Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two days

Hooray for the weekend!!

I'm so excited. It's no secret that I had a bit of a crappy few days at the end of last week. I really did. Overemotional, sad, lost, empty...

This weekend feels a bit like a reward for getting through it. My light at the end of the back-to-school tunnel.

And I have big plans for this weekend.

I plan to clock up some hours on the crochet hook. My book deadline is in sight and that means so is the end of the book blanket. I bought a knitting magazine today, I think I'm getting ready to sew in the ends and move on.

I plan to watch these guys and their millions of green buddies and hope that the past few freeeeeeezing cold days have panicked them into thinking it's almost autumn and that they had better ripen their seeds quickly.

I plan to do a spot of treasure hunting. My farmer boy is threatening to send me to garage sale rehab, but  I think that a little bit of thrifting here and there keeps me sane.

 I plan to make pesto. And eat pesto. On everything. Mmmmmm summer.

I plan to enjoy the fruits of my past few days of baking frenzy. Farmer Bren called it nesting the other day, but the sad thing is that it was really empty nesting. They went to school and I baked. Sob!

I plan to admire these gorgeous avos we got in the mail from here. They're so fresh that they're not even ripe yet, but they sure are gorgeous.

And lastly, but firstly, I plan to spend so much time with my girlies. We've got two whole days with them and I don't plan to let them out of my sight.

There you go, that's my weekend all planned out.
I hope it goes oh so slowly.
I really need it to.

So how are you?
What have you got planned for your end of week days?
Are you making or baking or growing or sewing?

Later lovelies.
Lotsa love.


  1. Enjoy your two days Kate. Your baking frenzy looks delicious and those avos are beautiful. That is what I call good mail! I love the warmth in your final photo.

    This arvo I am stewing some stone fruit and trying to ignore the fact that my children return to school next week too.

  2. can I recommend my favourite avo thing at the moment : avo smashed up on toast with feta and lemon. I could almost live on it. enjoy your girls and your avo's. xxx

  3. Where did all of that delicious food come from? It must be exciting to be almost finished your book (and blanket). Happy weekend!

  4. back to school this week here too. your book blanket is looking great, are you just sewing the squares together?

  5. Hi kate, your blanket is looking great! I'm enjoying a weekend of chilling with my boys too. I have just made a sweet potato and spinach lasagna and I'm going to make apricot jam tomorrow, and try and get in a better routine for the school washing, should try and put it on today rather than tomorrow night. My tomatoes are green still too, but we have lots of beans at the moment instead. Make the most of the two days, it will be back to the mid week busyness soon enough, have a great day, julie :)

  6. Agreed that treasure hunting helps keep one sane!! Enjoy your weekend with your girls. I'm sure they'll love the time with you as you will with them. xoxo, Jess

  7. Your blanket is looking great!
    I'm glad you're so happy - enjoy the weekend and the pesto - yum!

    Sarah xx

  8. Big long walk on the property today enjoying the sound of the creek and new grass tree growth. afvo protecting the near ripe peaches from the visiting wallaby. about to start the man's new cabled cardi. I can't resist an op shop either.

  9. Baking is such comfort! Enjoy your weekend.I've somehow got to get out of holiday mode, and get organised for school next week. I honestly don't know how we're ever going to get there on time! Xk

  10. Your weekend sounds similar to mine.
    My boys & I spent the morning doing the BIG clean out of bedrooms & then all our household chores. I was so pleased they did all their jobs without complaining or fighting- such a relief. We are back to school on Monday & I wanted to start out all fresh & organised.
    Tomorrow I've got baking to do- cookies, breads, & slice. I'm trying hard to stock our pantry & lunchboxes with homemade things. I feel much better for it.
    I've really got to finish crocheting the ripple baby blanket I'm making for our new arrival. Only 11 weeks to go & there are a few more things I want to make before he arrives so I MUST stop procrastinating!
    And that is the weekend ahead. I'm trying to keep busy so I don't think too much about the fact that my biggest starts high school on Monday. It is really making me sad & anxious & I don't want to be! I want to be happy & excited for him. I hope come Monday I can keep my emotions in check.....

  11. Our little ones have been back to school for two weeks now, but on Monday my baby grandson starts his nursery 3 days a week! Nanny will be lost without her little shadow, so perhaps there will be baking frenzies here too! In the meantime cleaning and washing are the order of the day, but a lovely lunch with daughter and her family tomorrow to look forward to. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Oh the blanket! And oh the avocados! Both so yummy. Wow your weekend sounds packed Kate, but yay for weekends and girls home from school. Mine are too and we've gone out for hot chocolates with a friend, gone walking, scootering for them and snuggled in bed to watch a movie, all while the husband works diligently to get our home finished, another girlie weekend here and more of the same tomorrow.
    Ps YAy for the book finishing soon, you are AMAZING to be getting all of that done. Yeep! I'm excited.
    Enjoy :)

  13. same, oh same, my youngest starts school on Monday..sad oh sad..

  14. It's so nice to wake up to the vibrant summer colour of your posts. We're still cradled in the arms of winter here - but dreaming of spring. Having a nesting weekend - going to pick out tiles for the new kitchen/laundry, then back for another round of wallpaper stripping before the builders arrive at 8 am on Monday.

  15. Oh does that mean that your writing is finished? thats exciting! Everything looks amazing, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  16. oh wonderful creative images over at your house...that blanket, the slice, the avocado's and the thrifting all sound magical! Enjoy the weekend with your girls Kate...the back at school thing has me hankering for time with the kids too xx

  17. Was thinking of you this week with 2 new school starters, and all the changes that means to your life. Tonight I am having a cry because my eldest went to her first gig with her ska punk band at the cherry bar in melb. She looked so awesome, and so much an adult - felt like I was saying goodbye to the old shy little school girl that lived in our family only last year.Think I may need a moment to adjust. Alison

  18. I was going to say the same thing as Cath re the avo's ~ I also sometimes sprinkle a little dukka on the top too ~ yummo scrummo!
    Have a great weekend! x

  19. Oh enjoy the weekend , I have spent it cancelling all 'must do' thingies that involved anyone but my immediate people and dog, so that we can breath, cooking, reading, walking the dog...after the first days of school for 2013, enough.
    Bes wishes for the term , thankfully a short one here in Vic.

  20. How glorious does your weekend sound - perfect antidote to a busy week. My little one started school this week. I'm a bit (ok completely) bereft.

  21. I do hope your weekend has gone super slowly Kate and that you've thoroughly enjoyed those precious moments with your girls (I also hope they settled in well to the first few days of school). Your weekend sounds great and those muesli bars look delicious - do you have a recipe at all? Happy weekend! Ally

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  23. Its amazing man..
    Beauty lies in reality.
    All the best to u & to your daughter.

  24. One should have to spend some time with child.
    These days everyone seems very busy without any proper reason

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