Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The basket family

Isn't it funny how all it takes is something a little out of the ordinary to make your day. A little shift in the routine, a surprise, an unexpected gift and everything looks different.

This morning after the usual muesli and coffee for breakfast, after the ordinary drive to school and the same old-same old school drop off, I waited in the queue at the post office with a fist full of boring bills for what I was certain would be some dull boxes of electric fencing.

But I was wrong!

This morning there was also a great big box addressed to me.

A surprise!

Fiona Kate of Fiona Kate Simply Gorgeous Storage had sent me a basket family. Three sizes of wire baskets all nestled inside one another in their box.

I was thrilled. I still am. I skipped out of there and came straight home to try my new baskets out for myself.

I started with wool, of course, for the middle one.

And then I took the baby one over to the harvest table in the kitchen garden and chucked some onions in. The big one I am saving for apples. Or socks. Or dolls clothes...

Fiona Kate sent these baskets to me as a surprise gift. That's a pretty lovely thing to do don't you think. She thought I'd like them and I do.

So thanks heaps for making my day lovely Fiona Kate!

I hope something a bit fun has happened in your day today too.
Or perhaps you've done something lovely to make someone else's.
Do tell, I'd love to hear about it.

I'd also love to hear about what you're having for dinner.
I'm a bit disorganised but thinking about roast vegies and lentils and fetta.
And maybe a purple carrot cake.



  1. How lovely! They really are fabulous. No fun here I'm afraid - I'm a reacting robot today. Just reacting to whatever pops up and needs doing. Haven't even started thinking about dinner either but roast vegie and lentil salad sounds divine :) Kx

  2. Not much fun here either - head lice strike again! Love the baskets and love that you popped in for a 'visit' - so lovely to hear from you xx

  3. Oh I love the baskets...what a simple yet creative idea. Love a surprise on a boring old same-same day. Dinner...leftover lamb, carrot, zucchini, garlic and onion with passata and pasta. Too hot to cook something from scratch, 40 degrees and so humid. Your dinner sounds yum x

  4. Gorgeous baskets. Tired hot day here today. Dinner tonight is corn fritters topped with tomatoes, rocket and sour cream. I love this time of year in the garden! Enjoy yours...

  5. Hi Kate. First time here - love the baskets (and your blog btw.) I feel v. disorganised myself juggling my 4 young boys with school schedules, renovating, etc. So my cupboards are bare, but I've got some lovely Shepherd Avocados which are now in season, so I plan to make a quick and easy pasta sauce with them (i.e. garlic sautéed in butter, some smashed avocado and a hint of cream. Add a squeeze of lemon juice a grind of black pepper and parmesan cheese to top.) My kids love this sauce over their pasta (but apparently they hate avocados, ha ha.) xx

  6. Hmm dinner - not to sure. Want quick and easy so probably corn and zucchini fritters with green salad something like that.The kids will probably whinge but hey they'll just have to suck it up. Surprise presents/mail always so lovely

  7. Bless, there are some lovely people in the world. Aren't you a lucky ducky.... they are simply beautiful!

  8. they are just divine...so perfect in everyday! I had a little surprise package too today...I won a crochet mag and my lovely friend popped in the most gorgeous crochet wool in there to get me started! So sweet...makes me so warm and fuzzy that there is goodness in this world x

  9. I just love those baskets! Talk about have someone do something nice, we are being spoilt at the moment with a group of gorgeous school mums dropping off dinner to us every night!! I tell you, it is the most generous, amazing gift to ever give when a new baby arrives..x

  10. Imagine that! Chicken wire baskets. I hope they are sturdier than the fence I unsuccessfully made to keep the doggies in. I do like their look though. I bought my sick friend a door mat today which rather made her day though it is a boring sort of a gift. I also looked into the sewing room but got no further than that. Enjoy your evening. Cherrie

  11. Gorgeous baskets!! What a lovely thing to do and totally deserved I would think. That must have made your day. Purple carrot cake sounds a bit delicious as well.....

  12. Surprise mail is the best. Our postbox has been completely empty lately :(

  13. Ormond made the most delectable chicken, rice and veggie meal that served all of us with lots of bowls of leftovers to eat all week long. How lucky am I ?~!

    Sewing my log cabin blocks to make throws and window covers and baby blankets. My idea of a relaxing evening stretching to the wee hours.

  14. i love surprise parcels, they are the best. love those baskets, lucky lucky you!
    we had cheese sandwiches for dinner, busy day here moving furniture around for new carpet being laid. have a lovely week x

  15. What a wonderful gift! I live wire baskets and have several square one's but these round one's are just awesome!

  16. Oh, those baskets are lovely!! They look equally at home holding on to your wool as they do filled with yummy fresh garden produce. Do they bend out of shape with the weight in them though?

  17. oh hai there you.
    so so nice to HEAR you yesterday.
    love you.

  18. Oh these are lovely! Beautiful surprise gift :-)

  19. The basket family! Oh how cute!!

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