Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm a wondering...

If too much barley is the difference between a soup and a stew?

If not quite set jelly can be called syrup?

If a person's essence can really change?

When winter will be over already?

If I would be a quicker knitter if I held the yarn properly?

If I could cut my own fringe?

When the asparagus will pop up?

How to choose six instagram pics for the exhibition?

Why we ever moved to the iciest, coldest place in Australia?

If there is a good, ethical, environmental, not too pricey flooring solution for us?

How I will fill my time when Pepper goes to school next year?

If I could grow stuff on my studio roof?

If I should change my blog banner?

If the dough I just made is a bit dry?

If farmer Pierre and his family are having a good time in France?

How we ever thought a poodle could be a good farm dog? (Think mud and fur).

How to photograph my gorgeous stripey Esse pipes?

If I drank too much coffee today?

What the blogless do with all their rambling thoughts and distractions?

When my smallests will recognise that soup is a real dinner?

That's me-how about you?
Do you have any answers?
Any wonderings of your own?

Later lovelies.


  1. Ha ha! I've been wondering about the fringe, the coffee, the soup, and the blogless too! Xx

  2. My head is always so full of wonderings. I agree, having done my own fringe for years, I do like it when I get around to getting it cut properly.

    Now I am thinking about all the things I need to do today so why am I spending an hour on the computer!!

    I wonder what I would achieve if I didn't have the internet!!

    Enjoy your day x

  3. I have no need to process my thoughts via blogging or writing them down in any other way as I either process them in my head or I talk about them. Writing is too slow for me and gets in the way of my everyday thoughts. I hate to then look back on what I have written as that was then and this is now. I prefer to engage with conversation and then move on; I tell people what I am thinking as I enjoy the feedback and discussion without having to wait for it. I love my thoughts and don't find them distractions - they are who I am. I enjoy writing essays though as they need more slow processing and are about things I am happy to recap on when re-reading them.

    Fringe cutting is absolutely fine. Use sharp scissors, cut when damp and remember that it springs back quite a lot when dry so be cautious. You can always cut more off.

  4. You can never have too much barley in soup :)

  5. From previous experience, cutting ones own fringe tends to end badly, and wonkily.

    Most likes for the instagram pics perhaps? A theme? A colour?

    I often wonder about blogless people too... :)

    I'm wondering if my Winter crop will be ready to harvest by the time the seeds are seedlings ready to be planted out in their place.


    1. Oh yes, I've been thinking and wondering a lot about garden planting timings too.
      A bare bed is such a rarity these days. x

  6. I am sure when Miss Pepper is at school that you will be so busy with other things that before you know it it will be time to pick her up from school. I think asparagus pops up in September as my dad used to grow it and I love eating it. Those little chicks are just adorable, love the darker one. Hope your crocheting squares are keeping you happy as they look fantastic. I think your bread looks wonderful which would be perfect in winter and summer time!

  7. Possibly. If you want to. In my opinion, no. Dunno. Yes! - though slower at first while you learn the technique. Only if you won't mind living with the outcome - whatever it is.... Dunno. Most liked? You moved in the Spring/Summer? More easily than you think. Yes. No. Dunno. Dunno. It's so damn cute. Multiphoto a la Hockney? How perky are you? Say them out loud (and risk sounding insane). Long before they stop saying it isn't a real dinner. I'm wondering how we'll cope with the end of our six week, UK summer, holiday?

  8. Check out marmoleum (by forbo), peeps in the states like it for being green. Price......that's upto you :)
    You can get it in castlemaine. I just got a quote for 2.5 k for kitchen and laundry. Supply and install.

  9. So many good thoughts and necessary ones... yes, and how nice that we have our blogs and can get it out :)
    Loving the comment above (wish I'd thought of that!) haha. Also muchos muchos loving those squares and the pipe warmers - so beautiful :) Kx

  10. On soup: I have no problems convincing the little people it's a meal. It's their father that refuses to be convinced. Usually a plate of melted cheese on toast on the side is enough to pull it over the line.

    On fringes: you can trim yours for sure. just heed my advice and don't cut it wet. unless you're going for the kindy fringe look. been there. There are some good tips i found useful at the bottom of this post... http://www.girlsgonechild.net/2010/01/gone-style-new-year-date-night-snip.html

    rachel xo

  11. I love your knitting to beautify Essy's pipes
    The blogless (moi) read blogs and its nice to have your thoughts floating all over the place.
    When all my girls were at school, I did all my stuff at my own pace and exercised more and caught up with friends more and cooked more involved meals, that has been lovely for all the years I drank cold tea/coffee, rushed for pick ups etc

  12. Goodness you have a very full head. No idea how the blogless do it either. Bamboo flooring maybe? melx

  13. Don't cut your own fringe - never ends well. That is about the only answer I can come up with for you at this time of night (when I am supposed to be working but am crusing blogs instead because after a day of kid wrangling my brain is fried)

  14. A giant no to the fringe! I've been there many a time (I never, ever learn!) and it ALWAYS ends in tears. You'll know the answer to the coffee question in the "wee" hours of the morning ;)And I've got 4 jars of quince syrup in my pantry. Have a marvellous Wednesday :) x

  15. I definitely wonder about the holding yarn properly = quicker knitting one. I just can't get the little darting finger thing my Granny had going on. x

  16. Oh Kate that BREAD!!!! Gorgeous. xx

  17. I love that, " what do the blogless do with their rambling thoughts and distractions." Funny you know I think I am so much more able to think and I see things a little differently since blogging, so all those people must be more of a walking mess than we are.

  18. I am a bloggless Canadian, and I still like the old fashioned way of putting ink to paper. I keep a journal. There's just something about picking up your favourite writing instrument (BIC Ultra Round Stic Grip in Blue for me)and letting the ink glide onto a lined, binded piece of paper. I read many blogs on a daily basis, and though some times I get a stirring to start my own blog, I just can't betray the journals that have kept my insane ramblings and thoughts. Cheers to you all! Dee

  19. Ditto that on the fringe, I have cut mine with success but when you stuff it up it's only regret you will feel, once did a right doozy on myself. i love your pipes.

  20. Cork worked well for us, on the floor I mean. Don't know how expensive it is there.

    As for the rest of it, I haven't the foggiest.

    As for me, I can't sleep for all the wondering these days. Especially about the dough starter, will it do it's magical science in the next 2 days? will it make a tasty loaf? will we have sourdough pancakes by the weekend?

  21. Love your wonderings. So poetic! I'll share some of my own wonderings:

    * How do you know when to persist and when to give up on something?
    * What will happen with my new book in the months to come?
    * Will rainbows ever cease to feel magical to me?
    * Should I tackle Tunisian crochet?
    * How many different ways are there to smile?
    * What is around my next corner?

  22. I often cut my own fringe but never cut it wet and only a small trim, hairdresser tidies it up for me every few months, have opposite issue with my syrup turning to jam in the bottle - very hard to get out,! Love your stripy pipes and rambling thoughts - I write endless blog posts in my head that never actually make it to the keyboard.

  23. What a great post. Yes, I wonder about so many of those things. Never, ever about cutting my own hair, though;) I know the answer to that one - don't do it!! xx

  24. Many thoughts and lots of care.

    Will I ever be able to crochet that lovely square in this post?
    Will I find harmony at the moment when all seems rather challenging?

  25. I often wonder these days how people sit in front of a computer screen for hours without reading blogs????? I mean, what else are computers for lol?????? Reading blogs is about the only thing I use the computer for these days. Hubby has a fit each time he sees the bookmarks list on the computer as it grows daily as I bookmark blogs which have an idea I would like to use.
    As for cutting your own hair, give it a go but don't take off a lot, just little bits at a time.....that way if you stuff it up, you can at least go to a hairdresser to fix it for you,,,,cut off too much and you will be waiting for it to grow. I am one of those strange people that hate having people play with my hair and I don't like going to hairdressers, so I cut my own. Its not perfect but it has layers. I have taught myself the basics courtesy of YouTube lol.

  26. This comment: When my smallests will recognise that soup is a real dinner? made me smile. A male collegue who's heading towards 40 still calls soup a drink and insists he has to have a proper meal after! On soup day at work (where we take turns bringing in soup to share for lunch) he always brings another meal to have after.

  27. I cut my own fringe. I reckon I am pretty good at it.
    You will easily find things to occupy your time when Pepper goes to school.
    I reckon one of your IG pics should be with the leaves in the shape of a heart you did a while ago.
    when you say essence do you mean like the essence of their personality? I think yes.- but I am in the business of change so i think people can learn to be different.
    and I am with Pepper- soup is not a real dinner.
    I am wondering:
    how bad heartburn and leg cramps can get? can it get worse?
    I am wondering if the studio will be finished before the baby comes?
    I am wondering how I will cope if the Summer is really hot?
    I am wondering how I can remain motivated to finish crocheting the baby blanket?
    I am wondering about being the mumma of 2 and where Chef and I will fit into that.

  28. More woolly crochet will keep those fingers warm in the iciest place in the country...more bread in the oven would help too! Spring IS just around the corner, I promise. When I lived in Canberra, I planted an almond tree just outside the kitchen window, because their spring blossoms come on before the fruit trees!

  29. Bamboo flooring is pretty sustainable I hear.
    Fringe dont do it.
    Next year you will wonder how you fitted everything in to your week previously.
    My husband agrees with Pepper.
    I want to learn how to make barley risotto.

  30. Bamboo flooring is pretty sustainable I hear.
    Fringe dont do it.
    Next year you will wonder how you fitted everything in to your week previously.
    My husband agrees with Pepper.
    I want to learn how to make barley risotto.

  31. Have seen greatness with lacquered newspapers as flooring ( really amazing although much patience required) .instagram exhibition what is that. Still learning about the techie stuff. The knitted pipes look awesome.

    My question
    Why after devoting a whole day to fun, chats, kids stuff no distractions at all, do they still want more ....

    Oh and a sure fire way to tell if an avocado has Bo brown/ black bits before you open it

  32. Your pipe covers look great, and yes, thickness is the difference between soup and stew, and barley can do it!

  33. I'm with Samantha - step away from the fringe!!!!! I'm speaking from YEARS of experience. You would think I would learn?!?! But no! Even though I know in my brain that it will be disasterous, I still persist and it is ALWAYS dreadful. Dreadful! I do however, love the idea of growing things on the roof of your studio. And I know that when Pepper goes to school, there will times of immense loneliness and the hours will seem endless, but there will lots and lots (and more and more) days that fly by and you - being a creative and energetic spirit - will fill them :-) And you did move to the coldest place in Australia ;-) Man! Did you have snow over the weekend?

  34. Looooooove the stripey pipes! :)

    I cut my own fringe all the time especially when I'm procrastinating. It gives it a little je ne sais quois I like to think (not just raggedy uneven bangs!).

    Bamboo floors maybe?

    I can't wait for winter to be left far far behind as well!

  35. I cut my fringe about two weeks ago - wet hair and I had the flu. What was I thinking? Luckily I only did a small fringe- luckily a blast from the hairdryer hides the kindy fringe look. How long does a bad haircut last? About three weeks and then I'll have the courage to go and see a proper hairdresser. Love all your pics

  36. Hi Kate, this post gave me so many smiles! Probs because I'm in awe of you & your ace blog & this post is full of the kinds of questions I ask myself! Yes!! You can cut your own fringe, being the ompetent craftswomen you are & they grow quick anyway!
    I once moved from Darwin after 10 years to Daylesford, imagine that- crazy! ( and magical ).
    And I'm one of the blogless out there, with thousands of thoughts whizzing.. Yes! madness to not be blogging I know! Must conjor some courage!
    Thankyou for your blog. It brings much Joy & inspiration for me. mollie k.

  37. I think so. Why not! I like to believe yes. Argh, I am over winter too! Enough already!(I am in Harcourt) More than likely, just practice. If you have serious cowlicks, don't cut it. SparrowsGuts?? Eenie Meanie Mynie Moe. Your Crazy. Sometimes I think a dirt floor with Guinea Pigs to do the cleaning would be nice. Trust me, you will find something to do. I think about roof gardening too, the summer heat worries me. A change is as good as a holiday. Eat it with soup or make toast or my kids favourite, garlic croutons. Whats not to love about going to France?? Really? a poodle?? Love your pipes, and admire the heating. I think you might have had too much coffee. Perhaps they sing, or annoy the crap out of their husbands by yakking all the time. At about 10yrs, mine love it as long as its pumpkin and I have made it, although I got away with minestrone for a while by calling it SuperSoup.

    Ok I wonder
    - When will the letter from the council come approving my planning permit for a market in Harcourt. I mean really, why should everything take so damn long!!
    - What to plant in the vege garden this spring
    - Hoping my thumb is getting greener as I get older
    - When will my SewJo return (sewing mojo)
    - What will I make for dinner
    - Why dont I go to bed earlier??


  38. Please don't change your banner! It's so unique and it does exactly what it says on he tin!!! xxx

  39. About the poodle Kate, I so love it when I catch a glimpse of JoJo in a picture, he looks so sweet! I have a poodle and until recently a labradoodle with ridiculous curls who loved to roll in puddles so I know about the mud and fur dilemma. I found it makes a big difference for their maintenance if they are trimmed quite short and have a raincoat and warm jumper for winter. It does mean you have to take his coat on and off but much easier than washing him or trying to get the mudd off. I'm sure you can knock him up a range of woollies! But I'm sure it will be easier in summer. We know the heartbreak of having the right dog at the wrong time or place and having to rehome, avoid that at all costs! Enjoy the wild pre-Spring winds!

  40. Oh Kate, home alone after all those years with girls around, trust me, these ideas & questions fill your head all day long. All i know is that when my 4th started school (4 years ago) i have never been busier. I miss them all, but i love preparing the house all day long for when i go & collect them from school & high school, come home to a lovely dinner & calm environment. I've also gone to the gym more, read more, sewed more, loved the animals more - those chicks are gorgeous!! Most of our hand raised chicks have decided to become roosters, noooo!! Love Posie

  41. Re: floors
    There's an article in the latest Green magazine about toxic free timber floor finishes.

    P.S. don't cut your fringe. I've been there.

  42. We're about to install marmoleum in our new bathroom, just like the old lino I grew up with... it's made from jute, linseed oil and pigments so good sustainability rating and it's easy care and fun.

    We're going with one that looks like the inside of an old book but there are heaps of finishes and colours...


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