Monday, December 30, 2013

Old tee-shirts - new rug

It's a funny time of year, isn't it? Neither here nor there, but in between somewhere.

We haven't left the farm for days.

We've been doing jobs, reading books, making pom-poms, gardening, creating yummy things to eat and spending hours and hours cooking elaborate tea parties in the cubby-house.

And I've finally started my rag rug.

A few weeks ago I spied a bag full of old colourful tee-shirts in the hall-way at my farmer boy's folks house. I quickly intercepted their path to the shed to become rags, by claiming they were exactly what I needed for my next craft project.

So for the past few weeks we've had a bag full of old tees outside the doorway of our bedroom. Waiting.

I must admit, I do have other bags and piles of future craft project materials stashed around the house. At one stage I had such great intentions for all of them. Mostly I'm still hopeful for some of them. But time marches on and new crafty plans are hatched along the way.

But this bag of tees called out to me each time I passed. And I found myself looking longingly back at it as if to reassure it and myself that I hadn't forgotten. I was just waiting for the perfect chunk of time.

Yesterday was that time.

Yesterday I dragged a big old quilt outside under the shade of the oak tree and started cutting. I knew that if I began looking through books or online tutorials that I'd get distracted and the moment would be lost. So I cut what looked like one inch strips and using a 10mm hook, I started crocheting around and around. Increasing six stitches each round.

To be honest, I'm not certain at this stage that I even like the look of it. I've spent so many hours staring at it that I can't even see it anymore. But I like doing it. I like the rhythm of it. I like the thought of giving something old a new life. I like how Jo Jo the dog keeps me company on my quilt. And I really like how quiet my mind is as my hands are busily  hooking around in circles. It's fun.

And in the end, if I like it I'll bring it inside, and if I don't, the girls can have it for the cubby. Win-win!

So how are you anyway?
What have you been busily creating?

See you next year!

Love Kate xx


  1. Didn't know you had a dog. He's a cutie!!
    I'm good. Madly trying to finish my needlepoint in time for Jake's birthday on Jan 6th. I think I'll make it!!
    Also managing to fit in a little patch-working time too.

  2. I have two t-shirt yarn balls, but I haven't made anymore...they are waiting for me to start using them your rag rug!! Your dog is adorable!

  3. What a great idea. The first photo in this post is a beauty. It conveys so much between the girls and the textures you have captured are wonderful. I think it would take me a while to accumulate enough old t-shirts for this project but I love anything that is able to reduce,reuse or recycle.

  4. What a great use of old tees! I love this.

  5. Terrific choice to upcycle and what adorable photos of the girls!

  6. I think you might come to really love it. I made a bathmat out of t shirt yarn and it's the bees knees.

  7. I love the look of it, and I am sure those old t-shirts would rather be an amazing rug than rags.

  8. I love crocheting rugs and especially from old tshirts.

  9. The rug is so colourful and cheerful, looks great, I have one in progress from old cotton sheets, but would love to give this a try, how wide did you cut the strips ?

    1. I think tees would be even easier than sheets because they are stretchy. I'm not measuring as I cut but I am trying to get them about 1inch thick. Although there are big variations. x

    2. Thank you, I was thinking about an inch might do it and I think I will try to cut around continuously as the fabric is stretchy the edge won't matter and will get a few meters from a shirt with no joins, can't wait to give this a try.

    3. Thank you, I was thinking about an inch might do it and I think I will try to cut around continuously as the fabric is stretchy the edge won't matter and will get a few meters from a shirt with no joins, can't wait to give this a try.

    4. Have a look at some tutorials on line. Bren found some tricky way to cut continuous lengths of tee-shirt yarn yesterday and made some big balls to tie up the tomatoes. xx

  10. So get the getting waylaid looking for tutorials etc... Isn't that easy to do?! Just start it is the best way.

    I'm well thanks for asking :-) ... I love this time of year, hanging around in pj's all day is pretty much acceptable and that's fine with me. I just finished making lots and lots of stuff for chrissy pressies... Crocheted blooming flower cushions and coasters mainly. My hands are still sore but I've since started another project that I'm in no mans land with... can't decide if I should unpick or keep going. It's cute but not what I thought it would be. It's Pips Zig Zag chevron blanket pattern...super cute! Except mine is probably not wide enough for a blanket. Am thinking I could do a large edge each side... Or turn it into a cushion maybe? Don't know... limbo land is where I'm at and that means slowly pottering along with it til a decision comes to me.

    I love the idea of recycling old t-shirts into a rug... that's totally washable! That's gotta be a win :-)

    Happy new year to you Kate and your lovely family, thanks for all the great posts and sharing and craft and farming and inspiration. It's always such a treat to pop in here and see whats happening. x

  11. I've started a rag rug awhile back as well - mostly out of my daughters old & torn leggins. I keep on unraveling it and re-doing as it is turning out too wobbly, but I'm hoping to finish it once it arrives to Oz in the shipping container. I like yours one - it is so colourful and cheerful.

  12. The rug looks great - and how do those animals always find the soft place to sit? :) Glad that you are enjoying being at home. I have come to really enjoy it also. With only one car in the family now, there are stretches when the little babe and I don't go anywhere except to take the dogs for walks, and I quite enjoy it. Don't miss going out into the busy running that everyone else is doing. I have been working on sewing a calendar that my husband and I will use to keep track of our "fun expenses" this year - will be unveiled on Thursday! And we cleaned the office this past weekend, painted the floor a pretty green, and so I have some colorful floral fabric waiting to be turned into curtains. That will keep me busy for a couple of days!

  13. I love it!

    All I've been creating lately is memories. We are on holidays with family in margaret river & I've consciously been trying to not Instagram or Facebook the whole thing . Sure I've taken photos but not a heap just living in the moment instead of trying to capture it. It's been great :)

  14. I enjoy reading your blog...getting inspired by al the things you make...Me...I start many projects, I finish a few, mostly I forget to take a pic of these projects but now a new year has begun I'll try to start and finish every project and take a picture of it and share it....for now I wish you and yours a happy and a love filled 2014!!!!

  15. I've been meaning to do the same thing. But I was planning on buying similar colored tshirts from opp shops. Love the look of it!

  16. What a beautiful photo of the girls and the rag rug! Happy 2014!

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