Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making apple cider

A few nights ago, we were lying in bed when my farmer boy asked me how I am managing to keep my feet on the ground with all the book buzz going on around me. It was an interesting question and I had to think about it for a bit before answering.

In the end I realised that the answer is simple. There is so much gritty, real life stuff going on here all the time that I have no choice. None at all.

In amongst the interviews and the photo shoots and the articles and the blog posts and the small film and the gorgeous comments from you guys, is my real life and it is unstyled and not a bit glamorous.

There are the girls and Bren and their adventures and issues, the ever changing farm stuff, the house work, the bills, the crazy bunnies, the mud, the desperate list of garden chores, the running low on toilet paper, the hungry fires, the stinky fridge, the breakfasts, lunches and dinners...the list is endless and urgent and ignorant of any book I may have written.

Having said all that, last night after seeing my book in the windows of two book-shops in Melbourne, it did take me longer than usual to calm down and get to sleep. What a crazy ride. What an incredible adventure. I am grateful for this experience beyond measure.

But I'd best be off now and clean up the crazy sawdust mess the bunnies have just made and do last night's dinner dishes...blah!

Lots of love to you guys and thank you, over and over....x


  1. What beautiful pictures of making apple cider! I'm sure it was delicious too!

  2. Yes! Life goes on in the background! But it's STILL SO EXCITING!!!

  3. Just promise me you schedule a tiny while to let your feet flutter waaaaay above the ground? You've earned it in big, fat, spades. x

  4. The cider making looks like a very interesting process Kate. Is it your press or do you borrow it? I bet the cider tastes good.

    Life certainly does go on in the background but it is good to have something bigger and more exciting than the 'norm' to keep us inspired isn't it? Happy days x

    1. The mulcher is ours and the press is on loan from farmer Liam (second photo - in the middle).
      And you are completely right about having the extra fun part. I hope that means baking day is feeling like its going to be great! I know it is xx

  5. It must be such a thrill to see your book in a bookstore window. You're still keeping it real though, unstyled life and all.Love that. Nat x

  6. I know...a little late...but nonetheless, a great heartfelt hug of congratulations for the launch of your looks fabulous. It will be the best record of your amazing journey too!

  7. and I fell in love with the bunny mug! :))

  8. Yummy!!!! How a tentation!!! I would like to try that!!!!

  9. That is going to be so good. Nice to see everyone chipping in. Jo x

  10. Congratulations for your book! It's great to have such a big project despite all the daily normal stuff.

  11. i get goosebumps about Team Foxslane. You two are a rare pair. (You know that, right?)
    Your honest respect and love for each other is so freaking refreshing - no fluff, no cliches, no apologies, just legit.
    You know how social media is distinguishing genuine accounts from the fakes, by using that little 'tick'?
    Well, "Team Foxslane"
    Genuine and legit.


  12. It's as they say Kate (they being those irrefutable universal laws) You get what you give.... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. I only just recently discovered you on Instagram and now on here, but I can't even begin to tell you how happy your blog makes me. I feel like I'm right there in the thick of it with your family -- your photos are amazing. It's hot, hot, hot here where I am at the moment, but your apple pics jump off the page and make me want to reach for my winter coat! LOVE your blog and congrats on the book!

  14. Makes me so happy reading this post - good on you. Kate :) xx

  15. I love how you talk about the real stuff too - it connects us all doesn't it? No matter what amazing things happen (or not ) it is the day to day stuff that is the most humble and real. Perhaps we need both sides to live a balanced life. I know when I have been on stage and been cheered and the show has had its time, I can unexpectedly relish the simplicity of hanging the washing on the line. But other times I can be desperate to get away from the mundane. But the truth lies between the two and because of them both. Thanks Kate for both chasing the dreams and being real.

  16. Woww.. I'm sure it's dellicious. Your photos brings hungry :D

  17. Looks so good! I love apple cider. Especially warm and with some pie :) Thanks for sharing! Great photos!


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