Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hook me up.

Caravan living is all about the space.

The space to stow your clothes, books and food. The space to put things right away so they don't fall out when you are driving. The space to keep that neat yet homey feeling. And most importantly of all, the space to enable a family of five to hang out and be together without being on top of each other.

One of the things we love most about our 1982 Viscount caravan is the double bed that comes down from the wall and then folds away to maximise space. When it comes down at night it is a snuggly, cozy mama and papa bear bed and when it folds away in the morning, it becomes a roomy lounge, kitchen or dinning room.

Ours is not the most modern or fancy van in the park, but we are pretty proud of the fact that it is one of the most spacious.

BUT, the problem with buying an old van is that things have been used and loved and are wearing and need repairs.

Three sides of our bed are supported by the frame and the couch it rests on, but there is nothing to support our weight in the middle and the wood the mattress sits on is sagging and buckling.

PROBLEM: How to support the weight of the bed without using up precious floor space.

SOLUTION: One day in Carnarvon my farmer boy went into town to work on a solution and came back with an esky and a chunk of foam. When the foam rests on the esky, it is the exact height to sit under the bed and support it's weight.

THE BEST PART: The best part of the problem is that crochet was part of the solution. There is nothing like feeling that one of my favourite things to do is also an important part of the fixing.

So I pulled out what was left of my wool stash...

And one dark night in Coral Bay, we sat at Chris and Trish's caravan for drinks and I borrowed Ally's head torch and figured out how to crochet a rectangle.

In Coral Bay and then Monkey Mia I hooked my way around and around and around.

In Geraldton and Dongara I darned in the ends.

In Perth I hooked the back to the front.

And then in Busselton we put it to the test.

It is brilliant to have another spot to stack books and magazines.

It is great to have another esky to store food in.

When the days get cool and we have to eat inside it is wonderful to have another chair.

And a comfy foot rest is always fun and fancy.

I love how crafty projects from this trip will hold the stories of when and where they were made. How this one will always remind me of beautiful beachy days on the Ningaloo reef. Of sand and turquoise water, of friends and dolphins, of family and time.

Raveled here.

And now in Busselton the days and nights are cool and a new project is winding its way onto my fingers. A rug to snuggle under when reading a book, watching a movie or having a family game of Rummy Tiles.

This rug will be my Southern Western Australia project. This one will hold memories of long talks and plans for our future, of a beautiful week spent with my parents, of thoughts of going home.

Happy travels. x


  1. Kate, I love your esky/chair/table/bed propper-upper.

    Did you check out Cullen winery in marg river ? Hmmm it was 5 years ago but yum!!!!

    If a trip in the caravan means that your kids now pack up straight after they have been doing/playing - I'm off to buy one NOW!

    happy travels

  2. Brilliant as always, Kate. Love to see your creative solutions in action!

  3. smarty pants!

    Do you know that you're like the best blogger ever?

    Just sayin.

    Love digging thru 5-6 posts when I get a chance with you.

    Happy Birthday too.

    Happy Trails!


  4. You're amazing Kate! I love the energy you put into making your belongings feel loved, from the humble esky to the spare tyre.

    I've only been blogging for a few months and yours is one of my favourites. Love reading about your travels. Although we had planned on trekking around australia in a couple of years, we decided last week that we would do it in 2 WEEKS from now!

    Any tips for us beginners???

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Mel xx

  5. Gosh, your posts make me teary. To think of the wonderful time you are sharing as a family and of the memories your kids will always have of this grand adventure...

  6. Cool! Love to see creativity put to good use and how wonderful of your resourceful farmer to come up with such a useful solution. Now you can buy more memories and still store them too. Cherrie

  7. Beautiful post! I love the way the light has changed so much as you've moved around Australia. That cold light of Busselton is the same as that we have here on this blustery day in Fremantle. xK

  8. That is seriously fabulous! What a perfect finish for your clever propping-up solution!! I love it!

  9. This is a lovely tale and a brilliantly practical idea!

  10. A very clever idea and so pretty. It gets colder as you go south but the water and coastal views are spectacular to look at.
    We just arrived in Esperance , it's a little windy and stormy.It does feel sad to be heading home sooner.

  11. Of all the things I admire about you (and there are many) I think the thing I like best is the fact that no foam is allowed to be unattractive on your watch. You really just get on with making the world a more aesthetically pleasing place. Kudos! x

  12. You are a wonderful story teller and a fabulous crafter :)
    Hope you are enjoying your time in Busselton... one of our favourite places to holiday in the southwest.

    Happy travels

  13. Just perfect! Funny post Kate.
    looks like you had a beautiful bday too:)

  14. It's absolutely gorgeous Kate, and very clever too xo

  15. So lovely - I do need to learn to crochet! xx

  16. I was so excited Kate to open your blog to read your post of crocheting treasures, while crocheting myself!! You are so inspirational :) Thank you for your crafty and travel energy!! We too will plan trips away in the next few years, but unfortunately with our farm, they wont be longer than a month.
    Thanks for sharing your life, loves and family with us :)
    Happy Travels

    ps what direction will your travels take you as you head for home?

  17. You are amazing and that is the most perfect caravan! I love how you put your touch on things. p.s. I am loving reading your adventures, thanks for sharing. I never comment but that esky colourful crochet number is just so awesome!

  18. So very clever, and so very pretty! Your van really does look spacious. Hope the weather down that way starts to warm up soon...although at least it gives you the perfect excuse to keep on crocheting x

  19. What a great idea. But...I LOVE you curtain!!

  20. What a perfect solution to a pesky problem :D

  21. Your caravan is so pretty! I love how you make everything yourself. It looks so nice and homey.

  22. i love your posts. will you do a post of all the towns you have stayed at, and where to stay? would love a starting point, to start the 'where exactly are where heading'. X

  23. Hello!
    Been bobbing in and out of your bloggy travels for a while now but haven't commented until now.
    You have perfectly described why I LOVE large crochet projects so much, how everything we make has memories of times, places, people and emotions caught in the stitches. I recall so many things when I looks at my own hooky bits and pieces.
    Your words are a joy to read, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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