Friday, August 3, 2012

Pocket skirt.

I've had the most gorgeous week.

Despite the fact that we've had two with the flu and a rather large dose of middle child syndrome, it's been lovely. Filled with the perfect mix of outside and inside. Lots of cooking (old faves and a few experiments), lots of kitchen gardening (weeding and seeding), a bit of knitting, some family time, a few new friends with the same names, an improved reader, less counting, plans for an exhibition, a night out with my boy and some winter sun.
And to finish it off, I've had a little pocket of time to sew.

A not so successful sewing session a few weeks back left a dent in my sewing self. But I'm pleased to announce that after an uninterrupted hour, Nina Bernina, a pattern taken off a skirt I love, a zipper, some stashed fabric and my bias binding maker, I love to sew again.
And what better way to start the weekend than with a brand new pocket skirt?!! Yay!!

Now I just have to find some treasures to pop in my new pockets, start making some food for our gorgeous Saturday guests, feed the fires, download a family movie for tonight and it'll be time to get the girls. Phew!

Have you had a lovely week this week?
Has the sun been shining where you are?
Have you had time to knit/garden/sew/cook?
Do you feel like adding pockets to everything you own?
Do you have plans for the weekend?
Are you happy it's Friday?

See ya!

Thanks Emina for the tights.
Thanks farmer Bren for the dresser pics.
Thanks Mother Nature for the sun!!! It changes everything.


  1. That skirt is adorable and so are you perched up on your dresser. We've had a bit of sun over here in SA but I've had a tired and flat week full of should do's and ought to start's, but more procrastination than achievement. I'm planning a roast for dinner, so I'd better not procrastinate about that or it won't get on in time. The family is awfully forgiving, but dinner at midnight is pushing it!

  2. Dearest Kate,
    You are a beautiful and inspiring person.
    You make others smile.
    You're ace :)

  3. oh don't you look gorgeous!. had a fab week here, collecting sheep and chicken poo, pea straw and bark chips for the garden (well the man of the house has but we have tagged along and supplied the tea and biscuits). made nettle soup for the first time (which was lovely) from some foraged stinging nettles. had no time for sewing knitting or anything creative but plenty of gardening time and even had a girls night out dinner date with some lovely ladies that provided lots of laughs. happy weekend to you!

  4. you're pretty much my fave.
    have a swell weekend

  5. It's a great skirt Kate, I love pockets! The sun sure does make a difference, enjoy your weekend..x

  6. You know i was only thinking yesterday that I wished all my clothes had pockets! Especially on these cold Perth days! Its been raining all week but that is AOK with me as we just had the driest July in 140 years!!I love the rain so I was happy, happy, happy. I had a little jacket on that had no pockets to warm my hands in & got to thinking I could just add pockets to anything I wanted really...
    I love that you are wearing the tights, they look very lovely xx

  7. Lovely post, lovely skirt. I'm pinning that pincushion pic!
    I'm just popping in to leave a hurrah for the middle children, as one myself. I'm presuming by middle child syndrome you mean caring, kind, clever and responsible ;-)

  8. Great skirt and colours, it looks great with those tights.
    Have a great weekend, lets hope the sun keeps shining!!

  9. Perfect skirt for perfect tights and shoes. Don't you just feel fabulous when you model atop a piece of furniture! I love it when I make something for me and it actually turns out that I like it.

  10. I had to click over when I saw the preview pic on Maxabella's blog roll. GORGEOUS. Perfect with the tights. You just perked me up for the weekend, thank you for sharing.

  11. Your skirt looks very nice, and goes perfectly with those tights. Wasnt it lovely today with the sun being out and warming everything up. I didnt even knit today and was outside for quite a while. Let us hope the whole weekend is nice. Hope you have lovely week too!

  12. Love that skirt/stocking/shoe combo. Very stylish.

  13. i adore that skirt! and your tights!

  14. Your pocket skirt, SO CUTE!!!! And your bias binding, just divine. Clever thing. Happy weekend you gorgeous lot xxx

  15. Your skirt! It is so cute, I absolutely adore it.
    It's been sunny and hot here, and as for my weekend plans, I have lots of sewing to do as I am getting ready for a handmade festival.

  16. The combination of textures and patterns between the skirt, its pockets and the tights is just stunning!

  17. Great skirt! And I love the tights. Just sad that being in the UK the import VAT would make them too expensive for me to buy :(

  18. Love that skirt... it's so weird being on Instagram because I saw this gorgeous skirt there and then I see your post in blogger and think I've already visited your blog! So glad the sun has been shining on you guys :) Have a great weekend! Kx

  19. p.s. Still loving those tights too! :)

  20. a little pocket for sewing pockets- what a delight! I love the skirt, the binding around the pockets is the perfect finish. sewing/ knitting stuff still packed, but have been cooking up a storm with oranges. happy days! :)sarah

  21. super gorgeous! love those colours together. xx

  22. Kate, because of an influx of Kiwis to our house for a month I have been remiss in my blog-reading, so have just caught up with a wodge of your posts - beautiful, they make great reading. We are proud owners of a Rayburn so can concurr with that lovely feeling of 'slow cooking' and bung it in while the ovenn's hot, no worrying about timings and numbers, cook by instinct (and be prepared for a few surprises!)

    LOVE the tights, how lucky are you!

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you knwo how much I've enjoyed catching up with you. Happy wnter....we are feeling a bit like that here and it's supposed to be summer!!

  23. Lovely sewing work! I admire your bold pattern combos!
    Gee it makes me miss my sewing machine.

  24. Hi Kate, just thought I would let you know the annal yandoit woolcraft show is on again this year.18th 19th of August. Yandoit Hall High St Yandoit. There is a section everyone can enter. Come along and have more fun, it's also catered for this year. Tell your friends going to be a great weekend of wool exhibits, projects, lessons and fun. If you want more info email me hope to see you and anyone else who wants to come! Jodie

  25. So far behind in my blog reading that I have sort of given up, still reading back through your posts that I have missed but had to stop and say just how much I love that skirt. It is such a lovely bright pop of colour. Just perfect :).


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