Friday, May 3, 2019

missing may

Hello friends,

How are you? How's your week been?

Late last week I got a message from a reader questioning something I'd written on my blog. Or rather questioning a world event I'd chosen not to mention. To omit.

It wasn't from anyone who regularly contributes to the comment section on my blog. And it wasn't written in an attacking manner. It was fine really. But for some reason it really stuck in my mind and I couldn't let it go.

The first part was me continuing to ask myself the same question she had asked me. Why did I decide recently to talk about the Christchurch mosque shootings while failing to make mention of other horrific world events since? How do I make the decision of what to include and what not to? What is the tone of this blog and what sort of issues do I want to make mention of or to discuss? Is it okay anymore to write a personal blog about life in my little bubble, or do I have a responsibility to the world to acknowledge events and politics and to take a stance? And what if I don't always feel comfortable with that?

And I guess the second part is that if this is my personal blog, how is it fair that other people get to question what I choose to blog about? I do know that I'm being naive and that the way the online world works these days is that everyone gets to judge and opine and question. I also know that I am sosososososososososososososososososososo lucky and unusual that a simple, polite question is as tough as it gets when there is so much hatred out there. I can list the negative comments I've received over the past 10 years on two hands (and this recent comment definitely isn't one of them). I'm sure that's virtually unheard of. But having said that I do miss the golden olden days of blogs past when we shared so much of ourselves and were constantly inundated with kindness and compassion and encouragement.

Over the past few years the number of blogs being written has diminished, blog interaction has diminished, my readership has diminished, and let's face it - being a mum of teenagers - the things I can blog about have diminished. So what do I talk about? Who is my blog?

I've had all of these questions and thoughts sloshing around my head all week only to be further confused when a brand that we believe in ethically and ideologically, a brand we buy and use regularly, contacted me to work with them. I've never written sponsored content before but it did make me wonder whether using this space to spread the word about good people and companies would help me feel more at ease with all of these issues. Not to mention allowing my words and images to pay for the time it takes to create them. I don't think so but it's been interesting to think about.

Anyway the point is I woke up this morning and didn't feel like blogging. I know how much my blog posts mean to Indi while she is so far away, and I was lucky enough to have some photos taken yesterday as a starting point, but other than that I felt stuck. I still do.

In this great big online world of experts and hash-tags and people shouting to be heard, I feel like I need some time out to think about who my blog is, what it stands for, and what it needs to look like moving into the future. It interests me that I've come to this point only weeks away from my June 23 ten years anniversary of this blog.

Gosh it feels weird and a bit cringe-worthy to look back at my first blog post now. To remember myself wanting to move away from farm blogging and to find myself a place in the online craft world. It's funny to read my definite statement that I would try any craft but NEVER ceramics. And it's amazing to have those memories of sitting by the girls' baths and in school assemblies crocheting, of those sweet little embroidered tops I used to make and they used to wear, and to remember how excited and inspired I felt at the discovery of the craft blogging world. How many craft blogs there seemed to be. And the promise of the community within them.

Things have changed. Of course they have. From the big wide real world, to the online world, to my little family world. I guess now I need to work out where my blog fits in with all of that.

So I think I'm going to go against the blog-every-day-in-May of the past few years and give May a miss this year.

Hopefully I'll see you again in June.

I hope your May is extremely lovely.

See you soon.

Love, Kate xx

PS sorry Indi (this would be a great time for a guest blog though??)
PPS for some reason blogger won't let me reply to your comments on last week's post. Weird. But maybe a push to move platforms finally.


  1. Hi Kate, I read your blog every week, but haven't commented before. For some reason I don't feel entirely comfortable contributing to social media, and even my own blog is by invitation only so I can keep in touch with friends and family. However, I felt I needed to write to let you know I'll miss your blog. I find it beautiful, comforting, sometimes challenging, but always a great insight into a world that seems so interesting. I think bloggers should be absolutely free to choose what they want to say, and individuals are going to be affected differently by world events, so shouldn't feel the need to comment on each and every one. For me they are sometimes so horrific that I can't open my heart to the horror, but there are some that manage to get through that armour. Christchurch has been one. I hope you have a wonderful May, and hope to see you again in June. xxx

    1. I want to use this opportunity to say every big thanks to Dr Ekpen for restoring my relationship back to normal by casting a love spell on my partner to love me again. Contact Dr Ekpen today at ( or on whatsapp +2347050270218 if you want to be happy in your relationship again.

  2. I always read your blog and always feel comforted by photos of yourfamiy life and the sweet words you write. Have a great May xx

  3. I HEAR YOU KATE! My head has been very much in the same space and I do miss those simple blogging days. I think there’s definitely space for simple and personal reflection. Have a lovely break. xx

  4. Dear Kate, I love your blog and regularly dip into your archived posts. Your posts remind me of the good things in life, the things that matter, warmth, love, respect, honesty and family. I admire the life and values that you are giving your children. Parenthood is hard and I think many readers identify with the struggles and joys you describe.. I love seeing your creations from your first sweet little dresses to the current wonderful colourwork socks. You should feel free to write about what you want and there is no need to comment on world events of you don't want to. This is your blog and I find it a hopeful, positive and inspirational place to visit, a respite from the horrors that occur in our beautiful world. Have a lovely May Kate. Sending you love and good wishes .

  5. I have been reading your blog for a good number of years now, and its a rare treasure as so many of the bloggers have now moved to instagram and other social media platforms. I look forward to my foxs lane instalment every friday.

  6. I think Kathleenalice has said it all. I will miss you in May, I hope you do decide to come back. I really miss the early days of blogging, even though I'm not a blogger.
    Cheers Kate

  7. Well you'll certainly be May-missed! I was reminded in spades at Cam's funeral this week, of the overwhelming supportive positivity at the height of that crafty bloggy era. It was so lovely to check in with a few familiar faces. I love reading your words just the way they are. I'd hate to think of you stifled by a checklist of things to cover. Imagine how that would zap all the fun out of stuff...

  8. It's your blog, write about what you want to write about, you can't possibly cover all of the things happening in the world and you do not have to justify your writing choices to anyone so ignore the less-than-positive comments. I too look forward to reading your blog on Fridays and seeing your beautiful photographs and hearing about your creative family so hope you do decide to continue with Foxs Lane. Enjoy your May-break, "see" you (hopefully) in June.

  9. Oh lovely Kate go gently through May, how we will miss your beautiful images and words. Your blog is a very special space on the internet xo

  10. Dear Kate,
    Enjoy your blogging break, whether it lasts only through May or beyond that. Blogging is like any other creative pursuit - you should only do it when it fills up *your* cup!
    I don't blog as much as I used to, partly due to time constraints, but also because the world of blogging has changed. The internet isn't as friendly as it used to be and I don't feel as inclined to put myself out there.

    And as for mentioning world events - whatever ones you can think of - you're not a new website. This is more like a journal :-)

  11. For what it's worth, I enjoy your blog so much (one of very few that I read every post without fail!) precisely because of the things that are causing your doubts. It's refreshing to read and not have every other post be an advert disguised as a blog. I love the snippets of your life we see, your beautiful family and amazing farm and incredible crafts. As someone with a small veg patch on the other side of the world I love seeing your seasons change to the opposite of my own, it makes me look forward to my own harvesting months ahead or long for the cooler weather when we're in the middle of a heatwave. Your knitting photos always inspire me to pick up my needles again, and I hope we get to see more of your ceramics in future too, as I'm on my own learning journey with the same thing.
    I hope you enjoy your break from blogging, but I do so hope you come back to it too!

  12. I love your blog - please come back...

  13. Hi Kate
    since i have an article in a garden magazine read about Foxlane
    i fall in love with your blog...with the pictures...posts about knitting...farming
    and so on. Your blog is loving ...honest ...inspiring..heartwarming.
    I often recognize my own feelings and struggles in your lines again and then feel understood...of which there are not many blogs...he is a jewel
    And:I dont close my eyes to the terrible things that happens in the world...but i´ll
    protect myself otherwise they would crush me...and i can not save everything anyway..
    that hurts
    I am glad to find a place on internet the encouraging..human and honest like your blog...please stay please just as you are dear kate!!!
    Thank you for your honesty of your feelings in the post....the beautiful pictures...your time it takes to write
    all the blog post and take the pictures
    Wish you and your family also a nice May...i look forward to Friday in June
    love from Germany
    B. Andrea R.

  14. I only recently found your blog and I love it! One of those beautiful, original, unpretentious, beautifully simple and personal blogs that, as you say, are all too rare these days! So whether you come back or not you have created something to be proud of here. Xx

  15. I personally feel we are now being forced into doing things to please others. I noticed that knitwear designers have been TOLD by the loudest voices that to write patterns is a white privelege and that prices should becheaper which in my mind, belittles us as designers. or that we MUSt include every single size, do the work to create sizes from size 6-50 but still make that a cheap fee. Where is working for pay gone? As we know, designers get very little for their work -it's a labour of love. When someone questions my perspective, yes, i look at their comments but if i tried to live my life by every single one of the comments i get telling me what to do or asking why i don't, I'd kill myself. honestly, you are comfortable in WHO you are, HOW you work, WHY you do what you do. The questions are fine but don't go turning yourself inside out thinking what you do isn't ENOUGH. We can't write about every single detail, we can't highlight every single cause, we can't GIVE to every single's ridiculous. we have the right to choose what we say and what we do and should not be beholden to everyone's needs. Number 1 - be true to yourself. you KNOW you. it's no cause to consider not writing, or worrying and second guessing what NEXT someone might ask you to do or TELL you what to do or question what you choose to share with readers. Love Lu x

  16. kate......i love reading your blog and i love your photos. I am always impressed by your flower gardens....gratitude and love xx

  17. That's a bit sad that a comment [even though it may not be negative] has made you feel you don't want to write your May posts. This is giving them a little bit more power than they deserve however I know if someone says something that hurts you [as in anyone] wants to hide away. I love blogs because I can get my coffee and sit down and read it. I love IG however I may or may not see a post depending upon how much time I want to waste scrolling or feel like I need to scroll through them all. I think they both have their purposes although I do know a lot of blogs stopped and now those people only use IG. I love blogs and miss the good old days of reading my blogs in half an hour in the morning first up with my coffee. Now with IG I feel like I need to be checking it all day long so way more time wasted. It is your blog and you have always blogged about your life full stop. If people feel like they don't like that you mention one event and not the other well just say to them that you aren't the front page of the newspaper and you do not have to report on every newsworthy story good or bad. Don't get caught up in stopping your blogging on your 10th anniversary that would be very sad. I have always enjoyed your words and photos so I do hope you keep posting your lovely blogs. You'll have to do a post on your pottery experience that would be great to see. Have a great month off [boo hoo] Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  18. you say it was a comment from someone who wasn't even a regular listen to your long time readers who enjoy your blog.

  19. I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I have been reading your blog for many years and love the little insights into your world, that is so different from mine but we both love to craft. I do hope you come back refreshed writing about whatever you want to.


  20. Hola Kate, ya sabes que me gusta mucho tu blog. Desde hace años que la sigo, y me gusta tanto como el primer día , aunque es cierto que ha ido evolucionando, como la Vida misma. El blog es algo que ha de aportar diversión y deseos de compartir y no obligación, no tienes ninguna obligación hacia nadie, por esto tienes la libertad de escribir cuando te apetezca y sobre lo que quieras, si de verdad lo sientes así...
    Entonces estaremos aquí para leer sobre tu pequeño mundo tan inspirador... que disfrutes de mayo . Un cálido abrazo desde España.

    Traduccido por Google:

    Hello Kate, you know that I really like your blog. For years I've been following it, and I like it as much as the first day, although it's true that it has evolved, like Life itself. The blog is something that should provide fun and desire to share and no obligation, you have no obligation to anyone, so you have the freedom to write when you want and what you want, if you really feel that way. Then we will be here to read about your inspiring little world ... that you enjoy May . A warm hug from Spain.

  21. Hi Kate,
    Your blog is about you and your life and I look forward to it each Friday. It is not required of you to comment or not comment on world affairs. While that person may not have actually been rude to you, they are responsible for you now having doubts about yourself and the blog and that was wrong and unfair of them. There's so much available elsewhere - you have chosen to present us with a different slice of life, and that's why I enjoy reading you.
    Take a break for as long as you need, but don't doubt we are waiting for your worthwhile important blog and cheering you on. Don't overthink it (ok, try not not to)! I don't doubt you share world events with your family, you're not ignoring their importance. To the person who started this by commenting, thanks for nothing - you have spoilt a good thing (but hopefully not for too long). X

  22. Wow, 10 years. That's a big milestone. Maybe you need May off as long service leave. I still love reading your blog, looking at your gorgeous pictures and waiting for Friday each week to do it. I'm really happy that it's been such a positive experience for you for so long too. You should do something special for the 10 th anniversary. I'll miss Reading for the rest of the month and eagerly await your return dear Kate. Have fun.💜💜💜💜💜💜

  23. Hola Kate, creo yo que el motor de un blog nunca ha de ser la obligación. El motor de un blog para mi es el deseo de compartir...por ello hay la libertad de escribir cuando se sienta la necesidad y sobre lo que uno quiera. es importante para mi esta libertad.
    Tu blog ha ido evolucionando con los años , la Vida evoluciona... me gusta como el primer día , mucho, muchísimo!!!!
    Que disfrutes de este mes de mayo, y si algún día tienes deseos de compartir a través de esta ventana piensa que en España hay una amiga a quien le resulta inspirador lo que compartes.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    Traduccido por Google:

    Hello Kate, I believe that the engine of a blog should never be the obligation. The engine of a blog for me is the desire to share ... so there is the freedom to write when you feel the need and what you want. this freedom is important to me.
    Your blog has been evolving over the years, Life is evolving ... I like it like the first day, a lot, a lot!
    May you enjoy this month of May, and if you ever wish to share through this window, think that in Spain there is a friend who is inspired by what you share.
    A hug.

  24. Its sad when the very thing that liberates us also shuts us in. I have been reading you forever and love you, your precious family and tthe life you have so carefully crafted. Will miss you in May. Hoping you grace us in June but will understand iif you don't. Much peace, joy and love heading across the miles, and thank you for all you have given me.

  25. Love you Kate. I think the online world has and is changing so much and I'm finding it hard to keep up. I love your pictures and your words and everything blogs have given me, especially friendship. Enjoy your girls, your flowers, your craft and your May xx
    Ab xxx

  26. I greatly admire the fact that your are honouring your instinctive response to the questioner Kate. The pause between stimuli and response is so precious in decision making, allowing us to lean in to the discomfort of a different perspective and find our own voice, our own true north response. I hope the time taken has a lot of value.

  27. Hi, Kate,
    I have read your blog since the beginning, and never commented, and will very much miss you in May. It is very sad that people feel they can hide behind the keyboard and say anything they want to someone, holding them hostage to the world, holding a complete stranger accountable to their wishes. No matter the tone, she was still holding you accountable and she was given too much power by affecting you so much. I have said many times, "No matter how old you are, a kick in the gut is a kick in the gut. It hurts."
    Yes, blogging has changed and many times I have thought I was whistling in the wind with no one listening but then I remember the many friends I have made from around the world, mostly in Australia, and remember I wouldn't have those friends if not for the blog. You are right, your blog is for you, it's a record of your life, your girls' lives, your family and it's a gift to all of us.
    Take your May sabbatical and enjoy your lovely family but do remember we are here for you, too, and will miss you and hope you return to your friends out here.

  28. Hi Kate,
    The way I see it, it's YOUR blog, YOUR space, the decisions on what to share from your life are yours alone. No need for explanation. I hope you enjoy your blogging break and come back refreshed, but mostly, selfishly, I hope you come back ;-) Reading your blog is like bumping into a friend in the supermarket.

  29. Hi Kate--I've been reading your blog quite a while. Please do continue to write. Those of us who remember the old school Internet, pre-social media, understand the value of this type of person-to-person sharing. I think blogs are safe(r) spaces to interact at a deeper level with others than social media, which is so bare, exposed, policed. I actually work in IT but I so believe in analog as a way of life, which your family also seems to embrace. To me blogging is the analog counterpoint to the uber-connected social media digital crazy way of relating to the larger world.

    I've been writing online since the mid-2000's but have spent years grappling with the same questions of relevance and purpose. I regularly set all of my posts to "draft" and then publish them again. Just trying to figure out what feels right. Just know that many people are inspired by your words and images, your voice is heard and valued. Personally you give me the gift of enjoying the opposite seasons and comforts than ones I'm enjoying here in the states at any given time. The gift of crisp fall days on a warm spring day, for example. Will miss seeing you in my feed this month. <3

  30. Its your blog, and any aspect of your life you decide to share is fascinating in its contrast to my suburban English one. You have such a lovely "voice" and its a real Friday treat to find you've posted, but you do what you need to look after yourself! xxx

  31. First let me say that I haven't been reading your posts as much as I used to and I am sorry! Your blog has always been a peaceful and beautiful respite from the world for me. The world of social media has gotten crazy! People can question/criticize, anonymously, whatever bothers them in the least. As far as your blogging goes, follow your gut and do what feels right to you! I wish you peace in making your decisions about what comes next.

  32. Why WOULD we want you to talk about all the events and horrors happening in the world? We watch the news for that!!! I love hearing about your farm and lifestyle, so very different from mine. Please keep blogging Kate, for the very simple reason you do it sosososo well! lots of love from a soggy England x

  33. You will be deeply missed in May. Wishing you and your family a wonderful month with fingers crossed that we will once again have the privilege of a glimpse into your life.

  34. Hello Kate! This is the first time Blogger has allowed me to comment in months so now I'm back to inundate you "with kindness and compassion and encouragement."

    I had similar thoughts last year when I stopped posting for six month. Some think I did that because of my health but I made the decision to stop well before the diagnosis stopped me. I started blogging again because I missed it; I missed the opportunity to stream my consciousness onto a page. I think hesitation and uncertainty comes with the territory. Blogging is relentless and sometimes it feels like people want so much from you. So you deliver the keyhole into your life and they leave in a puff of smoke, usually with no trace they'd ever visited.

    I think missing May is a great idea and I bet you feel relieved having a month, or maybe more, laid out in front of you. It will give you time to relax and do what you want to do. There is tea and toast to be had in front of the fire and all that knitting you might want to do. Just take the time to sit and think.

    I don't think anyone should be questioning you about your topic choices unless it was a question about how to choose topics. Your blog is not a magazine, it's a place to connect with your tribe, the space you record your thoughts and where you share some of your daily life with us. And how you do that is up to you.

    Whatever you do in the next month, I hope it gives you joy and satisfaction. Lots of love, Rhonda xx

  35. Well!! :-) I have just found you and absolutely loved reading your very thoughtful and insightful article...…. Plus I was so excited that I was following a farmer and a maker ... and a superb gardener. Love your meadow garden pics and look forward to hearing about all your vegetables, knitting, crafting, farming!

  36. But, but, but, you blog for YOU. And me. You blog for me.

  37. I can completely relate to this Kate. I'm so stuck that I haven't been able to blog in a looong time. Bron is right, though. You blog for you x

  38. Oh, please don't write about world events. There are a bazillion other places where people can read about things like that. It's so lovely to come here and read about what you're thinking/making/reading etc, and to look at your pictures. It's not a bubble. It's a valuable, full life, and we like reading about it! Thanks for all of it.

  39. Hi Kate, I've been reading your writing for a few years now, and I don't think I have commented before. It has been a real pleasure to read your words, and to see your photos. I hope in future you blog about what you want, when you want, when you feel like doing it, and that you can take a break when you wish. Your writing is thoughtful and genuine and honest and kind, and they are the best things to be. Thank you from an appreciative reader from England.

  40. Beautiful to read how much love your words are giving people. Stay true to what is in your heart to reflect on that is what you know. If you don't know about what's going on in the world then you don't need to write about it. That's what other people'sblogs are for...and twitter. Enjoy your break. Reflection is always a wonderful thing for ourselves anyway! Love Lainie

  41. Very sad to hear that this has happened to you. Our words can encourage and just as quickly tear down. I've not been a follower for as long as others but I do enjoy visiting your blog. You have many loyal and interested followers that love visiting 'your space.' And there it is - it's 'your space.' I hope you find peace in your break and don't let this put you off. Take care, Cathy x

  42. Kate please don’t stop blogging. I enjoy looking at the beautiful photos you share - farm life, knitting, food, garden, etc. plus, the stories that go with your photos. I don’t always comment on your blog. I love receiving your blogposts in my inbox. I thoroughly enjoy each one. Please don’t change your content it is who you are. It brings a tranquil feeling and happiness each time your message appears in my inbox. Have a lovely week, Julia

  43. I just happened to stop by here.... From where, I don't remember.

    Your topic resonates with me. How to pick, what we will blog about, or to choose, what we will not blog about?

    First and foremost, what we blog, should be of our own choice. No one can, or should try, to please everyone. Our blog. Our choice.

    Personally, I dislike social media, which is selling something. And that's my choice. I love to get to know the blogger. Again, my choice. I prefer to look on blogging, as the old fashioned idea of neighbors chatting over the back fence, for a bit.

    Touch on "The World"? -sigh- Sometimes I do. Most often, I don't. But here again, it is our choice, in our blog. Our choice.

    If you have a desire to blog, please don't let some comment, deter you. Perhaps a few days off...? Actually, when I say I am taking a little blogging break, I tend to come up with loads of ideas, to chat on about. :-)

    Whatever your choice, I wish you peace, with your blogging. And fun. Oh yes, fun! Why else would we blog? :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  44. And..... Such beautiful, beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you.

    Gentle hugs...

  45. And... :-) I never reply to comments, in my comments. It causes people to read twice.

    I read/comment in the blogs of those who read/comment on mine. An old fashioned idea. We did that, before the craze of replying to comments, in our blog comments, came into fashion.

    And myself, I always prefer "The Old Ways." :-))))

    Gentle hugs....

  46. Kate, this is your blog. No one but you determines what you choose to write or not write about. You don't owe anyone anything.

  47. Hi Kate, it's your blog, write what you want and when. I shall miss you through May, but look forward to June and you being back. Please don't leave us, I feel that's like a friend refusing to talk you you and you don't know why. Your blog resonates with so many because it's honest and loving, and honestly gives a window into a life many of us would like to have but don't for various reasons, be they geographical, emotional, physical or financial.
    Take care 😘

  48. Hi Kate
    I've read you blog for years and always thought of it as a very personal conversation you are having with yourself and your immediate circle of loved ones and that we readers are privileged enough to witness and share . I've never looked to you as a social commentator ,however your questions and reflections on the beauty of the mundane and glorious alike prompt similar questions in me. Your blog is yours and I thank you for the sharing of it. May you enjoy the breathing space !!! xxx

  49. Hi Kate,
    Please don't question what you are doing, we have many years of coming here because your posts are what you choose to share....simple really.

  50. Hi Kate, I have been reading your blog for most of the past ten years and although I don't comment much I love all your content. I really like how you talk about your farm and then a book review pops up, or you mention something about your daughters or yourself or something that's happening in the world. Your pictures are amazing. I also have three daughters, a bit younger than yours, but live in Sydney so love reading about your (slightly) parallel universe :-)
    Hope to see you back in June x

  51. Hi Kate,
    As you know I read you always, and comment spasmodically.
    As one long term blogger to another, one who also writes whatever interests me, not what 'they' say we should. I heard something 'funny' this week. Remember when 'they' all started saying, "share less personal, more 'how to help, be professional'. have all sorts of social media accounts, push pinterest" Well anyhow apparently it's all going around the circle and it's back to focus on your blog, energies there.
    I think in all that there's something for us to mull over, and for those of us who have stuck out blogging over the long haul, I'm feeling a little vindicated, as should you.

  52. Like many have said before: this is your story. You let other people enjoy it with you but you don't have to. It is always easy to comment on choices of others, certainly when there is so much information and communication going on. I personally like your stories and pictures because they are giving me a window of a way of life I can appreciate and learn from. So thanks for that :-). You'll find out what you want to do with your blogging space! Just don't overthink it :-).

  53. Hope you feel you can continue with this. It opens a part of the world I (and probably others) don't see (often?). I enjoy your 'soft and gentle' story of your life.

  54. It's your blog to write whatever you see fit. Not what someone else sees fit. What you don't want to mention is totally up to you and no one has the right to question that. I normally don't comment but do a lot of reading and enjoy it. I always love coming here seeing your pictures of a life on the other side of the world. But you do what you have to do. No one gets to question you or your decisions or life. :0)

  55. While you are missing May.... we are missing YOU... like madness!
    Happy Mother's Day! XOXO

  56. All good questions Kate and something I have struggled with too lately. Sometimes blogging feels like shouting into a void and I miss that old chatty, crafty community where every day felt like a new online craft magazine! My two biggest have recently asked not to be included in social media posts and I feel like I need to respect that. I've always been lucky with blog comments but other forms of social media have been making me feel like totally opting out lately!

  57. I've never commented before. However, I have read all of your posts for the past couple of years and really enjoy them; thank you.
    I will miss you in May and look forward to your return in June.

  58. I frequently read your blog but never comment. I love to read about your side of the world and growing things and keeping bees and knitting and raising girls. I love the pictures you post that take me there. Recently, I moved house and questioned the direction of my blog too--it started out to be about my neighborhood--but once I moved, well--what to do? It's an ongoing question for lots of bloggers I reckon--Why are we doing this? Should we continue? Etc., etc. But, isn't it kind of like an artist questioning why she makes her art? Isn't just maybe the language or expression of the soul? ??

  59. Dear Kate, I will definitely miss your voice during May, how I hope you will return in June! It's funny how I read this immediately after hitting publish on my first blog post in many months, I've never been particularly good at blogging but mostly enjoyed it when I did. I hate to think you would ever feel you HAD to comment on something just because you thought someone else expected it, I have always loved your stories for what they contain, not what they don't. Several weeks ago I felt so saddened by the Notre Dame fire but so angry at the backlash on social media on what others perceived we should be more saddened/angered etc by. Just because I, or you, don't mention something on a blog or Facebook or Instagram shouldn't be met with the presumption that we don't feel anything about other issues. We should be free to write whatever our own hearts tell us to, we all have our own stories to tell and we don't all need to be telling the same one. Have a lovely bloggy holiday. xx

  60. It's Friday, and I'm missing the sweet small pleasure that it's been (for years) to look through the window opened into your world. Thank you Kate. I don't often comment, and I'm sorry for that. I hope you come back.

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  62. Hello Kate. I am missing your blog and I hope see you on June. As we live in south part of the worl we share the same weather so It is really nice to share life in the other side of the earth. Here we are having first cool days but sun is shining so green is winning to brown colours for now.
    I wish you a very nice weekend!!

  63. Hi Kate! Just popping in to say hello! I thought of you today when I noticed my peonies were about to bloom. I miss seeing your beautiful flower garden photos and realized that you guys are heading into the cold, winter months now. I hope you are warm and well! Hope to hear from you soon!

  64. Hi Kate,

    I've been away from the blogosphere while studying for a few months (but not planning to leave the blogosphere at all) and have returned to your blog to find your pertinent questions about blogging.

    Congratulations on your 'decade-long diary' - I hope that you can celebrate this milestone whole heartedly. Don't let others take the shine off your achievement.

    Reflection is healthy. Think back to your first decision to create Foxs Lane. WHY did you create it? WHAT was your purpose? WHO was it for? How has Foxs Lane met these criteria? Are the criteria still relevant to you, your life and your values ten years on?

    I share your thoughts about the blogosphere and the promise of community. I remember the same excitement and plethora of crafty blogs! I think we have both been successful in finding community through our blogs.

    Personally, I prefer the blog format. It's more effort but the rewards are greater. It all gets back to WHY we blog and staying true to ourselves. No matter what we do in life, there will be someone, somewhere that disagrees or dislikes. There is opposition to every point of view. Wishing you courage and resilience in the face of challenge.

    It is not surprising that issues around free speech have come to the fore recently - after all, the blogosphere is a great example of the democratisation of publishing and journalism. That is threatening to some. I do hope your blog continues as an important part of the Australian blogging community.


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