Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday guest blog.

Hello! Its my birthday day. Today is also a day of so many firsts for me. My first day in a new decade, my first trip around the sun as a 40 year old, the first time I've ever spent a day in Busselton, Western Australia and the first time I've ever had a guest blogger on my blog.

Who more qualified to guest blog on my blog than my own mum!

Here she is:


and we can hardly believe it!

When our four daughters were growing up, we marked each of their birthdays with a sign on the door with photos of the birthday girl at various stages of her life up to that point.

So Kate, here's a virtual sign from your mum and dad on your virtual door.

The first night we brought you home from hospital Dad was so afraid we wouldn't hear you cry that he slept on the floor at the foot of your bassinette. This is you with Donkey. You talked to him for hours.

Dad used to dink you on his bike to school in the morning when we lived in Parkville. How young he looks there - that's because he was.

We travelled quite a bit when you were young. You lived in London and on a kibbutz in Israel, and we travelled with a tent through Europe. This is on a bridge in Safed, Israel.

Your middle name is Simone for your grandfather Simon. He went to Errol Street Primary School too. 

You're eight here, and you now have three younger sisters. You looked so grown up to us then!

Your last year of school. You're about to enter the world on your own terms.

Ohhh. Obviously this is your wedding day. We all cried so much that day. With love, with joy and with anticipation that for you the best was about to begin.

We're so happy and honoured to be spending your birthday week with you and your family in Busselton, WA. Thanks for having us.

Thank you so much mum!

Happy my birthday y'all! xx



    Oh thank you Kate's Mum for sharing these lovely memories & pictures (oh my goodness the pictures!!) with us today on Kate's special day - looks like she was always as beautiful & special as she is today!

    Kate, happy birthday again. I love, love, love your wedding photo, what a spunky young couple there; now part of a spunky young family.

    Yeah I'm all gushy, weird I know, but I love birthdays & family & happy blog posts, they're better than vodka cruisers & wearing socks with thongs. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your day Lovely,
    with much love,
    Vic xx (+ HUGS.)

  2. Happy Birthday Kate - hope they all spoil you rotten!
    Have a great day, and what a great post from you mum :)

  3. Sit back, relax and soak up the buzz that is a birthday!
    Happy "whatever number that we needn't mention because it's just a number and we're all the same on the inside regardless of the number" birthday.
    Celebrate, be merry & enjoy!
    (ps it is the cool decade)

  4. Happy Birthday Kate - I love that tradition, of a sign on your door and the sharing of some fabulous photos!!

    Enjoy Busselton, meant to be a lovely place that I'm sure we'll get to visit one day as I have a cousin who's an optometrist there.

  5. I'm with Vic- that is the most gorgeous wedding photo.

    Thank you, guest blogger Kate's mum. Gosh, Kate was a little fairer when she was little, wasn't she?

    Happy birthday, lovey. Welcome to the 40s. They are fabulous. It isn't just a rumour.

  6. Awwww, sweet! Happy Birthday 40Kate! I hope you have a blast of a day & trip & another 40+ years ahead of you (you're not even halfway thru life yet!).
    Hugs & kisses from me & bubba Joe!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! What a lovely post from your Mum!

  8. Hey lovely friend, I so enjoyed looking through these photo's! How precious to see little Kate, and to watch you grow up in this sweet post. Hope the birthday celebrations are going well and that you are soaking up all the love that radiates around you. Happy Birthday Kate, we miss you xo ps: word v. = grace :)

  9. Have a brilliant day Dear Kate and many more thereafter.
    Sending birthday hugs your way xxxoxxx
    Ab xx

  10. Wonderful tradition and thank you for letting us share in it!

    Happy 40th, darling you. 40 is good, it's content, it's dreaming, it's solid. x

  11. What an amazing post. Happy birthday Kate.

  12. Happy birthday Kate, what a charmed life you have lived, may your next 40 be just as adventurous. Your mum did a super job.

  13. Love this post! How adorable you are (then and now) and so loved. Teared up a bit at your dad sleeping on the floor near your crib.
    Thanks Kate's Mum for a brilliant surprise guest post!

    Happy Birthday lovely lady.


  14. Happy, happy birthday Kate!

    (and thank you, Kate's mum - this is a lovely guest post!) xo

  15. Welcome to the 40's Kate! Happy Happy Birthday. Jazzy looks so much like you when you little. You look gorgeous in all those photos, and I love your wedding picture. Continue to have a fantastic holiday!

  16. I am a new reader to your blog, and just want to wish you a very happy 40th birthday...what a beautiful tribute your mum has made to you. I really enjoyed this post, and look forward to reading more of your adventures. Lovely to connect - enjoy your celebrations x

  17. HOW EXCELLENT IS THAT?! It wasn't before I became a Mum that I 'got' how special kid birthdays are. Just another Way of the Universe, I suppose. And look at you, kid! You'll do forty fabulously. x

  18. happy birthday Kate! Apart from the body starting to crumble being 40 is fab!

  19. Hope that you have a fabulous birthday filled with love, happiness and family. Makeit memorable for all the good things in your life. Happy 40th.

  20. What a beautiful mummy you have , hold her tight Kate..and can I say 40 really is fabulous !! Have a wonderful wonderful day :)

  21. Happy birthday Kate! Enjoy the visit with your parents :-)

  22. Happy birthday Kate!! What a beautiful post :)
    Loved reading this and those photos are amazing.
    Have a fabulous day. Kx

  23. Oh, tears in my eyes now :-)
    A big happy birthday from me Kate. What a wonderful place to be and wonderful company to pass such a milestone. Have a great day.
    Susie xx

  24. What a fabulous guest post
    I feel a bit goosebumpy at how much love your mum has poured into that
    Enjoy Busselton - I love that area of the world and have a simply awesome time being 40

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!! Have a wonderful day.
    Anne xx

  26. Happy Birthday gorgeous friend!!
    Such a brilliant post full of love and such special photos!! Bet you guys are having a hugely fun day, much love from all of us.XXXJ

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE....such a smiley post for such a worldly traveled and gorgeous girl....
    How lovely to be in Busselton...our favorite place to family holiday a couple of times a year..Have a lovely day.

  28. Beautiful. And happy birthday Kate xx

  29. How gorgeous is that........a lovely post Kate.

    Mum's are so special, how nice to share your 40th. with your parents on this trip of a lifetime.

    Happy 40th Birthday, hope it includes cake, a few pressies and lots of love and laughter,

    Claire X

  30. Happy Birthday Kate! Welcome to the forties, I think they are a great decade to be in.
    Lovely tribute from your mum too!

  31. Happy Birthday. Welcome to the 40's they are truly magnificent!

  32. Congratulations! Great post!
    I wish you fun, joy and happiness!

  33. oh that is so bought tears to my eyes and I have only been following your journey for a short while....happy birthday, sounds like it will be wonderful ♥Jo

  34. been loving your fablog forever ,yep and lurking , but now i will delurk and say merry happy birthday to you...

  35. What a beautiful post Kate. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and that you enjoy your day :O)xxx

  36. Happy Birthday Kate! I totally get why you love travelling so much with your kids having a history of travel in your life as a child. Your parents are very interesting and lovely people as well.

  37. Happy Birthday Kate :D And thank you Kate's Mum for a brilliant guest post. Wishing you many, many, many more trips around the sun Kate x

  38. what beautiful pictures! you are so cute and cheerful! the last photo in this post - it's the wedding? you a wonderful couple! health to you, good mood!

  39. Happy Birthday dear Kate! What a beautiful post by your mum, full of wonderful remembering.
    There is something about old pictures...xx

  40. That was lovely Kate, I got tingles reading that as I felt so much love in your mums words.
    Happy Birthday young lady.
    x Sandi

  41. xxooKateooXX

    All the best for you. Amazing post!

  42. happy birthday Kate xxx beautiful post from your mum!

  43. what a lovely collection of photographs!! great post x

  44. Happy Birthday Kate. Hope you had a fantastic day. All the best for the year ahead with this great milestone behind you.


  45. oh...that was BRILLIANT!!! Happy Birthday to you mrs kate. May you have a BLAST! MWAH xx

  46. Happy Birthday Kate. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and thank you to your Mum for all those fabulous snapshots of your life.

  47. Happy Birthday! We share a birthday. Typing from my new iPad. X

  48. Happy birthday Kate, great blog post by your mum

  49. So so sweet, happy, happy 40th Kate, have an awesome week and just keep on enjoying....

  50. Happy Birthday Kate xx Your mum has done a beautiful post and I love your birthday tiara. You are looking very relaxed and happy! Happy Birthday to you on your special day and to many more to come Hugs Jen xx

  51. Happy Happy Birthday to you beautiful Kate.
    thank you so much Kate's mum for sharing these photo and memories and your Kate.
    She is sure pretty darn special aint she . We are all lucky to know her and have her in our lives. ( that's YOU Kate)
    biggest love to you xoxoxoox

  52. Gorgeous post :)
    Happy, Happy 40 Darling Kate ... I'm sure it will be splendiferous for you being with your Beloveds.
    So Thinking of you ALL ♥♥♥♥♥ + ♥♥ Mum & Dad too. xoxoxoxoxo + xoxo
    (hang on, how can you be older than me?)
    Big LOVE & Hugs :)

  53. Happy Birthday hope its a good one Busselton is a great place to spend it I'm holidaying in Margaret River this weekend.

    Best wishes for the 40's


  54. Happy Birthday, Kate! I'm absolutely positive it was a beautiful day for you, so I'm going to wish that the year to come is equally special. Lots of love. xxx

    PS. Hello, Kate's Mum! Lovely to hear from you!

  55. Oh that is just beautiful! Happy Birthday Kate x

  56. Wow. A really touching post. Thanks for sharing, especially to your mum. congrats on the big four 0.

  57. Oh, happy happy day to you Kate! Love that wedding photo, you both look so happy that you have found each other. Enjoy your day, in fact, perhaps stretch it out for a birthday week- can highly recommend milking it in this way. melx

  58. Happy Birthday, Kate!!! The birthday photo journal is so nice, "thanks" to your mother. I hope the day is grand!

  59. Happy Birthday Kate! How sweet of your Mum to do a post! I hope you have a delightful day!

  60. Love the photos!! Happy Birthday! xxx

  61. great guest post Viv! Love it! I didn't realise it was a big big birthday. happy 40 lovely lady. xx

  62. Happy Birthday Precious Lady! Wow - what a blessing to have your parents with you! Photo's are gorgeous and maybe it was that gorgeous donkey on your basinette that inspired so much creative genius in your mind! How cute is it! Love to you and yours Kate! Love Rach and fam xx

  63. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday, dear kate
    happy birthday to you.
    hip hip hooray

  64. what a sweet, sweet post! pics are beautiful, words are even better. wonderful post Mrs Ulman!
    happy birthday Miss Kate, I bet you had the best time.
    Having kids I now appreciate how special birthdays are and how amazing having smiles, love and laughter around is.
    big hugs to you for many, many more special celebrations ♥

  65. Hi Kate

    Happy Birthday - hope you are having a lovely time and enjoying yourself.
    You definitely don't look forty!!!


  66. Happy, happy birthday lovely Kate! xxx

  67. Happy birthday hon!! What a totally gorgeous post - I had a tear in my eye reading about your dad sleeping near your bassinette - that is love isn't it?! Have a fabulous week.

  68. Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Lovely guest post:)

  69. love this post! great post! so sweet. made me teary thinking about my own little girl growing up. happy birthday from another kate :)

  70. Happy Birthday Kate! What a beautiful post by your Mum it was lovely to see a little snippet of you growing up, such sweet photos and a post written with lots of love. Hope your day was a blast. xo

  71. Hope you had a wonderful birthday filled with love and happiness. Your Mum rocks!! xx

  72. Happy birthday Kate. This was such a lovely guest post, it has me in tears (happy ones). What a wonderful childhood, and loving family. Enjoy! x

  73. hope you had a great day Kate-what a beautiful tradition your family has!

  74. Happy Birthday!!!
    This is one of the best posts I have read. My Brendan just read it over my shoulder with me and we both said what a lovely birthday you must be having with such a wonderful family.
    Best wishes for the next 40!
    Nic x

  75. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more to come.

  76. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.

  77. Such beautiful photos and gorgeous words. Love your parent's idea of the birthday poster. Good one Kate's Mum!!
    Happy happy birthday. :)

  78. happy birthday!!
    loved seeing your photos.
    hope it was a great one :)

  79. Awww, this is so lovely. I love seeing pics of people when they were kids - you were SO cute! Anyway, Happy Birthday for Friday! I really hope you had a wonderful day with your gorgeous family.

    Katie x

  80. Happy belated birthday. What a gorgeous post from your mum, I had tears in my eyes.

  81. Oh Kate. How gorgeous of your Mum! I adored all these extra insights into your past. And welcome to the big four-oh club, my friend ☺. Having been a member for a year, I can highly recommend it. J x

  82. oh Kate, this adorable guest post made me smiley all over. Happy 40th Birthday. I adore popping back here to visit and be inspired.


  83. gorgeous post!
    happy birthday - hope your 40's bring much fun and happiness - so far mine have been great :)

  84. Oh I have been away and missed it!
    Happy happy belated birthday to you Kate - sounds like you had a fabulous day surrounded by all the things you love.

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