Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stuff & a swap.

I don't know where to start this post.
I feel like I have so much going on in my head but no idea how to get it out, let alone how to make sense of it.

I've spent the last few hours doing a tv shoot in the freezing cold and rain without a jacket (I didn't wear one for the first shot, so for continuity reasons was not allowed to put one on later on) and now I feel rattled.

I want to talk about how I find six years old the hardest age to deal with. Give me the sleep deprivation of a newborn any day. Six year olds have all these emotions and they can be mean one minute, divine the next, so mature in their rational but still so young and naive.

I want to talk about how I pressed reply instead of forward on an email to a glossy women's magazine editor. How I thought I was forwarding it to my Mum, telling her how excited I was to be having a feature in this magazine despite the fact that I have squashed banana in my carpet and texta drawings on my walls. I ended the email with lots of declarations of love and heaps of kisses. When the email came back from the editor saying that no you don't have to have a lovely home just gorgeous vegies, I almost died. When I finally had enough guts to write back and explain my mistake and tell her how embarrassed I was, I had no idea how to sign off. Regards didn't really work after all that love and kisses.

I want to talk about the washing that is hanging wet on the line where it has hung for the last four days and the fact that the pile of washing on the laundry floor is taller than me.

I want to talk about the fact that I have shopping and cooking and baking to do but my sewing machine is calling to me and its getting harder and harder to ignore her.

I could go on and on but I'm not going to, let's do something a bit fun instead.

You see I've been crocheting love hearts for a swap I'm doing with Julie. And while I've been making them I've been thinking about how much fun swaps in blogland are. How much fun it is to make something cool and send it off and then receive something someone else has made especially for you. So many of the 'friendships' I have made in blogland are through these swaps.

So I want to organise one. I think I have a great and simple idea for the swap. Something you make from whatever medium you like to work in. I just have to iron out a few details.

So please come back here in the next day or so and join in.

In the meantime if you have any success or failure swap stories you think I should know about or swap advice in general please leave a comment or email me.

Bye for now. XX


  1. Oh. I am cringing with you on the email, but at least you got a response. To not get one would have just been awkward.

    Six year olds. Yep. I'm hearing you. I'm still telling mine to use her words instead of growling through clenched teeth when she gets angry.

    The washing. I'm still waiting for the fairies at my home. If they come, I'll head them off in your direction.

    Magazine shoot. Ooooh. Exciting. Even with squashed banana. I think they photoshop that out.

    Keep smiling. Sort of.

  2. he he, Have a hot shower and warm up, the six year old will be 19 and left home before you know it, the editor will think you are a breath of fresh air and a swap sounds just FAB!! chill pill!! xx

  3. The editor was probably happy to get a 'real' email rather than the usual run of the mill work kind.

    I have two children, and don't doubt that as they grow there are rewards, and challenges at each different age and stage. Mum tells me I became human at about 20...

    I will sign up for your swap if I am capable of creating whatever it is you decide to swap. My resolution was to do less swaps this year, but the odd one will be fun so that is ok!

    Hugs, and chin up :)

  4. Awww sounds like you need a cuppa and a chocolate bikky and a nice afternoon to chill and take a breather! (oh and a magic washing fairy). Very exciting news about a magazine write-up, despite the email mishap!
    Swap sounds terrific! I've just done one via email, lots of fun :)

  5. Don't be embarrassed ... you sent a wonderful email to your mum (about them!) and they heard. You get karma credit for that in my book.

    And I'd like to play in the swap. I haven't been in one for years but as long as the instructions are clear you don't usually get burned ... it sounds like fun.

    I'm sorry you're feeling bummed ... over tired and over whelmed can do that.

    Hugs to you

  6. Oh the email.

    I'm with you on the sewing machine that calls out to you. I'm meant to be studying and I can't seem to get away from the sewing machine for long enough to get all my reading done!

  7. I can top your email blunder!
    I sent an email to my Mr (well I thought I did) ranting & raving about my boss & how he lied to me, broke a promise & how I wanted to quit. But instead of sending the email to my partner, I accidently sent it to my boss. Now let me tell you the knot in my stomach that I felt as soon as I saw that!
    I raced into his office (he was on the phone with his feet up on his desk), I shoved him aside exclaiming that I accidently sent him something that wasn't meant for him, I deleted it but not without him reading it over my shoulder. I apologised once again and started to leave his office, when I heard.... "Marie, we need to talk"..... UGHHHHHHHH

    So never fear, people make mistakes and the biggest lesson I ever learned was NEVER EVER, EVER send an email in haste!

    Love the idea of a swap, can't wait to hear more about it.

  8. :-) OH that is too funny!!! About the e-mail! You probably made that editors day, when she got that e-mail and realized it had been sent to her by mistake. I'm sure she had a good chuckle!

    Sorry that your day seemed a little overwhelming. But it sounds like you know just what to do... stop it and have a little crocheting or sewing fun for a little while. Laundry and cooking will still be there in 30 minutes.

  9. ohhh lovely Kate, sometimes I wish you were a little bit closer so I could give you a real hug & sit down with you & enjoy a chat and a lovely cuppa.
    it's all good, tomorrow will definitely be a better day.
    hugs to you lovely & I would love to be a part of your swap.

  10. poor Kate!! We have all done the send the email/ text to the wrong person thing- at least you were saying nice things not saying how dumb the mag was etc.... and whats this about you being on TV? hmmmm??????

    I am keen for a swap if you are organising it for sure! lock me in. xxxxxxxooooo ( meant for you not your mum or mag editor)

  11. OK ... how to respond to that??
    - Yay for you being in a lovely magazine!!
    - If you get any good advice on 6 year olds, please share!!!
    - Sending hugs and kisses to the magazine lady: giggle (sorry but its funny)
    - a bloggy swap ... count me in!
    ANdi x

  12. Oh, cringe on the e-mail, at least you were saying good things, I'm sure they didn't mind, it probably made their day.

    Will be reading the comments for advice on six years olds, fun aren't they!!

    I can't get in my laundry either after the wet weekend and visitors.

    And, and and I love love love the hearts. Still to pack your parcel but its on its way shortly. I've enjoyed our little one on one swap, its been really nice to make something for a blogger I sort of "know" not a mystery person who's blog I've never read. I liked that I was making something you needed too, not having to think up a gift that you may or may not like. Excitedly planning what I'm going to do with the hearts. They are gorgeous.

    Hugs and kisses and all that. xxxx

  13. Oh I once meant to forward an email from a client to my boss and I wrote "jeez he shits me" but I hit the reply button instead. Oops! And my washing has been hanging on the line for days in the rain too. And you should see my kitchen table!

    So I'd love to be in a swap too please.

    For what it's worth, I'm so impressed by what you manage to fit into your days!


  14. Your email story made me smile. I bet that magazine editor had the cockles of her heart warmed through the lovely email that you sent to your mum.
    Imagine if magazines showed pictures of how we all really live, rather than the stylised sets that they actually show us!

  15. Oh no! Damn emails! Damn washing!

    Count me in for a swap-o-rama! :)

  16. Looking forward to the swaporama x

  17. You looked amazing for the tv show, so too your veggies, we all enjoyed seeing you and buying lots.
    Six year olds, goodness I hear you, they are AMAZING and MONSTERS at the same time.
    Washing well you and me could compare piles, I hope that something gets dry soon!
    Emails well you sent a lovely and heartfelt one to someone and gave them an insight into how very wonderful you are. I wish that I got a few like that.... especially with the love and kisses.
    I hope you thaw out and the rattling state stops soon.
    Deb (Alia and Michael)

  18. Squished banana, towering, stinky washing, and pressing that wrong tiny little button (done it too with cringeworthy fallout) is just the norm, non? On the bright side, at least you didn't clock your faux pas until the editor replied - I had to sit and angst for two whole days...(and oh, how I did)

    I do so love a swap...

  19. Oh that's hilarious about the email to the mag editor! The swap idea sounds brilliant!

  20. Oh Kate, in 24 hours things won't seem quite so overwhelming and you'll be able to smile in 48 hours time you may even be able to laugh about them.
    When the sewing machine calls answer it, a little sewing time can make one very happy and ready to do the dull, mundane chores the fairies didn't do!!

    Loving those gorgeous crocheted hearts, like lollies in a shop those colours look so yummy.

    6year olds grow up so fast, wish I could have my 18y.o. as a 6 y.o. for just one day. Small enough to sit on my knee, read a story book to, watch them sleeping. Time goes by so fast.

    A swap that sounds interesting, I have never been in one before.

  21. I'm sure the mag editor had a kindly giggle...totally get the six year old behaviour, they can be beautiful but such hard work. Hope you get a chance to relax this week!

  22. Gotta love inappropriate hugs and kisses :o) At least you weren't bagging her, in fact she probably found it quite flattering.
    I'm intrigued by your swap...I'm in!
    Take care and focus on the important things - a happy sewing machine means more than clean washing!

  23. You know Kate, if you weren't being so creative and engaged in life, you wouldn't have any of these problems... I think you rock. And love the crocheted hearts. I've never been in a swap because I think the person who got me would be so disappointed. But could try my best.

    Chin up, buttercup.

  24. Oh you have to laugh off all your little mistakes, it happens!! Emails are too easy to send to the wrong person!!
    6 year olds, don't you have an 11 year old yet?? Deep breaths. My eldest finds it VERY hard to be a daughter & not the mother, so i draw on my psych degree (used purely for mothering purposes) & appreciate we can clash so i remain calm, spell out what is acceptable then have her cool off. No point me being worked up too, or it riles the other 3 children who i assure you, are taking notes on how to act when they are 11. That said, she's on camp this week, time to 'refresh'. Hang in there, hugs break down lots of barriers. Love Posie

  25. Ooh Kate how funny about the email. At least you didnt say anything horrible about the editor and she probably loved how you gushed about her to your mum! I would be smiling right now if I were you. 6 year old girls, well my 8 yr old was the same and it does get harder the older they get. Missy Moo here likes to scream through clenched teeth when she doesnt like something, and then all of a sudden she is as sweet as a button! All I know is keep up their sleep and feed them well, a hungry child turns into a little monster. Looking forward to the swap. Just one note, make sure the rules are clear about the swap!

  26. Oh Kate thats why I love your blog, Im dealing with a 9 year old and it dosnt get any easier, sorry to say and my washing was on the line for days I just got it in today. As for the email, its a good laugh. I hope your having a cuppa and staying warm. I would love to be involved in a swap! Very cool. Big hugs to you. Leahx

  27. oh kate, what a day! as I was reading i was thinking how hard it is sometimes too put a creative love down when you are a roll. Ugh, housework.
    ps. I'm sure the editor was thrilled to have someone so enthusiastic to be in her magazine.

  28. The email story was so funny. I generally don't believe that one should pander to 'who shouts the loudest' (washing, housework, etc.), but when its your sewing machine, an exception should definitely be the rule. Happy sewing.
    Jak x

  29. A truly cringeworthy email story - but haven't we all done it? Some (me) more than once! At least you sent nice things instead of snarky ones! That has got to win you some karma. And six years old turns into sixteen before you know it - just sit tight and ride it through! In the meantime, your sewing machine is the best therapy!

  30. ooh no! Just remember, even though to you she's a Glossy Magazine Editor, in real life she is just a regular woman, and like people have said -it must have been nice to have someone so enthusiastic about being in their mag! And congratulations on the shoot!
    Love the crochet hearts =)

  31. oh dear....on the up side look how many lovely blog friends hear your cry for some girly heart to hearts. have a cuppa, put your feet up & let the washing hang another day. (swaps would be fab!)

  32. Oh kate, the email, what a day.Your poor thing, I hope this means tomorrow is like the most excellent day ever, since today well went all one way
    the Tv shoot sounds exciting though, and so does the magazine, ignoring the awkward part, ( and I bit your house is lovely, and they wouldn't know lovely if it was coming out their nice veggies)
    The swap idea sounds wonderful, I would love to take part!
    big hugs to you xoxo

  33. OOOPS I meant I bet your house is lovely.

  34. Kate, if you need some time out, we are having a crafty weekend away this weekend, see details on my blog - feel free to come to Great Western :)
    I would definately be interested in a swappy swap.
    Have a nice Wednesday

  35. I know you were mortified by your e-mail blunder but I am still giggling about it. A sense of humor goes a long way and yours always seems evident! :-)

    I am all for a swap!! Yipee!! As if I haven't entered into enough lately. But I so agree with you on how it's great to have a cheering section while you're creating something and a great way to make new friends.

    I have to say that I think the way the girls set up the 2010 potholder swap seems the easiest to manage. Here's the info link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1008534@N25/ The info is at the bottom of the page. I'm not sure if that would work with your idea but it seems to eliminate people flaking out.

    Anyway, back to your lovely hearts - crafting, along with denial, works wonders for me. :-)

  36. March on, dear soldier, march on.
    Don't let the laundry eat you.. it's much more fun to be nude anyway. Don't let silly email mistakes drag you down. I'm sure the woman was delighted with the love and wished she had more features like you. And can't wait to join in on the swap. I'll even do your dishes for you.. we just have to get them here.

  37. Sounds like you have a really bad case of 'normal family/mum' syndrome! You know as opposed to 'I'm so wonderful you can eat off my floors and my children sleep all night and are angels all the time' syndrome which we all know is crap. Oops sorry, of course I meant to say just not true!!!
    Just go with the banana and texta and don't blink because if you do they'll be out driving, dating, dancing, leaving home and you'll have missed all the good times. Just enjoy being a normal Mum....

  38. First off big hugs! Secondly I will be back to sign up for the swap! xo.

  39. Kate I was only just singing your virtues to my husband and wondering how you did it all.....made me feel totally in awe of your time management skills! Glad to know you are just a mere mortal like the rest of us ;-) Don't sweat the small stuff and the rest just falls into place. I too have a 6yr old and would gladly do the pregnancy/baby stage again (loved it) but find it a challenge as the boys are getting older. A swap sound like great fun! hang in there and keep smiling :-) Jenni

  40. Kate I think that the editor would have been a little chuffed that you were so excited to be appearing in her mag, and I am sure she understood your error.

    Can't help at all on the 6yo thing, though I find all kids can make your heart soar one minute and feel like it's being ripped out whole the next!

    I think that the people with the super-clean houses are the ones who make no time to create things that are shared in so many ways with other people, and impact and influence their lives in ways that you often could not imagine, the way you do.

    I have more clean clothes in laundry baskets than in the cupboards now I think! At least that's how it feels!

  41. hi Kate
    am i too late to join in the swap.

    i love your blog so much- you get me inspired with every post you publish!!!

  42. That was a roller coaster of a post to read - lows and highs. Geez it is so easy to loose a grip isn't it - in the blink of an eye a household can seem to go wild: laundry, dishes, cooking... simple tasks but for me they can become so overwhelming when they start to bank up. Add some tricky parenting moments and I just seem to deflate into a withered and lifeless balloon. I really admire the way in which you've focused onto something that brings you simple pleasure - crochet & pin cushions.

    You ARE one amazing woman Kate. I am so thankful to have your presence in my life.

  43. I love a good honest heartfelt post and that one sure hit the spot. Some days are diamonds....

    Sounds like you've got one great swap on your hands.

  44. I know you wrote this a few weeks ago (can't believe I missed the swap!), but I just found you from today, and i just did the same thing with email,and felt like a complete idiot!

    I was writing a cover letter to answer a job ad and wanted a second opinion, so I emailed one of my references to get her opinion, I THOUGHT, but it turns out I sent it to the employer who placed the ad! Even referenced the resume and reference that were not attached.

    A long time ago, I stopped putting and address in the TO field until I was done correcting the post. I didn't follow my own rule. Oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to have that job!

    Thankk you so much for this post! I really mean it!

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