Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random rambling facts about today.

  • All the pics in this post were taken this afternoon at Kata Tjuta/The Olgas on the gorge walk.
  • We listened to Paul Kelly and The Storm Water Boys on the drive there and back.
  • By accident we got there at lunch time so we ate apples and carrots and almonds and sultanas and chips on the beautiful wooden bench before we started the walk.
  • The sign at the start of the walk says the gorge was once an Aboriginal sacred male place and the women didn't come closer than the picnic ground. I was unsure at first about walking there, but after a bit of discussion we decided that it would be ok because we aren't Aboriginal and because it didn't say anywhere that they'd rather we didn't.
  • The walk was a little bit hilly but mostly flat and rocky with a bit of bridge crossing and board walking here and there to protect the vegetation.
  • Indi spent most of the walk searching for love hearts in the rocks.
  • There were lots of caves in the big rock walls, high, high up where chunks had fallen out. I imagined hiding out in one of those caves and how quiet it would be, but then thought I might get vertigo and or fall down so decided against it.
    • My girl spent ages watching these two beetles crossing a hand rail. At first we tried to encourage them to keep walking (the girls), but after a while we walked on a bit and left them to it. How often in life does one really get the chance to study the behaviour of a bug without having to rush off and do something else?
    • Farmer Bren said that his favourite part of the whole day was those few minutes when the girls were watching the bugs and we were sitting alone on the rocks holding hands.
    • Some people came along and told the girls that the smaller bug had caught the bigger and might eat it, but my girls were certain it was a mother carrying her baby. Much like the way I piggy backed Miss Pepper a lot of the way.
      • Before we got to the other end of the gorge the girls tried guessing what would be there. Jazzy was certain there would be a lolly shop. I promised her that if there was a lolly shop then I would buy her anything and everything she wanted. She was excited. I didn't actually have a cent on me. I thought it was funny until the we got to the end and I think she was a bit disappointed that there was only a picnic area.
      • The picnic area was set on a grid thing off the ground to protect it. Through the grid we spied all these things that could have been ours but weren't: a green pen, some pink and white crochet cotton, two hair ties and a click clack clip.
      • This morning I lost my size 4 crochet hook so I might not be able to show you what I have been working on for a while longer.
      • This evening Miss Pepper had the biggest tanty EVER when I wouldn't let her crawl under the public toilet cubicle to look at the 'old lady who did that huge fart'!
      • There is the biggest Orb spider I have ever seen living on the roof of the girl's toilets here. Ugh!
      • We have just packed up the camp site and will head off first thing in the morning. I think we will even eat breakfast along the road somewhere just for fun.
      • I have loved it here in the Uluru/Kata Tjuta national park but I am excited to hitch up the van in the morning and explore somewhere new.
      I didn't think I had anything much to write today when I sat down, but I guess I did.

      I hope things are good in your world.
      Have fun out there. x


      1. I was talking about you today in the staff room as I finish my teaching placement this week.... A music teacher had just returned from his trip to Central Oz, I spoke of my 'friend' with her family there right now and following her journey!

        Hilarious, Miss Jazzy - a huge fart is a very curious thing! Making me smile!

        Love to you and yours Kate
        Rach xx

      2. Poor miss pepper, That is very funny.
        Have a great Wednesday, wherever you end up.

      3. I am loving journeying along with your caravan. Thank you for sharing with us!

      4. Heck, Miss Pepper makes me laugh.

      5. Just letting your mind walk you back over your day is always the best way to find what really happened in amongst the ordinary. Though looking in from the outside all your days at the moment seem totally extra-ordinary. Thank you for sharing :)

      6. Oh I love your adventures Kate. Such inspiring photos in this post. And you are so right, it would be fabulous for the littlies to just stop and observe anything that takes their fancy. What a terrific way to learn about the world around them :o) xo

      7. Amazing pictures Kate. I want to drop everything and jion you (DH has done this part of Australia but I am yet too) Looking forward to you hitting Katherine and Darwin:) It will bring back LOTS of memories:)

      8. LOL at Miss Jazzy.Wonder where you will camp tomorrow. xxx

      9. i think pepper is the bravest girl in the world. i wouldn't be going in there, biggest fart in the world or not. sounds brilliant kate. sounds like you have all eased into the gypsy life beautifully

      10. Kate,
        I have been loving your 'travel blog'! What an adventure! I had a dream that we too were on a caravan journey and that we pulled up next to you in a park. We were all very surprised and silly, then we made a giant feast together. Nice dream eh?
        Looking forward to every installment.

      11. Life's tough when you're a kid ... thanks for sharing the MIss Pepper story (and the rest) - I almost choked on my toast with laughter!!

      12. Ooo, here I am, back in Oz with you...
        Lovely photos and words, as usual.
        Enjoy. Xx

      13. You guys sounds like you are having an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I hope that one day I will get to do something like this with my kids.

      14. I'm so enjoying your travel stories Kate, though I'm sorry I haven't commented each time as our computer is suddenly running super slow. I'm going to get hubby to sit down & take a look at your caravaning adventure, he really wants to do it too but it all seems too hard to think about, this might help..I know it wasn't so funny for you at the time but I LOVE the bit about pepper's tantrum, hilarious! Enjoy your next stop...x

      15. With every snippet you share of your journey I want even more to throw caution to the wind and do it with my family :)
        I imagine you will discovery many hidden treasures on your way.


      16. "Farmer Bren said that his favourite part of the whole day was those few minutes when the girls were watching the bugs and we were sitting alone on the rocks holding hands"

        This is so lovely.

        But the part about the fart made me laugh out loud at work LOL

      17. How precious is Bren! Glad you got that special moment alone together.
        loving all your ramblings xo

      18. Hi Kate..brekky on the road too..sounds like fun, a good break from routine. Looks like you're getting around and the photos are amazing..like the red of that rock!

      19. What an amazing part of the world you are in, I love the huge Picnic at Hanging Rock walls of rock. Love the fart tanty, every single child wants to look under a dunny door don't they? Funny. Where are you off to now? Can't wait to find out..xo

      20. Oops! I forgot to sign out and sign back in.. xo

      21. Oh giggles about the fascinating fart, too funny!! What an adventure, the Olgas are amazing, bugs & all, love Posie

      22. Gee Farmer Bren is lovely!!
        I love reading all about your adventures. So inspiring!!

      23. What a great day :) Kx

        p.s. huge gaffawing laughter here at the toilet incident :))

      24. those bugs look so interesting!...it's a beautiful area!

      25. yep, I laughed out loud (VERY LOUD!) at the "huge fart" story too... I loved hearing about bugs and holding hands and love hearts in rocks too (but I am sorry you lost your crochet hook...)
        (PS my verification word is "bushian" - I hope you bushians continue to have lots of fun and special times xoxo

      26. Miss Pepper was just voicing what everyone else was wondering :-)

      27. Miss Pepper and the fart made me laugh. I agree about the stopping and watching the bugs (another version of stopping and smelling the roses?). When else can you do that?

      28. Loving reading of your travels Kate! And I love that you are teaching your kids and all of us who read it respect for others cultures and customs, it's so great.
        Have fun on your next leg of the journey

      29. So many memories, 23 years ago my family (including 3 girls :-), 2 x 5's, 1 x 4) did the same trip. And totally loved it.
        If you get a chance call into Mataranka Springs (We of the Never Never fame). I have heard that it is has become a lot more touristy, but I would love to go back again

      30. Eeep- crochet hook! Can't you fashion one out of a stick?? bit of wood carving?? The pictures are lovely. Don't you just love the things they have tantrums about?

      31. your adventure so far sounds absolutely amazing kate. You shouldn't ever worry your blog is a travel blog, our blogs are our journals whatever we want to journal about and I am LOVING travelling with you and the fam and I am sure everyone else is too. I eagerly look forward to your installments xxxx

      32. awesome wonderful perfect adventuring...im loving your journey X

      33. Hi Kate

        So nice to meet you, wow what a great adventure you and your family are having wish I was you right now.

        I just very new to blogging and still have a lot to learn but I'm enjoying meeting new friends along the way. I hope if you get a spare minute you might like to come and join my sisterhood http://lovewendysworld.blogspot.com
        and say hello i'd love to keep in touch.

        Look forward to hearing more about your journey in life.

        Always Wendy

      34. Ohhh stop it ... I'm supposed to be off to bed now am kaking myself at the image of Miss P wanting to investigate ... that's one for her 21st forsure.
        Your posts are sensational Kate, Thank YOU for your loving eloquence. ♥♥♥♥♥

      35. ..... uuummmmm..... they are two grass hoppers fornicating! Lucky you didn't have to have that conversation :-)


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