Saturday, September 17, 2011

This moment...capture it.

Hello from beautiful Broome, Western Australia.

It's a gorgeous Saturday morning here. Perfectly sunny, blue skied and warm.

Miss Pepper is playing with friends in the caravan next door, Miss Jazzy is at the play ground, Miss Indi is sitting here with me writing a story and farmer Bren has pulled apart one of our walkie talkies and is slowly putting it back together again.

And me? I'm right here. I'm happy. The laundry is all done and hanging on the line, the caravan took us all of about 20 minutes to clean and I am sitting here wanting to capture this moment for some later date when I am struggling and cannot remember how it feels to be still and calm and happy in the moment.

I am reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
Yesterday I sent Miss Jazzy to her friend Grace's caravan to borrow a book from her Mum. This is the book she came back with. So far on page 162, so good.

I am also reading my Mum's blog and hoping that one of you, or someone you know, will be interested in buying their farm so that they can move across the road from us.

I am drinking my morning coffee. Slowly. It has a love heart on the top. I know I should drink some water too, I'll get to that.

I am eating salads and fruit mostly. It is too hot to eat much else.

I am constantly frustrated by the limited supply of fresh fruit and veg on the road. Supermarket shopping for stuff we usually pull out of the ground or collect is less than ideal. Hopefully as we travel south this will change.

I am listening to Miss Indi read the story she just wrote to her Dad. I love that she has started writing long, creative stories again. I am wondering a lot about school and creativity and how to keep them both alive at once.

I am wearing a black dress over my bathers. Broome is all hot days and cool nights. Perfect.

I am writing a lot in my journal and a magazine article about our road trip.

I am crocheting a lanyard for Miss Jazzy's walkie talkie. It's blue with white flowers.
There is a gang of kids who ride their bikes around this caravan park and keep in walkie talkie contact with their parents on channel two.

I am planning a visit to a caravan up the row to teach a woman how to join her crocheted granny squares together.

I am loving the bikes, the Independence, the walkie talkie talk, the friendships and the freedom. Living on a farm, this is the type of stuff our kids miss out on.

I am thinking a lot about home today. About how to bring this feeling home with us. How to minimise our stuff, slow down, live in the moment, entertain friends more, drive less, stress less.

So what are you up to??

I hope your weekend is wonderful.

We are off now to visit a mango farm for lunch and then home for siesta.

See ya. x


  1. Kate, our family is doing the same as your family-road trip around Oz. Currently on the road to Katherine, just had a few amazing days at Kakadu. Our blog is 'the long lap around', pop over and say hi. Have enjoyed following your blog, megan

  2. I just love this post, so lovely to hear how contented you are. Your girls look so happy too. Oh and 20 mins to clean the caravan - that sounds like bliss!

  3. I always love reading your posts. It reminds me of my own childhood, riding on bikes with a gang of ramshackle neighbourhood kids, drinking cordial in the hot sun, bare feet. Walkie talkies! Love it.
    Thank you for sharing this little slice of life on the road. Makes me want to pack my boys in the kombi and just go. x

  4. Kate, I've really been enjoying reading about all of your adventures and looking at the pictures.

    I have heard that the availability of fresh fruit and veg in certain parts can be difficult. Hope you enjoy the mangoes. My children would be in heaven.

  5. I did shudder a bit at the warm weather up there but perked up significantly when you mentioned mangoes...

    We are bbq-ing with friends, doing a family door knock for the Heart Foundation, taking the boys to Scout activites, destashing some fabric and enjoying a sudden blast of 30 degrees here in Adelaide (more than warm enough for me)

    Lovely to hear you are all loving your nomadic existance.

  6. I am loving your interesting 'captured moments' - thanks for sharing your journey!
    Have you considered home educating? Lots of scope for creativity ..... and lots of close family times!

  7. Can't wait until Melbourne starts to heat up. Salads and fruit sounds like heaven!!
    We had 13 for dinner last night and another 13 for dinner tonight. I love entertaining. It's good for the kids and so good for our family. But I am a little weary!!
    Now I need to work out how I can seat 30 people at my place for first night Rosh Hashana!

  8. Well I now have the flu thanks to the kids who dont mind sharing it if nothing else and wishing I was doing what you are doing and wishing I could buy your mums farm or any farm for that matter lol.Keep having fun love reading what you are up tp never miss a post even if I dont always comment.

  9. I don't think I'd want to leave that caravan park in a hurry, it all sounds so great! Gorgeous pictures, enjoy your weekend mango farm lunch..x

  10. its the most frustrating part of living up here :; the fresh fruit and veg is limited, and very expensive. we get ours delivered mostly from kunnunarra, when it runs out its gone for awhile. on the upside.. we've got loaded mangoe trees everywhere right now!!

  11. Sounds like an absolutely delightful start to the day filled with so much possibility. It seems that everywhere in the world, it is sometimes difficult to eat right and find fresh food items while on the road. I popped over to your mom's yesterday to read about the farm and your dad's bypass. My dad had the same surgery when he was just 45 which is the age I am now so I try my best to take care of myself so I don't go down that same road. Sending blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  12. I'm sitting under my crocheted blanky in Ireland. Earliesh morning. Watching rugby. I loved Shadow of the Wind! And I read the next book by that Author too, just can't remember the name now.
    My only sibling lives in SA and her husband is contemplating moving to Perth. It feel's like another planet far! Enjoy the rest of your special journey.

  13. A beautiful post. I like that you captured the calm serenity of the moment. Just by reading this I feel more at peace.
    What a great experience you are living, and how closer your family seems to be now that you have more time for each other.

  14. Hi Kate

    I live in Perth it's rained on my washing today. I love to read your posts I breathe a big sigh at the end as it's so descriptive and I feel as relaxed as you do for a few minutes. Happy Days.


  15. I LOVED that book - very special.

    Enjoy the here and now x

  16. Sounds like Broome sure is the place to stop and smell the roses, or ride camels. The whole bike/walkie talkie thing sounds like kid heaven. We have been out today on our bikes, no training wheels for Roboboy and miss Liongirl riding like a princess in the trailer. Bliss all around in the sunshine of Brizzy. melx

  17. So many wonderful memories here Kate. What I love most is the relaxed time you guys are having together. We're about to set off on our annual 'trip', this time with the girls, which I'm really looking forward to. Hope we find some quiet moments to just be as well :) Kx

  18. Love that first photo... A perfect moment to capture.
    Glad you're all enjoying your adventure. I love reading about what you're up to... It sounds perfect.
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  19. So great to hear that there is a great sense of community with life on the road, when this is the thing I thought would be missing. I love it. What great life skills your girls are getting.

  20. Bit of a hard day for me, and I felt abit jealous reading your beautiful post. I have been having tricky thoughts about school too. Thanks for telling your story Kate, I like hearing peoples stories

  21. Living in the here and now and feeling so content is what it's all about. If you could only bottle that feeling :)


  22. Wish I was sitting sucking on a mango with you. Your trip around the Top End has made me homesick for Darwin. Have really enjoyed all of the photos and making me want to tell Tim to take his long service and jump in the camper trailer and head north:)
    Move and organising in full swing - might have to come and pull carrots with you on your return.
    Enjoy the quiet.

  23. Visit a mango farm for lunch ... there is perfection in that sentence!

  24. The pictures of the girls sitting in the water is so sweet.
    xo Jana

  25. Love when its too hot to eat much else.... can't you subsist on mangoes and avocados? Mmmmmm frozen mango smoothies. Your girls look so grown up all of a sudden :-)

  26. Siestas, should be mandatory during WA Summers. Your happiness spills out of your blog. Happy travels.

  27. Hope your Sunday morning is turning out to be just as nice! Can't quite imagine the weather up there much rain here in Perth this morning, and even a thunderstorm. Looks fabulous from the photos though! I am sure your relaxed, holiday lifestyle will flow easily into your 'real' life when you return, and I imagine your business is really going to benefit. If you are continuing down the west coast I recommend a visit to Coral Bay :)

  28. Sometimes it takes a while to get to know where they hide the fresh fruit and veges in a place. I always thought that Qld would be brimming with everything..but not! Eventually we found a few places locally..including local markets..that have good fresh seasonal stuff..and big cities can be even worse 'cos supermarkets don't always stock the best. All the best in your search! The mango farm for lunch sounds lovely.

  29. Oh i think this experience will be inside you forever. I know having 4 children born & raised in Darwin, totally changed the way we parent/ thought we'd parent & live our lives. We've lived in Sydney & Canberra, very different climates & lifestyles yet our children still have that zest for bare feet, outdoors no matter what the weather, sleeping in knickers & eating seasonal fruit all day, every day, all year round. I'm so glad we were given the opportunity to be totally thrown out of our comfort zone, ditto for the challenges i face raising these children on my own as my husband lives interstate & overseas, i am sure we'll both be closer to our children because of it. Me - as their only full time parent option, my husband - as the fun hero who comes home as a surprise & sweeps them off their feet.
    Wishing you more happy travels, embrace it, it will never leave you, love Posie

  30. Your weekend just sounds so happy - I'm a bit envious. Even though I'm having a perfectly fine day of my own.

  31. Those faces tell it all. They are having the times of their lives which will be well-remembered.

    I've looked at your Mum's blog and their place looks fabulous. What a special spot. We are not quite in the right place to buy now unfortunately. Hopefully someone who loves it as much will come along. cheers Wendy

  32. Hi Kate,
    How wonderful to follow you on your trip. It seems quite perfect right now. You have been able to capture what I think most of us dream of if just for a moment in life. Keep On enjoying.

  33. Kate

    I have been enjoying reading about you guys and all that you are up too.

    I love Broome. It is a majical warm place where you feel so free,

    I would recommend cape leveque (sp?) but not sure about your caravan making it there.

    I have been watching a few old retro vans on ebay to buy for us. Very tempted. We have always been the camping, swag and mozzie dome couple but having our own little van now really appeals with a little one in tow.

    If I could buy your parents farm I would.

    Much love and peace to you

  34. Hey there, I read Shadow of the Wind this summer. Got sucked in, lost interest, picked it up again, kept reading. In the end I really enjoyed it - hope you do too :)


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