Friday, February 15, 2013

Gravenstein apples are GO!!

The first apples to be picked in the season are the Gravenstein. 
According to the Diggers Club website;

Malus domestica 'Gravenstein'

Sweet, tasty and delicious, this apple was first described in 1797. Eat them straight off the tree from February to March, or bottle for use in Winter and Spring. Fruiting Feb-Mar. Pollinated by Jonathan or Snow. (NB, Gravenstein is a triploid flower, so it will not provide viable pollen for other varieties).

Our 10 Gravenstein trees are part of our South orchard. We planted this orchard about seven years ago but because of droughts and floods and birds, this is the first year we've picked fruit from it.

To say we are excited is an mega understatement.

Apple farming was the first feather in our organic farming caps when we moved here 12 years ago. Since then we've added vegies and berries and eggs. But I like the apples the best. Apples are awesome, don't you think?

So after a few hours testing for ripeness, filling our crates, balancing them on our heads and juggling them, I reckon we're going to spend a fair share of this weekend eating them. As is, as pie, as crumble, cut up and twirly-whirlied. The Gravensteins don't have a great shelf life so I think we'll probably sell some and preserve some too.

Wohooooo we've got apples!!

Have an ace weekend folks wont you.
Are you up to anything special?

Big love xx


  1. whooo hoo you got apples and they look delicious...we are all apple fans in this house and i love to eat them in all ways! I'm off to get my first veg box from WLL tomorrow so hoping for some apples in my loot!

  2. any fresh fruit straight from the tree is the Best! These look yummy.

  3. Hi kate, I love gravensteins!! The local orchards around here on the Peninsula have had them available for a couple of weeks, but I think this is their last weekend, lucky you having them just coming on! I think they are one of my favourites, so crispy and tart, and extra special because they are only around for such a short time. Have alovely weekend in your orchards you lucky ducks!! Julie xx

  4. Beautiful pics Kate, that first one is magical. Can feel the excitement with this first harvest in seven years. mel x

  5. Yay! The excitement comes over in your words! Apples are great, we have to prune our tree in the garden this spring in order to get it healthy again - we didn't have much luck during the last years since the apples always fell off before ripe.
    The weekend to come is the first weekend without work since a long time, and although we have only two days off instead of three as we hoped to, we are going away for at least one day to change scenery a bit - your post about the beach getaway has motivated me even more to do so. (Although there are no beaches here - but snow!)


  6. Apples are indeed amazing fruits. So many things you can make with them! I have applesauce and apple juice from last year. Oh and apple butter! My to-be-mother-in-law loves the applesauce in her oatmeal, and she's a fantastic cook, so her liking something of mine is awesome! Hope the rest of your apple-ing goes just as well!! xoxo, Jess

  7. Oh, how exciting! They look so yummy too!
    Have a great weekend, xx

  8. They are so pretty Kate, apples are awesome indeed! x

  9. They look so so good! I love Gravensteins. Will you be doing a farm gate stall anytime soon? I'd love to see the farm in the flesh and buy some apples and veg!
    X zannah

  10. Oh my, that picture of the star in the apple and the knife - just stunning.
    I'm eating cheese and crackers right now...but I reckon an apple would go just great with them so I'm off to go grab one and a knife of my own and imagine I'm in your orchard!

  11. woo hoo! Congratulations! I can hear the juicy crunching from here!

  12. How exciting!! Congratulations on your harvest, you will have so much fun cooking up as many of those beauties as you can. Love the star in the middle of them - so quintessentially apple!

  13. Ooh these are absolutely delicious:

    caramel apple slices

    and don't forget these:
    apple upside down cake

    They all look delicious!!

  14. Beautiful!!! We have some ancient apple trees that my grand parents (possibly Great Grandparents) planted -- no idea what variety they are but we love them for their history. Have had some grafted on to fresh stock so they won't be lost.

  15. Congratulations! Gravensteins are the best....

  16. Applesauce and apple butter? Years ago I was always given a basket of fall apples from a friend at work and this is how I used much better than store bought. Wonderful post.

  17. I'd love to start fruit trees growing on my own plot, but the hubby wants a different plot first. A space away from the busy world and removed from our everyday for now. Not getting any younger, so I'm thinking I need to get at it.. Apples and pears and blueberries and raspberries are on the top of my list. So glad you are reaping the fruits of your labor! I smile so when I am eating my homegrown garden stuff.

  18. Hi Kate
    Love your photos with the apples.
    We have 4 Gala apples trees here in Patagonia. My mum planted them and we are getting a lot of apples this year.
    I just put a post on my blog too. My two year old daughter is loving eating them. Just have to figure out what to make with the apples.

  19. They are beautiful...and yes apples are the best (plus passionfruits, they are also pretty awesome)!

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