Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swap stuff!

Whew, I have 2 more emails to send out and then the final swap tally will be 119 pin cushion swappers.

Apart from the 2 swappers without blogs, all the participating blogs with their links have been added to my sidebar.

The wonderful Kate from One Flew Over has set us up a flickr page, so don't forget to take some pics of your pin cushion before you send it and post them here.

Cath from Chunky Chooky wants some heart topped pins. Does anybody know where she can get some?

Miss Jane wants to know what the best stuffing for pin cushions is. Can anybody give her some advice please.

And of course, the gorgeous pin cushion in this post, as well as the binding and hairclips were made by Julie in a little private swap we've got going on. Thanks Julie. I LOVE it all.


  1. Good work kate! Best stuffing I think is just plain old ordinary polyfill...just be sure to stuff, stuff and keep on stuffing!

  2. The best stuffing is emery but fine sand is ok too. Keeps your pins clean and sharp.My Mum always used sawdust. But polyester fibrefill is used in most modern pin cushions. I've added a couple of links for other people's thoughts. Cherrie

  3. You must be exhausted after all that work and linking! I hope your family hasn't suffered too much.

    Your swap gift is so lovely. I love those hair clips! Now to think of a special pin cushion for my swap partner.

  4. Heart Pins...
    (& other decorative pins too).

  5. Heart pins ....

    Have fun girls. I can't wait to see the amazing creations.

  6. Oh my goodness, that swap list is HUGE! You're going to need a holiday after all that.

  7. Heart pins : I've seen some at spotlight. Very decent ones at a great price.

    Can't wait to get started on my pincushion, just hope my swap partner likes it!

  8. big effort thanks for all that linking.

  9. Well done what a mammoth effort. And you worried no one might want to swap! I had a brain freeze on how to go about making my first ever pin cushion, but I’ve had a moment of inspiration and am really excited now.

  10. well done you kate, just checking i'm in as my blog name isn't on the right. love the bias binding in the pic. have you discovered
    "oh my goodness gracious me" i said when i first walked in their shop!!!

  11. amazing stuff Kate thank you. I have bought heart pins at Spotlight before and also on Etsy, I will pass it on to Chunky Chooky although she probably knows by now from the other helpful peeps

  12. great job kate. i love that pincushion. you scored. it's a bit exciting

  13. I also love the pincushions, I love your work greetings from Argentina, Vero

  14. thanks so much for organising this swap Kate- youve done great work:)
    and thanks for mentioning the stuffing to- there are some great tips!

  15. thanks Kate and thnks everyone for your help! xxx

  16. Another quick question for you.

    Is there an opening date? Or just as packages arrive?

  17. What a swap!

    Just thought I'd let you know I have not recieved any swap email yet (could be my address was not included)

    Here it is in case:


    p.s. LOVE those sheet fabrics used in today's creative space!

  18. i never expected anything like over 100 people ... i imagined 30 or so. a double thank you and i look forward to reading through the posts re the best stuff to stuff with ... i can use all the advice others have

  19. Love the pincushion you were given - hope you enjoy. I was once told by a longterm stitcher to put in a bit of pot scourer (the metal one not used!)This can be sewn into a pouch so it doesn't damage the fabric and will keep needles and pins from going right through as well as sharpening them.
    Looking forward to the swap

  20. Heart topped pin, $2 shop of course!! I'll pop some in with a parcel i have to send Cath already. Love Posie

  21. y favorite stuffing is human hair. Years ago in 4H we made all of our wrist pincushins with it. i still save cut hair for this very purpose.

    I love your swap idea and as soon as I take apart abit of a darling pincushion my Japanese exchange student made for me I will make one and join in.


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