Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I like...

I like a little Saturday drive to a cafe out of Broome town.

I like that NASAA sign. It is also our farm's organic certifier and it makes me feel confident of the food we are about to order and the type of people who grew it, bought it and cooked it.

I like a menu that proudly announces the ingredients grown on the farm and also lists those that weren't. This menu lets you make your own informed decisions and doesn't try to hide anything or trick you.

I like the 'today's bread' menu. It feels wholesome and I appreciate the hands that kneaded, punched down and formed those loaves. So much of the bread we have come across on our trip is frozen and mass produced and I like this type so much better.

I like an open kitchen where you can watch and talk to the owner/chef. He can tell you his farming/cafe story and explain his trouble with bread dough that rises too quickly and must be popped in the over before the next order is made.

I also like happy, friendly staff that have time to stop for a chat and tell you their menu favourites, their personal stories of how they came to be there, where they are from and ask you about yours. I especially like it when they ask about my crochet and what I am working on.

I like places with baskets of Lego for the kids and shelves of magazines and newspapers and books for the adults.

I like simple food made with ingredients I can recognise.

I like foods with smells that remind me of home. Fresh rocket mmmmm...

I like food that is made from ingredients grown and chosen with integrity, love and respect.

I like it that when good food is placed down in front of my children, that I don't have to ask them to eat, they actually want to.

I like food that tastes wholesome. That you feel like it's doing you good as you eat it and you enjoy eating it.

I like food that makes us feel happy.

I like colourful, fresh, local, seasonal, organic.

I like a toilet with a story. Just for fun. This composting toilet is set on the right hand side of this room. While sitting on it you get an open aired view of the chook yard and part of the garden. I liked that it didn't smell and I didn't mind at all the many, many visits my kids made to have another look.

I like a place that welcomes our family and makes us feel at home. That encourages us to spend hours eating, drinking and hanging out.

And I like a place with hammocks strewn between the trees and a couch for when you just feel like laying back and relaxing and watching the world for a while.

Thanks 12 Mile Cafe for a wonderful afternoon.

I wonder what you like?

Happy travels. x


  1. Oh I would like some of that food now. What an inspiring place. Thanks for this.

    Love fresh star fruit.

    Miss the tropics

    You lucky ducks.


  2. I lost myself in your beautifully written and photographed blog. I wish I was there instead of grey old Melbourne, fighting off a cold. Thanks for helping me day dream for a few moments at least.

  3. its like they just made the perfect cafe! LOVE IT! how many times do you think you can visit?

  4. oh my that looks just lovely. Enjoy it.

    cheers Kate

  5. ditto! How perfect! There is a new cafe near our house, all local produce, everything in season, even home-made marshmellows for the hot chocolates! Love it! xx

  6. Wow, did you ask to move in for a while? Or at least pull up your caravan?

  7. Wow, looks like you could spend a good part of the day there! Nothing beats good wholesome fresh food, that's what I like...x

  8. This looks divine. It's now definitely on my list for the next time I'm in Broome!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great cafe, the food the natural ambiance... *swoon*

  10. That place sounds fabulous. I felt like I was there. Thanks for the peek.

  11. How lovely to have a little taste of home but with a tropical flavour and none of the hard work. hopefully a cure for those itches. Melx.

  12. looks like the most gorgeous and perfect cafe! love all the little details, and I agree a loo with story and chook views is an awesome loo xo

  13. As a big fan of composting toilets , as you know, I am glad you mentioned that it didn't smell and for that composting toilet owners around the world applaud you. Bravo!

    I think I could give up any food but I couldn't give up the rocket/ spinach / feta combination I cannot go past on any menu. Chef has been planting rocket spinach and parsley every week all over the place so there is enough for us and the wallabies.

    I think this is absolutely our kind of cafe too and we also get excited when they have grown the produce on site. it looks lovely.

    I often wonder if people without blogs ever photograph their food?

  14. My tummy is rumbling looking at all that beautiful food! What a stunning post hon. Have a fab week!

  15. Simply beautiful, you comunicated a feeling of simple pleasures, the joy of discovering a pleasant place and the serenity that comes from taking your time and enjoy.

  16. I do not think I would ever leave......

  17. I like food. Especially while pregnant. I like it about three times as much as normal. I like your post. It is making me hungry! :)

  18. That place looks amazing. If only I could just reach in through my laptop screen, pick up that sandwich and take a huge bite. xx

  19. I like the balls of yarn on the dining table!

  20. What an awesome cafe! I know I will go there if ever in Broome.
    One of my clients, an italian lady, had a phd student do a study on her and her husband and their sustainable living house and garden. The title of the finished product was (in italian)
    "how you eat is how you live"
    I like that :)

  21. I LIKE/love that through your journey I too am getting a little taste of what travelling Australia is like.

    I like the look of all that scrumptious food.

    I like the look of that yarn.


  22. Sounds like Broome is getting harder and harder to leave every day XXX

  23. My mouth is watering, it all looks so delicious. I'm loving your trip and getting a little look around Australia - one day I hope to get there for a visit...

  24. you are making me wish we had time for a visit to broome, oh well next time

  25. I think I'd like to be somewhere just like 12 Mile Cafe!
    Life is a little overwhelming at the moment ... oh for the chance to just chill for an afternoon.

  26. Looks like some kind of wonderful.

    Might I ask- who is cutting Farmer Bren's hair as you travel? I thought he'd have a bit of a long-ish do going on.

    Enjoy your travels beyond Broome.
    There will be heaps to distract you from your feeling of heading home on the way down the coast. Say hi to the dolphins of Shark Bay for me. Saw a documentary on them last week. Amazing creatures.

    Oh, and today I am liking sewing! I actually sat down to sew and it felt so good. Knitting? What's that? ;)

  27. I like what you like. Exactly what you like...

  28. I like all in this post!
    If you get further down WA, try soem of the wonderful New Norcia sourdough breads....I think you'll like them!

  29. The cafe and food look amazing. Hope you come across many more like this one on your travels. Perfect place to be inspired!

  30. I like those things too. One day I would like to cook lunch for you and your lot at my place from food from our garden and meat from our farm.

  31. What an awesome cafe! The food looks so beautiful!

  32. WOW! 12 mile cafe looks utterly divine Kate. Those meals are spectacular. It would be difficult to feel anything other than good eating those :o) xo

  33. Scrummy food that looks totally equal to any good cafe anywhere in the big smoke ... but the surroundings, nothing I've seen can come close ... enjoy, enjoy ♥♥♥♥♥

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