 3 kidlets to my parents for the weekend and we are enjoying some alone time... but I am experiencing these somewhat disturbing feelings of missing my babies (6,4 and 2yrs).

    I am so excited for you for your awesome adventure :) Wishing you lots of happiness as you reflect on where you've come from and dream of where you'll be for the future. We plan of adventuring around Australia in a few years time so I'm really hoping you will share your adventure with us all!

  21. Thought that looked familiar :o) enjoy the weekend..

  22. I love this post Kate, it is so inspiring. How wonderful to have made the move from city to farm that so many dream of, and now ten years later to be packing up the family and heading off in the van for 6 months. Brilliant! July 1st is a very special and 'reflective' day for us too as our gorgeous boy arrived that day 6 years ago :)

  23. such a great way to celebrate such a big milestone.
    enjoy the ride, the giggles, the cuddles, the adventure and the love.

    the big picture sounds pretty amazing! ♥

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