Wednesday, July 10, 2013

all over the place

I feel like I'm a bit all over the place at the moment.

It's school holidays and my girlies have been chatting to me all day long. And singing to me and telling me to look at them and asking me what's for dinner. In between, I'm doing bits of publicity for my book and trying to sound like I make sense and have a clean house and clean kidlets. I'm also cold, always. I'm trying to organise a cute little event or two. I'm returning emails. I'm designing a poster to sell more of our chookies.

And I'm crafting. A little. In between the other stuff and sometimes, sneakily, at the same time.

I'm knitting a beanie for my Mum.

A few weeks ago I was having a really crappy day. I think it was this day. In the middle of it all my sister Meg called. We talked and I cried. Then later on we texted back and forth and I cried. And then finally she sent me this text message;

What you are going through on all fronts sounds huge. But a bad day is just a bad day. And a bad decision is just a bad decision. And a bad mood is just a bad mood. Being alive is about having a full human experience. The great and the crapola. So go easy on yourself. And really, you should be focusing on a genuine catastrophe: Mum's purple beanie. xx

She was right of course. So I am.

Actually while I think of it, Meg and her family are going away for a year and renting out their house. Have you always dreamed of living in Daylesford for a year? How cool would that be?! Check out the details and photos here.

I've also been knitting this teeny, tiny onesie for baby Lola. Well actually I've just finished the knitting part and now I have to block it and sew on the buttons.

It's crazy cute and little and although I have really come to terms with the no more baby thing, it did make me wobble.

I've been cutting and stitching and turning the right way out and pressing and stitching bunting. Lots of bunting. To be hung in windows of book shops selling my book.

My book. Eeeeeeep!! Some advanced copies arrived this morning. I'll show you some sneak peeks in the next few days. You can pre-oreder it now you know. Just click on this link and it will take you there.


And I've been baking a bit. The wood oven is on 24/7 so I may as well. The old faves are working well but I really should get a bit more adventurous. I think I should make olive bread. I think I will. Tomorrow.

I think right now though, the best thing to do would be to go and have a hot bath and listen to a podcast. Yep, I think I will.

What a rambley old post. I think it pretty much sums up the way I'm feeling though.

How are you feeling?
What are you making?
Are you cold or hot?
Do you like listening to pod casts in the bath? Any recommendations?

Bye xx


  1. I love this post. I often feel rambly all over so I understand. And I love your sister's text, and the way her humour at the end helps to put so much into perspective. You have a lot on at the moment - Life?? Life's good! xx

  2. I've been having a bunch of bad days (and badder moods) lately. Maybe it's the school holidays (although I usually enjoy having them all around). I don't know. Anyway, your sister has good advice. I particularly liked that she suggested you focus on knitting :) Always great advice! Knitting is my sanity saver.

  3. Slate Culture Gabfest my fave podcast this year Kate. How exciting about the book! Hope the bath gave you half an hour of being warm all over. x

  4. I'm such an oldfart I don't do podcasts but I am looking forward to seeing that bunting in a local shop soonish.

  5. You are crafting some cool stuff Kate and your bread looks delicious. Podcasts...have you listened to Richard Fidler's conversations that are played on the ABC? Most of them are totally gripping and sometimes stop me in my tracks.

    We have a few extras working for us this week so I am cooking 'man food'; meat, potatoes, sandwiches etc. Bring on the weekend.

    I love your sister's words, so wise. A year in Daylesford sounds good, I wonder if I could handle the cold?

    I am off to order your book x

  6. i am LOVING podcasts- i started listening to them when I started doing regular exercise in November. Best thing ever!
    I LOVE them so much. Love listening to things I would never give myself the time to listen to otherwise.
    Love the TED talks, also love Freakonomics , This American Life is the best thing EVER, also love the NPR All songs considered for ym dose of music stuf.
    So many ace ones.
    But none as ace as you.
    and also advice ever Meg- I am totally going to have that etched in my brain & remember it for me too!
    What a gorgeous family you have Katie.
    I can hardly wait to get my hands on your book.

  7. i am so excited to read your book even though i have no intention of cravanning!

  8. sisters are just the best arent they! x

  9. Oh my goodness I can't tell you how excited I am about YOUR book!! I have just pre-ordered my copy and next time I see you, I will beg you to sign it xx P.S. Better to be all over the place than no place at all x

  10. You are quite normal feeling "all over the place" I think we all have times when we don't feel quite settled, but as I read your blog the one thing that stands out to me is how happy your children seem, and that means to me that you have accomplished the most important job you will ever be given. Can't wait for your book!

  11. How wise is your sister?! You should listen to her
    I can only imagine the gorgeousness of the windows of the shops selling your book - I hope there will be a Tassie one or two!

  12. School holidays and everyone's sick again. Oh joy! Spent a lot of the day carrying the 15 month old on my back (he's a chunk!); cut out quite a few outfits for some paper dolls; dug some holes for plants; baked ginger cake and made pizza. Wish we were all well but it wasn't such a bad day. Thanks for the rambling post - I like those ones the best. xK

  13. What a beautiful message from your sister- I love the way your posts ramble too- and i'm looking forward to seeing your book! :)

  14. Your sisters words are awesome. What a wonderful sensible person to have in your life. I'm so excited for you about your book release, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Me, I'm all over the shop too. The weather is rubbish, my kids gave me headlice, the cat weed all over my tax paperwork, I have packed my camera charger in a random box and my 90 year old house is very cranky she is being renovated. On the upside I'm going to a crochet and jazz festival in a few weeks time so things have to be looking up, right? mel x

  15. Your sister is a treasure, you should keep her :)
    It's hard to remember that she's right when you're in the thick of it. But she it, and I probably could do with a text from her too sometimes.

  16. Why does every day have to be thought about, dissected, and organised? I say yes to the rambling days, there should be more of them. Your book is going to be fantastic......putting it on my Christmas list now!

  17. Why does every day have to be thought about, dissected, and organised? I say yes to the rambling days, there should be more of them. Your book is going to be fantastic......putting it on my Christmas list now!

  18. OMG thank you so much Kate, it is so lovely! I hope the wobble wasn't too bad and I assure you little Lola will wear it with love.xx
    I think the school holidays and all the other things you have going on a shamble time seems more than ok! We are a crazy traveling circus of shambles at the moment.
    So can't wait for the book, it is going to be sooo amazing I am sure.

  19. Cutest onesie – love the colour too!

    I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a podcast, but I keep hearing about the Ted talks stuff so think I may have to investigate when I have a minute (ha!)… I do like a good audio book though, a goodie would have to be Keith Richard’s ‘Life’… half narrated by Johnny Depp so not hard to listen to ;-) ... One of my fave things to do is have an audio book going whilst my hubby and I craft together....he plaits leather whilst I usually crochet...I'm feeling like we need a good new audio book now... I'm making and blogging crochet blankets and wrist warmers, and delicious gluten free cupcakes, that use lots of apple and are a bit healthy - you could adapt the recipe to non gluten free for your sweet girlies lunchboxes if you wanted? There's about 8 big apples in 30 cupcakes! That equals healthy in my books!
    I can't wait to see some sneak peeks of your book :-)

  20. I am only new to your blog but LOVE your honesty and how you speak from your heart, you see, it feels like you are speaking from my heart too. I am cold, always cold and rambly too. I feel out of sorts and can't find direction or peace. So thank you for sharing and helping me to feel just a little bit more 'normal'. x

  21. I think that you might just be wonderful Kate...... and years from now , you will look at how MUCH you cram in to a day and say CRIKEY !!!! xxx

  22. What a sensible girl your dear sister is and so absolutely right xx

  23. Trying to knit for Lola. I love the podcast Saturday live bbc4. Richard Cole one of the hosts used to be in bronski beat.

  24. Hi Kate, I've just moved to Canberra and coming to grips with the cold (although the locals tell me it is very mild for this time of year). I am loving my pure merino thermals as they seem to be doing the job although I'm not a fan of the bulkyness under jeans. A friend of mine who battled through San Fransisco winters for a number of years swears by her silk thermals as she says they are so light, thin and soft. Something to investigate!!

  25. Yes, silk is the answer. I live just across the Bay from San Francisco after thirty years in Tropics. I start with a layer of silk-top and bottom-and go from there with a thin wool layer and likely one more after that too. Rambling time of life in the planetary sense of the word here and for a few around me, perhaps near and in you as well. Rolling with the urges seems to make sense to me this time so off we splash-weaving, growing, nurturing. It's all good.

  26. I wouldn't listen to podcasts (or my preferred) audio books in the bath becuause I've already dropped my device into a cup of tea and that was an expensive mistake!

    I'd love to live in Daylesford if you can sort the visa for me to come over from England? ;-)

  27. I'm feeling for you in your tough time and loving your blog - a definite favourite! Podcasts? Here in the UK I love Podcasts from Radio 4, especially 'Ramblings' - walking and talking with people who walk for different reasons...insights into different places in Britain and other people's lives, so ticks both the armchair travel & nosey boxes!

  28. I think I need your sister to send texts to me, too.... she's onto it. Very excited about your book and very EEEEEEP!ed out with that cute little onesie. xx

  29. We do all have bad days...and I think I've just had a bad fortnight...but we're mostly over it now..thank goodness. Your sister's words were very wise. I hope you make it through soon too.

  30. That little onesie is way too cute! And Lola is a great name- thats my girl's name! And why do sisters know just the right thing to say? Or usually anyways!


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