Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday musings...

As the weeks and blog posts roll on by, I've started to notice the pattern that is the Monday morning brain full of stuff overload. There are numbers and thoughts and recipes and ideas and appointments to remember. There's stuff to plan and to wonder about and to make. 

Some weeks I have let the speed and the amount of stuff overwhelm me and get me down. Other weeks, like this week, I just go with it, enjoy it, notice it and try to make some sense of it.

Here's some of what's going on with me right now...

Firstly, I AM AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!
Last night my sister Meg had a chubby little boy baby called Blackwood (Woody).

Ohmygoodness, a baby boy. So rare in these parts.
I can hardly wait for my turn to snuggle him and give him his little heart baby Milo (ravelled here).

My nine square sampler is slowly growing. The squares above are Alice's Grandala pattern. I love the way the charcoal makes the colours pop.

We grew and picked and salted and rinsed and salted and rinsed...and bottled our own olives. Certified organic Daylesford Organics olives. How ace is that!!

Some say they are still too salty. Not me. I am loving them and gobbling them up by the bowl full.

I keep going back to this post. I am so rarely happy with the posts I write and the photos I take, but this time I was. I think that's the reason I haven't been able to blog since last Wednesday. I just loved clicking on my blog and being reminded of that glorious daffodil picking morning.

The knitting and the seaming of the Jazzy Fan Stitch Jacket is officially finished and all I have to do now is choose a ribbon for the closure or perhaps crochet a little trim. And then she'll try it on and hopefully it'll fit. Fingers crossed.

Spring at the end of this week. Please!!!

Making the most of this year's rhubarb crop with crumbles and muffins and jelly and chutney and maybe even some champagne.

Making a camera strap out of this vintage trim. Have you ever made a camera strap? Have you seen a tutorial for one? Do you think it's silly to use white?

Making and baking and bread and trying to use up the jam we made two years ago and never sold. We made this roly poly on the weekend but I'm keen to have a go at Jamie's recipe next.

Book week costume today, choir costume tomorrow, excursions, projects, forms, library books...I need to get on top of it all and be prepared. This night before panic is killing me.

And then there's the September road trip to plan, seeds to look through and order, a Melbourne trip, this week's meal plan and shop, a photo shoot to clean up for, a hot house to agree on, a guest post to write, the laundry to hang out, the meeting at four, the test knit to knit, the soup to cook, the invoice to send...

How are you going this fine but icy Monday?
Is it Monday there?
Have you got a head full of stuff?
Are you on top of it all or is it swimming around splashing at you?

Later lovelies. xx


  1. Head full of stuff doesn't even go half to explain that feeling that runs away with you sometimes...I've been humming 'From little things big things grow' to myself in an endeavour to just deal with one little thing at a time! You should be proud of your last beautiful post, I came back to it several times too just to enjoy your beautiful enjoyment. Thanks, Alison xxx

  2. I will just have to make Jam Roly Poly soon..haven't had it for simply ages. Good to know you've got your head straight again this week, it's an awful feeling when you're not coping.

  3. My head is still swimming (hmm...drowning!) with ideas at the moment. And I tend to just flit from one thing to the other without really giving it the time or thought it deserves. Hence there's been a whole lotta nothing going on here besides cups of tea making. Loving the heart milo. Think my little miss needs one of those. And woo hoo to the olives. Wish I lived closer to your neck o the woods so I could sample some. Wishing you a lovely albeit super busy week. One step at a time ;) x

  4. Congratulations on becoming an aunt. I became a step-grandmother on Friday (not sharing it on the blog or social accounts as yet at the mother's request) but it's exciting and the little dot is a beauty. The knitted vest and cardigan are so very sweet. I brought home a hand-knit from the op shop today. I can't bear that they've been so lovingly crafted and there they hang, unworn by the look of it. And at $7, it's such a shame.

  5. Congratulations on being an auntie Kate. I am sure your sister Meg will love the little Milo you have knit up for Woody. I love Jazzy's cardigan, how beautiful. My MIL has a few olive trees but not too many olives and says it would be too much work for just a few olives but I am sure if she lived close to you she would be buying those ones for sure. I hope that you get some warm sunshine up your way very soon. I love the daffodil photos too.

  6. That granny blanket is looking fantastic Kate! I love the charcoal popping :) Very envious of your olives. We've been nurturing of trees for 5 years now... waiting waiting... I'm told they don't fruit until they're at least 10 or 15 years old? Congratulations on being an aunty!!! I love being an aunty to my niece and two nephews (boy things are a rarity around here too!). The milo looks gorgeous :) Camera strap looks fantastic - why not white? It's great! I have some black plastic buckles and those things that let you tighten and loosen the strap if you need some? Hard to find. I got mine off Nicole from You Sew Girl back when she used to have a handbag supplies shop so they're super good. Let me know if you want them. The roly poly looks so yummy. Is miss Jazzy going to Book Week as Pippi Longstocking? She looks fabulous :) Have a good week. Kx

  7. This is Nicole's link for how to make an adjustable strap...
    and the slidy things are the ones I have if you want them.

  8. Congratulations on becoming an auntie. It's the best feeling, all the cuddles but none of the sleepless nights. Lovely to have a little boy to knit for. Sarah

  9. The latest mollie makes magazine has a camera strap tutorial , haven't had a close look at it - I think that vintage ribbon would look awesome as a camera strap.

  10. A chubby baby boy! How very wonderful!!
    I love your little sampler. I think I want to make one too but I have a ripple blanket on the go & am yarn bombing a can chair I bought at the tip shop so maybe I should wait....or maybe not.
    Speaking of Spring & seeds, do you ever grow micro salads? I've been watching River Cottage Veg & it got me thinking...let me know if you've got any tips Kate.
    Have a great week xx

  11. congratulations on becoming an Aunty!! There's heaps going on around here too, way too many forms to fill in and return, concert costumes to organise, an over growing garden, a traveling husband (hopefully for the last time), and busting for spring to arrive! Your milo best is adorable & I can't wait to see that cardi on. We had a go at your garden bread lady night, mmmmm delicious! x

  12. Congratulations on your new baby nephew!!! So exciting!
    J looks sooo gorgeous as P. Longstocking. Perfection.
    I'm loving your new crochet project, E has just finished a poppy.
    Translated from an American flower book, she's so happy with it!
    Have a great week Kate!XJ

  13. Welcome to the world, Woody :D

    Making apple jelly today, and thinking of my Australian blog friends sliding into spring as we begin the slip towards autumn.

  14. Lady, your skills know no bounds. Seriously, so much talent over here at your place. I can't believe that you would'nt be happy with your pics- they are amazing

    xo em

  15. I would be proud as punch of that post too. I loved those pics. My head's always swimming with stuff. I should make it easier on myself and make a list and prioritise and organise, but I let it swim until I realise I've forgotten something and panic sets in. Like at the weekend when I realised I'd forgotten to bake bread and we had none for the morning...

  16. Aw, congrats, Auntie Kate. Looking forward to seeing lots of little manly knits amongst the bigger girlie ones.

    Here I am trying to work through endless lists of pre-holiday preparation and chores. But buoyed by the knowledge that once we get on that plane, routine is out the window for 5 weeks. Woohoo.

    Stay warm.

  17. I can understand you looking at your last post and feeling good, you're littlest in amongst daffodils is gorgeous. She symbolises all that is good in the world, the future, curiosity in nature..
    This post's pics are lovely too, Pippy, the Milo vest for a new nephew, crochet squares, rhubarb...thank you for sharing.
    Welcome Spring!

  18. Oh I know I'm going to love your blanket. Is it after Alice's Gypsy blanket? Gret, the brownish-charcoal background.

  19. Your a busy lady, your knitting and crocheting are beautiful. We are getting ready for fall in New York. So sad I love summer here.

  20. Is that Pippi Longstocking on the wall there?

    Yes I have made a camera strap.;postID=8787230739772686261

    It is cool and comfy.

    Looking forward to seeing yours.

  21. welcome welcome Woody!!!

    I just did chicken salad for 50!!! (Luckily, there was enough left over for dinner tonight!!!) (It was sort of a kickoff for Fall---even though the temps are still in the 90s and feeling like mid-summer).

  22. Love the vintage trim for the camera strap... Not mad making it in white but my tip is to make it easy to remove & wash.

    I made mine, but I crocheted it, (in super soft cotton/silk yarn so it's lovely against your neck) and I made it like a sleeve that slides over the original strap. Two reasons for this - I'm a bit lazy and it was a quick easy way to do it, and also because I can simply slide it off to wash it or change it if I get tired of that particular shade of blue - unlikely but possible!

    You can see a pic of it here if you like;

    BTW - so loved the daffy picking post too, glorious cheery spring love :-)

  23. Oh Congratulations! Woody is such a great name!

    I'm glad I'm not the only mama doing the night before (or morning of, ahem) panic.


  24. Congratulations on being an Auntie - that Milo is totally adorable and a perfect baby gift!! Love all your crafting goodness you have shared. It's Tuesday here now, but I can't really remember much about Monday. We have just had the first one start with the sniffles, will see what happens for the rest of the week! But yes, I totally agree - Bring on spring!!

  25. A camera strap YOU make will be awesome I'm sure! White? Hmmm ... maybe a tad impractical if I think about the kind of stuff I do when I'm taking photos... lying on the ground... sometimes even planking! But that ribbon oooh yes. Calico? Off white and strong and versatile? Have you seen these? - ... for inspiration :-)

  26. Ooops..forgot to say Congrats on becoming an Aunty... it's the bomb! :-)

  27. Hip hooray for a boy! Congrats to your sister.

    Here's what I read...
    lovely busy life, lovely busy life, lovely busy life, MELBOURNE!

  28. My Internet power is going to run out any minute - red flashing lights.... We will have electricity at the end of this week, if all goes to plan - I sort of can't actually believe that.
    Anyway - wanted to say that I loved loved loved your daffodil post too. I didn't mind that you hadn't written any others as I kept going back to it as well. And I showed it to people; I don't often open my iPad and show everyone blog posts (it's my thing, and my kids and family like it and live it, buts it also sort of my private readings. Make sense??). But I showed the kids at the breakfast table - I loved those daffodils so much. And beautiful little Pepper as well. My Mishi loved Pepper's outfit, and talked about that more than the flowers, but that's ok because that was part of the beauty of the whole blog post and your photos. So full of wonderfulness.
    But - I feel that with every blog post and every photo you share. Thanks Miss Kate for warming up and brightening moments of my day. xxxxxx

  29. congratulations on being an aunty. Being an aunty is the best!! and lucky baby to have you as a aunty xo

  30. Loving the charcoal too.

    Oh to be an Aunt. I would so so so so so love to be an Aunt. I don't think it will ever happen for me though... not with my own brother or my partner's brother or sister. The chances of our children having cousins is so very very slim. This makes me sad.

    Those daffodils cheer me up though. Gorgeous.

  31. Your finished knits are so lovely! Are you going to grow your nine square sampler into a full blanket? It's properly neat! I love it!

  32. How do you do it?

    I love reading your blog, I feel jealous and calm all at the same time. Jealous as I wish that this was something I could do and calm as even though it is truly hard work you are living the life you want to lead and seem to be thoroughly enjoying it.

    But, how do you fit in all the work and cooking and looking after children and cleaning and digging and then sitting down to knit and crochet and make beautiful things?

    How do you do it?


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