Friday, March 26, 2010

Guess whose pin cushion.

Well here we are about 10 days into the pin cushion swap.
Pin cushions have started popping up in people's letterboxes.
Photos have started being posted to flickr.
Little hints of ideas here and there.

So I thought, in order to keep us excited about the whole pin cushion thing, we'd play a bit of a game.

So this is how its going to work;
  • Below are the gorgeous faces of 10 bloggers labelled A through to J.
  • Underneath them are the pictures of their pin cushions labelled 1 through to 10 in random order.
  • I'd like you to try to match the blogger (letter) with her pin cushion (number). Please note, these pin cushions are not part of the swap.
  • A guess could look like this; A5 or E2 etc

Top line from Left to right;
A)Wendy - The Textured Leaf, B)Jo - Violet and Rose, C)Jennie - Posie Patchwork, D)Selina - Selina's Vintage, E)Deb - Works in Progress.
Bottom line from left to right;
F)Claire - Baby Boudoir, G)Jess - Teddy Bear Wednesday, H)Andi - Patch Andi, I)Linda - 2 Pink Possum Lane, J)Meagan - Ecomilf.

Top row left to right; pin cushions 1-5.
Bottom row left to right; pin cushions 6-10.

So leave a comment with your 10 guesses and let the games begin.

Oh and a prize? Hmmmm...let me think about it...or leave a comment if you would like to donate one. Maybe its just the glory.

I'll let you know the answers next week some time....Have fun!

Thanks heaps Andi for helping me put this together. XX


  1. Hmmm ..... 1 pin cushion appears twice.
    1 pin cushion appears not-at-all.
    Just what you wanted to hear hey?

  2. Oooh, am I allowed to have a guess?? It would give too much away if I guessed too many of them, but I really think that number 5 belongs to Jess. It just looks like her! (well not literally like her!! oh, you know what I mean!)

    Looks like it will be a fun game, good luck with the guessing everyone!

  3. I was thinking 5 was Jess too! it probably is something totally different.

  4. Oh what fun, Kate. But I have no idea at all how to match up faces and pin cushions. So relying purely on a table of random numbers, here's my entry:
    A4, B5, C2, D7, E9, F8, G3, H1, I10, J6.
    Interesting to see how random chance fares against the entries of people who try to match faces and pin cushions rationally or intuitively.

  5. Oh yeah I think Andi's isn't there? 'Cos that's the only one I knew!

    On another not Kate I am a complete ludite and can't figure out where to grab the pin cushion button code?

  6. hmm, well, just for fun I'll have a guess.
    A2, B15, C7, D10, E1, F9, G8, H3, I4, J6.
    The answer will be interesting.

  7. What a fun game you've set up. I won't guess as I do have a very minor advantage, but good luck to all the players. xo m.

  8. How cool, big time guessing game!! Good luck, so happy my picture is between Jo & Selina, they are cool ladies. Love Posie

  9. Looks like it will be a fun game, good luck with the guessing everyone!
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