Wednesday, November 23, 2011


And just like that I've forgotten how and why I blog.

It's the strangest thing really. One minute we were in the beautiful coastal town of Yallingup and I made a little promise inside my head to blog everyday for a little while to catch up on some of the backlog of posts in my head. I managed a few days in a row. And the next day we had to leave the caravan park to make room for the hordes of weekenders from Perth who had booked all the sites and left us siteless.

So we travelled down to Hamlin Bay and camped in the National park on the beach for a while. It was gorgeous.

But we were out of range.

Which meant no blogging and now an even bigger backlog and an inability to work out where to start. I can't even hear the words at night begging me to blog them, begging me to describe the scenes and the feelings that made up the day gone by. I have thousands of pictures waiting and no words to tell their stories.

So it is in the hope of the more I write the more I write that I sit here in Denmark Riverside caravan park this morning hitting the keys. It is a hope that the familiar ritual of loading and resizing the photos, tapping the keys and being in the zone that will enable me to continue where I left off.

Believe me I understand that a break is as good as a holiday...and that blogging should be fun... and that there should be no pressure...but I think I am a nicer person when I have been writing. I love writing. I love having the record. I want to blog. I am a blogger.

(Incidentally, one of the lovely things about life on the road is that almost everyone travelling alongside you is a blogger too. No more funny looks and Really? Whatever for? and What's a blog? When you tell people you have a blog they understand because they do too. You've never seen so many DSLR's.)

OK, gotta pack up and hit the road now. We're off to Albany for a couple of days.

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.

Happy travels. xx


  1. Yay, Albany is where our school Tea Towels are being printed for Christmas fundraisers. Do say hello to them!! I sent them organic chocolates from Canberra as my order is bang on their deadline, ooppss.
    Totally agree, blog for the love of blogging, blogging as therapy too, all shines through as much more genuine than those who HAVE to blog, i like that i WANT to. Love Posie

  2. Look forward to to reading your posts when you get the chance. That first shot is priceless.
    Word verification is "disect" it a message??

  3. Words are funny things, they flow when you least want them and don't when you so dearly want to say something, anything.

  4. Only just falling back in love with words again myself. Sometimes we both need a break from each other but absence seems to make the heart grow fonder. Give my love to Albany, I'll be back there in mid December for the first time in over a decade.

  5. No pressure Kate, although we do hang on your every word!! Blogging is like life, it ebbs and flows. Honestly I go through patches where I just put up my pictures because I don't want to forget them, and throw a few words under them and that's it, and then other times when I actually write whats on my mind. It is good to keep putting up pics though, just for your own sake, or they get muddled in your head!!

    Love and hugs
    deb xxx

  6. Give my love to Albany it's my happy place. Enjoy. I want to blog I have it all in my head and it's a fab read but it doesn't come out the end of my fingers the same way. I will do it soon. I go out with my camera and take photos as if I blog.

  7. I'm sure you'll be back into it in no time. I like the record too - I still keep the daily journal for this reason.
    Meanwhile enjoy sunny Albany

  8. Good timing, lovie. I was driving along this morning singing along to Meatloaf on the radio and mentally wording my email to you and your kin to check that you were OK. Glad that you are and that all is well.


  9. I was just thinking that we hadn't heard from you in a while.
    Funny that :-)

    I have blog blanks some times, I find they do pass but are frustrating when you have good things you want to record.

    Sometimes if you don't get those things down straight away they lose their point, their spark, and don't flow so easily onto the page, if you know what I mean :-)

  10. I think I've blogged twice within the last month. Too much stuff in the way! There's lots I could say, but I don't know where to start either and I know the 'stuff' will be demanding my attention in ten minutes. In the meanwhile, that old jalopy has a very nice smile.

  11. Hamlin Bay is gorgeous. I remember staying at that caravan park in my early 20's. Albany is gorgeous too and I had many holidays down there as a child. Enjoy!
    Anne xx

  12. I think some of the best blogs are the ones that speak of moments. There's a whole lot of living that goes on outside of the internet, as long as you occasionally come back here to share some, I think you'll be fine. No need to fill in the gaps. Enjoy!

  13. I feel the same way some times Kate, but I reach the same conclusions. It's nice to be reminded though. It's the nature of being human, isn't it? To need reminding from time to time.

    Enjoy your time in Albany, it has always sounded like an interesting place to me and home to many creative types. :)

  14. Have you been or are you planning on going to Esperance? Cape Le Grand national park (particularly Hellfire Bay) was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life.. you must try and go there!

    Some photos here..


  15. This is so great - you're doing it even when you're talking about not being able to do it ;) Love that rock photo too. Kx

    p.s. when I tell people I blog here they often exchange quick glances like I've just said I'm joining the Baguan Rahjneesh! ;) Always makes me laugh.

  16. oh kate, i thought i was the only one who composed blog posts in my head as i climbed rocks, walked on beaches etc. i don't know how many times i compose a brilliant post in my head and then get to this keyboard and whoosh it's gone, never to return. you will read back over your posts and look at your amazing photos and shed a tear of joy at the amazing adventure that you and the gang have built together. thank you for sharing the trip of a life time it has been a joy to ride along with you

  17. enjoying your posts very much :)

  18. Sometimes I'm halfway through a post and I just think fuck it and turn the computer off.

    Thank god I think that sometimes. x


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