Friday, September 2, 2011

A walk & a winner...

It was late Friday afternoon in Broome. The grey nomads were sitting around on camping chairs in groups drinking, the families were gathering up their stuff and thinking about dinner, I have no idea what the couples were doing and it was time for us to pick a winner of the granny cushion giveaway. Yippeeeee!!

But how on earth would we choose a winner from such incredible, generous and funny comments??

The random generator thingy seemed too impersonal, I was waaaaaaay too hot and sticky in this Broome humidity to write out 150 names, the guy in the caravan next door looked at me funny when I asked him for a number between one and 150, so we decided on something else.

We would go for a walk around and let the Cable Beach Caravan Park decide for us. Somewhere here there had to be a number that means something to our family. Something about our time here in Broome.

So we set off to see what we could find...

It's Jeanine's 70th birthday and there's water aerobics on at eight am...

Not a lot of action in the fish cleaning area...No one to ask how many fish got caught today...

Farmer Bren tested if calling 1194, the same number he called when he was a kid, still told you the time on the next stroke...

Merv used to love site 161...

No number ones or twos in the public toilets while I was there...thank goodness...

No one swimming one, two, three, breathe at the pool...

It was taking a while and they left me to it and went home for a drink. I wandered around, got lost, called home for directions (still inside the caravan park), asked a lady for help and finally after what seemed like forever found my way back to Frankie Blue. What a sight for sore eyes.

And look what I found on the concrete right in front of our site! BBQ6, our very own site number.

Comment number six is Little Love!! Yippeeeeeeeeeee

Congratulations Natasha, email me your postal deets and I'll pop the granny cushion cover in the post next time we go into town. xx

My smiley girlies chose the postcard winners...Zippy-Zippy, Jacinta and Patrick (aged 12), Rosie and Bec. Please email me at with your postal details and I'll get your postcards written and sent soon.

To everyone else, thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
We're heading to the beach tomorrow and Bren's folks are coming for a visit on Sunday.
What are you up to??
I hope whatever it is it makes you smile lots.


ps. new blogger, you almost made me cry and you did make me swear!!
pp. Happy Birthday John!!


  1. Look at those lovely girls in the last picture! How lucky you are to have three Girls to love!

  2. Psst, Rosie is linked twice and I can't see who Bec is :)

    That pool shot makes me want to head North and go for a swim!

  3. An inspired method for choosing a winner. Many congratulations to Little Love, Zippy-Zippy, Patrick & Jacinta, Rosie & Bec.

    Hahhah, word ver. is 'crotion' which I guess is a brand new verb for crotcheting while the car is moving.

  4. I know that it is Father's Day but I love the fact that you are travelling for so long that family come to visit you :)

    A quiet weekend here with a Father's Day picnic planned.

    Travel safe.

  5. Your post made me smile x Looks like your all having lots of fun on your trip!

    Congrats to the winners x

  6. Congratulations to the winners!! Fabulous photos from your number search... isn't it always the way that the answer is right before our eyes :) Kx

  7. congrats winners, love the number picking Miss Kate.

    enjoy the weekend, hope Bren has an awesome Sunday ♥

  8. Congrats to the winners. LOOK at your girls, they are changing before our eyes, growing up, little brown berries, little blonde eyebrows, full of smiles. I love Farmer Bren kicking up his heels. I can actually feel such warm energy coming from your post :)
    x Sandi
    I did have a giggle at you getting lost in the caravan park, as I too would do that, thank goodness you took your phone with you.

  9. YAY for the winners and the most awesome way of picking them xo

  10. What's wrong with new blogger? I use Windows Livewriter & bypass all blogger's adorable eccentricities.

    Love that photo of your girls, so gorgeous & happy, in a photo, time & place that they'll remember forever.

  11. Congrats to the winners!
    Your girls look so perfectly happy, I'm sure it must make you so glad you're on this amazing journey.

  12. So sad I won't be making that pillow cover mine, but hooray for the winners! Adn what a cute way to choose. :)

  13. Congratulations winners! I bet it'll be nice to catch up with family on the weekend after so long, enjoy! We're heading up to my folks, so kids are busting with excitement..x

  14. Congratulations to the winners! I love that pool in your caravan park..a great place to stay too and plenty of space.

  15. I love that you got lost in the caravan park :)

  16. Just had to that last shot! xo

  17. Wow! After all that effort that went into choosing a winner I feel extra extra lucky for having won it! Thanks so much! You all look like you're having so much fun! xx

  18. Visitors while you are travelling, how fun!

  19. Your girls look so relaxed and summery.Holiday bliss really. Just wondered if you are passing through Port Hedland could you take a photo for me? I was born there via flying doctor back in the early 70's and never seen it. I do have a real fondness for red dirt though, must be in my blood. melx

  20. Hi Kate

    I've been following quietly in the distance. We've got a 60s van we take for weekend drives but boy is it heavy!

    As the non-indigenous mother of an indigenous daughter I'm wondering how much Aboriginal life you are encountering? We have spent time with family in the Gulf country and I it always amazes me what different worlds we live in? I'd love to know your thoughts as you have traversed the land. (not looking for heavy political, just how things are).

    Thanks for the journey, Alison

  21. Just stumbled on your blog via designfiles - a few months ago on our own trip around oz we were on BBQ7!

    We have just spent 4 months in WA, so if you are interested, check out our blog

    enjoy that part of the country - it is magnificent...

  22. Hi Kate,
    loving your blog - we are planning a trip around Aus in a month's time .. Are you coming to Tom Price ? If so we'd love to have you over for a BBQ to learn all the tips & must do's ..
    Regards Natalie

  23. Haaaaaaa love your where there's a will there's a way reasoning :) Congrats to the winners, we're all winners keeping up with your escapades via your sensaish posts Kate. Thank YOU for the amazingness that your blog is. Huge Hugs ♥♥♥♥♥

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