Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More mother stuff.

My hearts and flowers have arrived at Julie's place.

Don't you love how something you are a bit tired of the sight of, can get a whole new lease of life in someone else's place?!

HUGE thanks for all your messages of support yesterday.

We are doing good.

We spent this morning checking out a tiny local school with a more creative focus to their learning and now we feel like we have options.

One of us spent this morning standing on top of her auntie's bike playing catch.

For some reason yesterday I felt like I was in a rush to sort this all out, but today I feel the opposite. Today I feel like we might need to discuss it and think about it for a while before we make any decisions.

Bren reminded me last night that in her own time Jazzy will catch up in school and that our main concern is her happiness. Bren is right!

Being a parent is so wonderful and so challenging at the same time. While I am ready for my kids to go out into the world of school and make new friends and have new experiences, another part of me is so over protective, wanting to shield them from anything that might challenge their confidence in themselves and their world.

I guess this is just another part of the parenthood journey.

Have fun out there. XX


  1. It'll be fine. The most important thing is to identify that a different kind of help/teaching/sharing knowledge may be needed and search out ways to allow this.
    My sister teaches at an “alternate” school in Sydney’s North and the worst part of her job is when parents won’t acknowledge that something “different” is happening with their child’s development.
    I think you are being brave and honest and loving and real. Good on you!
    also - super cute pictures in this post!

  2. Loved our swap Kate, your hearts are divine.

    Cute little munchkin on the bike. Timeless, put them in B & W and they could have been taken 50 years ago.

    Good luck with the school problem.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling a little more relaxed about it all today, sure is a fright when you suddenly realise somethings not quite right & wise to sit on it for a bit, the solution will become a lot clearer when you've explored your options I'm sure...That little one is too cute!

  4. Glad you are feeling more at peace. It is so scary sending our little ones out into the world... I am discovering this for the first time really with Caleb starting school. I wish I could go with him... but that wouldn't really help would it.

  5. I daughter is struggling with the school decision right now. It isn't easy I know. God bless your decision!

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  7. Options are the best calmer for me - taking the time to consider what's on offer is a great idea. Good luck! There are so many of us in the same boat, trying to be the captain with some dodgy navigation and changeable weather conditions!! Nic xx

  8. I must admit I am a little afraid of this whole school thing aswell.
    glad you are calmer today..trust your gut, it'll tell you what to do.
    hugs to you lovely

  9. I agree with Cathie, trust your gut it'll know what to do.
    I think you are a wonderful mum and your kids are lucky to have you.xo

  10. the wanting to protect and shield them NEVER stops Kate my eldest will be 18 this year and i still feel that way, I still get sick with nerves when she is starting someting new ie a new casual job this week, AND she changed schools for year 12 this year and I was a mess I couldn't let her know as she was fine about it!!! so happy you are feeling more relaxed today, Jazzy has a loving family and that's the basis for a wonderful, confident life ahead of her

  11. Glad that you are feeling a little more at ease - It is hard being a Mum and sending off our little ones into the big world of school. I am struggling with this at the moment too:) But also enjoy how excited Amelia gets.

    Hope that you find something that feels right soon.

  12. I missed yesterday's post... infact all posts over the last couple of weeks, I'll have to go & check it out... but it sounds like you've moved on/are feeling better about whatever it was... so... GOOD. ;)

    Meanwhile... how awesome is that bike ....?!

    I love it... and I am mighty impressed by your wee daredevil (and/or your nerves of steel to be happily taking photos of such antics!).

  13. your photos are so cute that I have sudden urges to jump into them!

    glad you feel better. i'm sure that it will work out. the most important thing is that you are supporting her and encouraging a love of learning.

    when i am teaching one of the biggest hurdles i find is the effect of generational poverty in the family and the under-valuing of education that sometimes accompanies that. it often makes it impossible for me to get a student past a certain point. most other students i have generally have the ability to catch up easily and it's normal to learn at different rates.

    p.s. i wish my mum made me groovy clothes when i was little!

  14. Well you can see that we have all been thinking of your plight and are with you no matter what decision you make. Just remember that you and Bren are the best people to look after your girls and no-one else could come close.
    Wendy x

  15. The hearts you knit for Julie are beautiful Kate. I am sure Bren is absolutely right about Jazzy. She will learn things in her own time and no 2 children are alike (nor would we want them to be) so dont worry too much. Isnt it funny how things one day seem so awful and then in hindsight you have a whole new perspective!

  16. We are a new generation of parents, such a beautiful thing is happening. Unfortunately our schools are not following our lead. It is heartbreaking for sure. Bren is so right, as long as she is happy, that is truly all that matters. She is still so young.

  17. You really have my empathy. I had a similar experience with my son, but the problem is that children are judged on what is 'average' for their age and their personality is not taken into consideration. I'm sure everything will be OK and glad you are not so rattled by it now.
    Jak x

  18. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better today. I read your post and could empathise with what you were saying. My Miss 6 is in Year 1 and for some reason sight words are difficult for her to remember. I had her eyes tested but they are fine so I just had to tell myself too that she will be fine and do things in her own time, and try not to stress. I'm sure with time like you said she will be fine and if she is happy that most important. You sound like a caring Mum who wants the best for your children and with it brings many feelings. Glad to hear your feelings are happy today. xo

  19. School stuff can be so hard! It's hard enough when you have several options, but it gets even harder when you've got very limited choices. It sounds like you might be fortunate to have an alternative option which could be good. Before becoming a full time parent, I worked as a primary school school psychologist. The start of Grade one is really hard for a lot of kids - there's a lot of changes for grade one kids (teachers, classmates, classroom, and expectations change significantly). Also, the 'fit' between the teacher and child can have a huge impact, too. I hope things work out, and that Jazzy comes to get as much pleasure from reading as you and Bren do! xx

  20. Totally ebbs & flows, you have to go with it. Love Posie

  21. Children have always learnt through doing, playing, movement and creative out lets. Some adjust to having to sit in a group for ages (be it 10mins) others are just happier doing what they love.

    Personally, I was diagnosed ADHD because I wouldn't sit still and learn. My reading and writing was atrocious (my spelling still is) I remember by the time I hit high school and could choose my classes I learnt more because I chose the creative classes. Art, ceramics, hospitality, textiles, even creative writing. I found the best way for me to learn (and cheated from a friend!) Fast forward 15 years and I am so creative in every way... AND so are my children.

    You are a wonderful Mother who is more in tune her kids than a lot of Mothers out there and it shows. Your little girl already has a great creative start in life!!

    ps. Is it time for the corduroy pants yet??!! Hehe

    xo Steph

  22. yes - i know how you feel about wanting to protect your kids from hurt. it's so hard to let go and let them sort it out for themselves but sometimes that's what we have to do. i hate it - i want to put bandaids on everything and kiss it better.
    i honestly believe though, that everything will work out cause she's got parents who care...

  23. Yep, having parents that care and most importantly love unconditionally is THE single most important thing. It's like seasons, when the time is right it will happen, let it flow and you'll get there.
    Good luck

  24. My heart goes out to you and your family Kate. I have no experience and hence no advice - just a strong feeling that it will all work out. How could girls with that much love in their family not grow into wonderful, happy human beings? impossible! So I guess this part is hard, but you know it'll end well!
    Also, I am sure you have been given one before (and perhaps you are too busy with life anyway) but I am passing on a Kreative Blogger award to you. See my blog for more details. I enjoy reading anything you write so whether you do it or not I don't mind!

  25. Stephanie, That is the sweetest comment I've read in a long time! You shared your heart and really encouraged those that struggle with learning. I struggled also very much, and even now I don't feel as confident with learning in school situations and taking tests. But now that I'm a grandmother I see it really didn't make that much of a difference because I made up for it in so many other ways! :)

  26. Oh yes, the mother stuff. Our Pony Girl just turned 5, will be starting school in the fall here. We have been aware of some challenges she has for about a year now. Trying to make the right decisions, help our girl be confident out in the world with her peers while not destroying what makes her so wonderful and unique. Making sure we get the help we need and learning how to help ourselves. It can all be a bit much at times, even heartbreaking. We just try to remember to breathe and do the best we can.
    What a good mama you are!


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