Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pom-pom bombed prezzies. Yes!

It's Thursday and we're in market prep mode.

It's been a little while since we've done a market and I must say this before part, where we're talking about what to sell and how to make it look pretty, is a lot of fun.

This afternoon we've been pom-pom bombing copies of my book. It's been a lovely indoorsy thing to do on this freezing cold summer's day and I think they look super cute too.

In fact I thought you might like to make some of your own.

Here's how we did it;


  • your prezzie
  • plain wrapping paper
  • sticky tape
  • wool
  • scissors
  • a pom-pom maker/cardboard ring

First wrap your prezzie in plain paper.

Then tie some wool around your package a few times.

Use your preferred pom-pom making method to make three different sized pom-poms. Or two of the same and one different. Or all the same. Whatever you like.

Fluff your pom-poms out and give them a little hair cut if you need to to neaten them up BUT leave the two strings you used to tie them up long.

Tie one pom-pom at a time to the middle of the present using the long strings you left on your pom-pom. After you have tied them up, you can trim them off too.

You are done! Simple pimple, right.

Sit back and enjoy your pretty pom-pommed prezzies.

Oh and instagram them too. Of course. They look so pretty, how could you resist?

Let me know if you make some, I'd love to see.

You can buy these ones we wrapped with a bonus book inside at The Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete this Saturday from 8am-1pm. Yay!

And I am super thrilled to be linking up with amazing Kirsty again at my fave meme My Creative Space. 

Happy making!

Lotsa love.



  1. Divine wrapping!! I'm sure lots of people will snap up this idea for end-of-year-holiday-christmas-hannuka-whatever pressies!!

  2. They look fabulous and how lucky you are to be taking part in the Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete! Wishing we had such a thing here.....

  3. Oh they look just beautiful. What a super cute idea. Thanks for sharing Kate! Have fun at the fete. Wish I was still in Melbs so I could check it out.

  4. Gah - they look fabulous! You'll kill it at the fete of course. xxx

  5. Pompoms make me happy. They look so festive, Carla

  6. Awww they look totally adorable and cheerful! I'll have to file this idea away.. perfect fun wrapping.

  7. They just look so wonderful! Have a fabulous day at the fete xx

  8. These are adorable! Suitably both crafty and festive. x

  9. I'd buy them just for the extra pom-pom bonus! Great, fun idea! It will draw kids over to your table and then their crafty moms will want the book!

  10. They are stunning and so much fun to make. Love the idea of tying the presents with different coloured wools even rather than string. Perfectly quirky :)

  11. Loving pom poms. Love those professional looking Pom Pom makers too! You and your girls are pumping them out! Where did you get?

  12. Can't remember when I last made a pom pom, but you have got me keen! Lovely post as always. Thanks!

  13. Oh I am so doing this with all my presents, they look like such fun! Thank you for the idea, I love making pom poms!!

  14. They are delightful.

  15. Any gift has to be better with the addition of pompoms!! Your parcels look amazing hon. I also wanted to pass on my huge congrats on your book publication! I've been away far too long and am finally catching up on all the goings-on and was chuffed to bits to read about your book. Now to get myself a copy .....

    Have a fab week hon.

  16. ohmygoodness - you can BUY a pompom maker ?!!?!? wow!! they look festively fabulous!!!

  17. Your pom pom wrapped books look so good…lucky you to have 3 helpers!

  18. Hi Just wondering where you purchased your pom pom makers? I havent seen these before and tried another type which wasnt so successful :(


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